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I probably won't share ALL of them over here. I'll get them up on my webpage shortly, but I'm releasing them over on Facebook first: https://www.facebook.com/EllenMillionArtistrix/
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I can haz Kickstarter! (And we're funded!)

I can haz book!

I can go haz sleep!
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My tentative plan: run the Kickstarter the last two weeks of April. Garden and Goddesses Volume 3 (by Mitzi) would be the stretch goal.

No collaborative titles this time... I have a basement full of coloring books and the market has chilled pretty significantly, and the group titles don't sell as strongly, as well as being more work. But I want another solo coloring book for purely selfish reasons, and I'm hopeful that the Kickstarter will stimulate some back catalog sales as well.

I'm gathering up my resources and numbers and print files for this right now and should have a Facebook event and some concrete dates and such pretty soon.

Have a sneak preview of one of the last pages for it:

Which is also part of my next bit of exciting news, but that shall wait for another post.

Also coming up!

Sketch Fest on Friday! Facebook event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/183217659122508/ Site here: https://ellenmilliongraphics.com/sketchfest/

Muse Fusion the last week of March! Facebook event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/191419308289421/ Site here: https://www.tornworld.net/musefusion.php
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This was another for the Wild Teas of Alaska coloring book:

I am unleashing another project! This one is brief and simple - I will be selling ACEO prints of Sketch Fest artwork over Black Friday Weekend (spanning Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday). Artists can upload print files of ANY Sketch Fest piece they've ever done, and it will be available as a print. Artists will receive $2 for each print, and EMG will receive the rest.

Uploading for artists is available now! I'm putting the shopping features together now. How fancy it ends up being will depend on how many people start uploading artwork, and how cooperative a certain small monster is. It may be very barebones.

In other project things, PA artists, there are six submitted descriptions currently open. It's a great time to get involved!

In other news, I have SOLVED my not-a-book problems. Well, maybe not completely solved. But I have figured out a big part of what was bugging me, and how to fix it.

Today I have company, and sushi, and games with Guppy!
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Parent aide day, and I survived! I had to nap on the couch during quiet time afterwards, and it was brutally cold and windy during playground time, but I survived! As usual, my dread of it did not survive the actual day, and it's not a real hardship to build giant towers out of tinker toys and sing silly songs and eat half of my daughter's snack because otherwise I'd starve to death on the spot.

No #inktobers attained today, nor any words. Trying not to think too hard about HOW FAST October is slipping past. I DID get seven sketches dashed out for Sketch Fest over the weekend: https://www.ellenmilliongraphics.com/sketchfest/sketchfestartist.php?id=9&date=80

My favorite:

This will be a coloring book page in my next Coloring Alaska book. You can pre-buy the original at a great price at the Sketch Fest site: http://www.ellenmilliongraphics.com/sketchfest/sketchfestart.php?id=20072

I stayed up late last night for the first time in a Looooooong time and watched Space Pirate Harlock with Jake, which was great fun. Terrible dubbing, but amazing aesthetics. I recommend it.

Woops, I just sneezed and woke Guppy up, so it must be time to make breakfast...

I got Wild Teas of Alaska up on Amazon this morning, so that was something.
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My studio is about 85% back together - I still need to sweep (AGAIN) and put the rug back down and move a few boxes and put down some 2x4 stand-offs, but it's USEABLE again, and about 100x neater and better organized than it was. And dry. Thankfully, the only things I lost were a few boxes - priority flat rate or boxes I'd been saving to re-use.

I have orders out.

My inbox is down to about 50.

I got my artwork mailed to a show in Seattle.

I got two new digital downloads up at Etsy shop - two new pieces from my Wild Teas of Alaska coloring book that I haven't posted here yet. Go see! And you can use Fall40 to get 40% off anything at my shop until the end of the month... which is only Friday!!

I have been steadily refining the sketches from #smaugust to ink in #inktober.

On that note, I am SO EXCITED about #inktober! My darling, darling husband who is the bestest got me the Artsnacks #inktober chest and I adore it and cannot wait to try it all out.

The edits to the Wild Teas book have been made and sent to the printer. There is at least a chance that I will have them on hand for Senshi-Con this weekend.

And on that note: Anchorage! You are on notice! I am coming to Senshi-Con next weekend! Come and raid the Bargain Bin, see my wonderful books in person, get things signed! I'll have limited stock of some special edition 78Tarot goodies, and copies of the Clockwork Queen of Oz, and all KINDS of wonderful, amazing things.

Laundry and various mundane tasks, like exchanging propane tanks and making a fire (not actually related...), have been accomplished and herein documented so that I can feel like I've done something today...

Besides rebuilding the studio, the weekend was also spent rearranging Guppy's room. We got a gorgeous, hand-carved, all-wood piece of furniture from a friend who was moving to put in her room, but when we put it in the space I'd made for it, Jake looked at how crowded it looked and said NOPE, so we spent a good while moving the bed and the bookshelves until we'd completely redesigned the room into something airy and really wonderful. It's a marvelous space now. Guppy loves it.

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There is an order page for Wild Alaska Teas! http://www.ellenmilliongraphics.com/coloringbook.php?id=75

I'm expecting stock in about two weeks.

I've also written a little over 500 words (for the first time in a week) and gotten a lot of admin-y, email-y, EMG-y things off my plate. Still need to send Sketch Fest payments, but that will come soooon, my patient artists!

I keep second-guessing my three fictional character choices and want to add Sam Carter from SG-1 and Wonder Woman and... and...

I also have an EXCITING story to tell about that time I was REALLY STUPID and flooded the basement last night, but that will have to wait until I have overcome my shame and also put my studio back together and am not still kicking myself from here to next week. Did I mention that I was REALLY STUPID? Unbelievably stupid. Epicly stupid. (No coloring books were harmed in this act of stupidity, but not for lack of trying.)

Instead, it's getting Guppy out of bed time, and thinking about dinner and maybe watching Megamind for the 100th time.

Next Sketch Fest is on the calendar! Oct 14-16!
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The cold I had successfully fought off last Monday came roaring back on Thursday. I've only written 300odd words since Thursday, but I HAVE finished a coloring book, which is ready to upload to the printer today:

I'll be sharing some of my artwork from it later this week, once I've got a release date.

There was a Sketch Fest this weekend, and I only did one paltry little ACEO card:

(original available - click to view at Sketch Fest!)

Here's a lovely review of Serenitrix: https://stacescolouringgalleryandreviews.wordpress.com/2016/09/12/serenitrix-the-dreams-and-drawings-of-ellen-million/

And, check out this awesome looking card game Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/poppy-games/wine-the-card-game
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About 1 this morning, I stumbled into a lovely pile of cat vomit and hairball. Pets are so... rewarding. I cleaned it up, used up all the paper towels, had to get more paper towels from the basement, and staggered back to bed feeling wide awake (and grossed out) and sure I would never get back to sleep, and then the alarm was going off and I was not ready to get up at all.

Fortunately, the day improved markedly from there, with many spots of sunshine. Lots of kid-giggles, too.

UNfortunately, the printer I have tried to order three times now was CANCELED on me, the seller claiming they are out of stock even though it's still listed on the page. (I have deep suspicions that they weighed it to get a shipping estimate to Alaska and panicked because they were going to lose money.)

Working on getting more stock to Amazon, poking at another two potential wholesale buyers, all the various fun things with self-marketing and such. Also trying to get Guppy back into swim lessons, which we honestly both need. I have been sooooo lazy this summer.

I do think I figured out what was so terribly wrong with my third not-a-book that was causing my wheels to spin, and how to fix it. It will mean cutting several thousand words, which is always painful when you write as slowly as I do.

I am making good progress on #smaugust. Here are some of them:

If you want to prompt one, you can donate $1 at my site, or become a Patreon patron. Patrons in October will be able to sponsor a sketch to a finished ink piece for as little as $1, as well.

Sketch Fest is NEXT Friday! I'm already excited for it!
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I always feel sort of weird asking, but it would mean a huge amount to me if any of you who own my coloring books - pdf or print versions - would review them on Amazon. All the new ones are sitting there with zero reviews, and even the new covers of Fantastrix and Dotminatrix have only one apiece. Reviews MATTER for Amazon sales, and I'm trying to get all my ducks in order for the upcoming holiday season. Be honest about your source, if you aren't a verified buyer (ie: I got a PDF copy through the Kickstarter, or I bought directly from her site, or this was a gift) and do not review if you are one of the artists in it, but even less-than-five-star reviews give a product legitimacy and I will be wildly grateful. My stuff at Amazon

In related things, I have only ONE copy of Steam Dreaming remaining (but Amazon has three!), and less than ten of Scheherazade's Shimmy, and less than five of Apples and Roses.
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I had to butcher my garden on Tuesday. I was so pleased that the delphiniums had survived the Sunday hailstorm... and on Monday, the wind knocked most of them over into a big, tangled, broken mess that was smothering my strawberries. Except for two of them, none of the flower stalks were far enough along to bring them inside to bloom... and I'm not even sure about those two. I'm still grieving... you may remember my previous years struggles with these delphiniums - aphids, storms, etc - and this year they were flourishing. I had more than a dozen flower stalks, and they were well over four feet tall. There are three now, and the rest had to be cut back to stumps, even the ones that I had staked. Alas! The many trials of gardening! I wish I had gotten a photo!

In other news, I have SO much news.

I am officially doing a First Friday this Friday, at the lovely Sipping Streams Teashop. There is a Facebook event for it here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1170531656302771

I am also a guest in a multi-artist coloring event on Facebook, with loads of giveaways and contests. My official hour is July 9th, 9-10 AM PST, but I've just opened a pre-contest - color any of my pages and enter for a chance to win your choice of my solo books. Details here: https://www.facebook.com/events/618818858282117

I'm also super excited to announce that I am one of the illustrators for Hidden Youth: Speculative Stories of Marginalized Children - it's funding now on Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1537879721/hidden-youth-speculative-stories-of-marginalized-c

Crossed Genres, the publisher, is one of those places I've always wanted to break into as an illustrator, and by the time I worked up the nerve to apply, I found out they were closing, so when I saw the call for artwork for this, I had to leap on it. I have already started my sketch for it:

I got my coloring books!! I haven't unloaded them all from the car yet, but they are on site! I am filling Kickstarter orders this morning!

I also have a gazillion emails to work with, but I'm making good progress - I got a big freelance project finished up last week, and my not-a-book is ready to go up in just over a week, and the other anthology piece I'm doing is well-sketched, and I'm sending out #junicorn orders today and holy Julymonkeys, I better get going...
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I sat down today to figure out how much of a headache doing what I wanted to the coloring book order page was going to be. I figured it was going to be a monster problem; it was learning new skillsets, and there were a whole lot of ricky-ticky uploads that were going to have to be done to get it all updated - and I knew that the structure I was working with was a little questionable to begin with. I thought it might take a few days, if I could solve the problems at all, and just planned to poke a little and try to get a sense of the workload so I could prioritize my to-do list and break it into parts.

And, being SUPER WOMAN (today, at least), I did the whole thing.

Each coloring book now has a full pop-up gallery, with the page previews and sampler page preview (if it has one) and a bunch of colored samples and whatever else I had lying around that applied. I sorted through about a hundred, maybe a hundred and a half, various images, and gave the coloring book admin page a bit of a facelift while I was at it, and solved a few problems that had been bugging me, and BAM. http://www.ellenmilliongraphics.com/coloringbooks.php

(It doesn't look different from that page, but click on any of the coloring books and marvel! Fishtank Fantasies is particularly impressive.)

If you have colored versions of your own, I'd love to include them in our galleries! Just PM or email them to me in the usual ways.

I still need to redo the landing page of EMG proper, but that is a big weight off my shoulders.

This weekend I also got a GREAT start on two art pieces that aren't due for a long while, and I... uh... may have a First Friday show THIS Friday that I am pinch-hitting for. (Fortunately, I have a show in a box, basically ready to hang at the drop of a hat.) I may not attend the official event in person, things depending. More details as they develop.

In other news, locals, you can now find the Wildflowers of Alaska coloring book in the Bear Gallery! (Upstairs in the round building at Alaskaland. Er, Pioneer Park.)

Now I'm off to fry up some leftover bread pudding for Guppy and I, and then start making au gratin potatoes for dinner. It is a rainy, gloomy day, and I will be glad to get up from the computer for a bit.
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First round of edits on my not-a-book are done! I will hand it off for third-party copyedits now, but I'm feeling like this is pretty clean and finished overall, having read it in entirety today for the first time.

Also, I've got the last of the coloring book proofs in hand!

I have made all the nit-picky changes and approved things for print, and they are saying that it's possible I will have the hardcopies in hand by FRIDAY. Isn't that nuts?! NUTS.

In other things, I have applied for something very pie-in-the-sky, for which I will need to do a presentation mid-July.

I have also been ACCEPTED for something I thought was pie-in-the-sky, which I will share in greater, gorier detail soon, and I am lined up for another publishing project I'm super, super excited about.

Now I have to go make lunch for the child-things, and move, because I've been sitting still working on story edits for too long.
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This weekend I:

*played far too much FTL
*watched several episodes of Game of Thrones
*Finished compiling and uploading 5 coloring books
*Patreon reward (a coloring page based on this painting)

Today I:
*finished 4 more coloring books. DONE and waiting for proofs now!
*Wrote ~1000 words on my story. Still need another scene in there, but I'm CLOSE, and broke 30k total.
*Did various email, admin, money, and advertising THINGS.
*Went grocery shopping
*mailed orders

To celebrate finishing the coloring books, I plan to play more FTL. Or fall asleep on the couch. We'll see what happens. :P
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It's the final hour! I'm a wreck!

We've funded the AlphaBestiary! We are less than $350 from funding reprints of Dragons, Fairies and Fantasy Horses... with a fabulous NEW color cover:

So very nearly the end!! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1624616265/more-fantasy-coloring-books-for-so-called-grown-up

I have chocolate and fine German Lambic prepped for celebration.


May. 3rd, 2016 04:45 pm
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I have finished my novella! There are some decidedly rough bits that I need to go over with sandpaper, but the rough draft is DONE. It clocked in at 28.5K, and that's the second-longest thing I've written. (Oo, wait, maybe third. Rails is 50K+, but since that was a series of short stories, it doesn't feel the same.)

Serenitrix funded on Kickstarter! And we're already almost halfway less than $190 to the next coloring books, Samantha's Fairies and Friends. And the next one has been revealed!

Quirky, clockwork, alphabet animals, by Tallulah Cunningham! (Yes, Jenny, that is N is for Numbat)

I? Am tired. And excited! But mostly tired right now (I have a headache. :(). There are just two more days of Kickstarter left, and then I can shut up about it forever and stop stressing about funding all the books. :P
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*breaths in a paperbag for a while*

So, yes. I am pleased. I'm going to die of adrenaline poisoning (is that a thing??) before the end of the campaign, but am pleased.

That means we release the next stretch goal, too, and I may be as excited about this one as I am about Serenitrix...

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I love this piece. I'm really happy with how it turned out, and I've already started coloring a copy of it. It was originally for the Natural Magic coloring book, but that got stalled due to lack of submissions, so it will hopefully be included in my new solo book.

Which is the stretch goal after next at the Kickstarter!!

I am SO excited about this book. It is my best yet, for sure, and it's got some of my favorite artwork in it. It's more than half new stuff, with a few things from books that are now out of print (Tam Lin, Taming the Sea, a few sea monsters that were only released half-sized), and four pieces from the new series of collaborative books (Trying on Treasure, Rose Angel, Bearing Gifts, and Snow and Feathers). It also has a superhero weiner dog, and a set of winged kitties, because you couldn't possibly expect it to be all serious. Tentacle Friends (the cover piece) is exclusive to this coloring book.

I am seriously bit-between-the-teeth about getting this into print - and we only have a week left and a chunk of money to go. So! I am also offering a very rare opportunity to commission me to do a coloring page, through the Kickstarter ($400 includes 25 coloring books, all the PDFs, AND a custom page), AND I am offering HALF off any of my available originals as add-ons. If you've been eyeing something, this IS the week to get it. Help make more coloring books happen, and give some original artwork a good home!
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So, this weekend was Sketch Fest (I did two sketches), and I also co-hosted a Coloring Tea Party at Sipping Streams, which was SO MUCH fun. (It was also a better show for me than some weekend-long shows that I've done, AND I got a bunch of un-molested art time, AND I got delicious cocoa and tea sandwiches and gorgeous facepainting.) The attendees were all really wonderful and extremely talented, and I absolutely loved seeing them work.

The Kickstarter is less than $200 from funding the third coloring book and releasing the cover for the fifth book! *squee!* https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1624616265/more-fantasy-coloring-books-for-so-called-grown-up

Have some inventory to do, and updates to make, and Guppy's quiet time has NOT been quiet. *rubs head* It's going to be an interesting evening... right now she's trying to chainsaw my mouse, so I think my work and blog time is at an end.
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All the kids at preschool picked their favorite colors, and they made a chart to put on the front door.

You saw the spread you'd expect - a few pinks, mostly green and blue and purple, a few hold-outs for red and orange. And my kid, whose favorite color has been black for at least a year, all by herself in that column. My poor mother, who would love to make her frilly, colorful dresses, keeps asking despairingly, "Is black really still her favorite color? Really?"

I think it is telling that Guppy's favorite song right now is Bad Reputation, in all its rebellious glory. We would listen to nothing else ever if she had her way.

My darling little punk-and-black-loving daughter. <3

And my Kickstarter passed 100% Woo! We're working on the second title now, Equine Enchantment, and I released the cover for the third:

Here's the obligatory link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1624616265/more-fantasy-coloring-books-for-so-called-grown-up

(Also, I am mortified to find that I mixed up two of the other Moms this morning during preschool dropoff, and can only hope that they both have Sudden Specific Amnesia and don't remember me opening my mouth.)

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