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Have you missed some of my creative updates over the last month? I'm doing monthly roundups to try to keep some sense in the chaos!

April started late - I spent the first several weeks doing a whirlwind grandparent tour of three different states. I attempted #faepril, but burned out after 7 or eight of them, and wasn't particularly happy with any of them. I was also working ridiculous hard on exclusive work that I won't be able to show off until July (except to Patreon patrons!), so it was a brief month from the outside...


My big release was this painting, for 78Tarot:

I also did three rough sketches for Sketch Fest #86: http://www.ellenmilliongraphics.com/sketchfest/sketchfestartist.php?id=9&date=86
All of them were for my failed #faepril attempt, none of them were very polished!

Posted at Torn World:

And at Portrait Adoption:


A poem for subscribers at Torn World: http://www.tornworld.net/storypageview.php?id=614

Almost no not-a-book writing.


Livejournal's insistence on adding advertising for visitors (despite my paid account!) was the final nail in that coffin, and I imported my journal to Dreamwidth, which is where my primary blogging now is.

I had a cold for a few weeks of the month. When I went to the doctor, they said 'walking pnemonia?' I said PLBT! and refused to get xrays, and was better then next week.

Favorite photo, Me and Guppy with a GIANT plastic cow: http://hotlink.ellenmilliongraphics.com/ellen/baby/IMG_8554-withagiantcow.JPG


Feb. 26th, 2013 11:17 am
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I strapped the baby on my back yesterday and scraped off the porch and the doghouse, then went for a brief walk. I lamented forgetting my phone, because the woods were gorgeous, but I'm glad I did, because I went back and got my good camera, and took a handful of really nice photographs. This is my favorite:

Alas, I think I overdid it; my back last night was seriously unhappy. It is better this morning, but I plan to take it Very Easy today and use some ice and heat as needed.

Guppy is not going to be satisfied with crawling for long. She pulled herself up on me last night, and stood unassisted for a fraction of a second. This morning, she pulled herself up on the bottom step of the stairs, and for several days, she's been pausing in her crawling and will work her way up onto both feet and both hands (sort of a downward facing dog yoga pose) before resuming her travels. She's quite sure there is a better locomotive method just out of reach, and she's starting to make the frustrated faces because she can't quite master it.

I have a new poem up at Torn World, Moon-slight. (It's short.)

And today, I hope to do some writing. I've got a few paperwork thingies to do and some emails to send, but I was very pleased with my list progress yesterday.

Woops, there's wookie noises coming from the monitor. No writing yet!
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Guppy has been incredibly cooperative and is having a sleepy day. She's down for her third nap, and I've been productive:

This was for [livejournal.com profile] ysabetwordsmith's prompt. I plan to tidy it up, move the text around (maybe expand it) and color the image. Eventually...

ETA: If you sponsor $5 or more (use link below, or let me know and you can use Torn World or EMG credits!), I will finish this design (with more awesome selling points on the back), print it on postcards and send you one.

And I finished this, which I started back in July for THAT Muse Fusion, from a prompt by [livejournal.com profile] clare_dragonfly.

Plus, I wrote a 55(!!!) line poem, which I am too impatient not to share with you now...

A Wild Wind

An innocuous breeze,

Just enough to lift lazy snowy tails
And ruffle along their manes.

Clouds along the horizon,
Gray, but not threatening.

Another gust, more persistent.
Rustling at the tentflap, rattling the poles.

Rangers frown at the sky and test the wind.
Darker clouds, and trees to the south sway.

No smell of rain, but the breeze is tugging now,
Less friendly and more persistent...

Continued! )

The Muse Fusion is still open! Go leave prompts and see what I come up with! http://torn-world.livejournal.com/120141.html

And if you'd like to support my Muse Fusion-ing endeavors, you may do so using this handy link:

(I might not usually shill so, but see previous posts about spending All The Money. I'm feeling more of a need to put back in than usual!)
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Working weekends isn't fair
I'm at work, but I don't care.
I cannot this weekend rue,
They feed me krab and milkshakes too

I draft and draft and draft and play
I cuss my job near every day
I want to art and draw and paint
But lack of paycheck makes me faint

At least they feed me and pay well
That compensates for daily hell
(And heaven knows in all this time
You'd think I'd make a better rhyme.)

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