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I HAD planned to go to the grocery store today, and drop off a pile of boxes and envelopes at the post office. However, a phone call shortly after Jake left for work informed me that my car would not be happy going up the driveway, so I've hunkered down for the day. We played in the basement breaking down some boxes into shipping stiffener for coloring books and packing up orders, and then made fresh granola - this time without raisins or dried cranberries. She just picks them out to eat separately anyway! Then there was some playing outside in the melting snow. Some children have sandboxes. We have snowbanks!

Most of the grubby look to the snow is birch seeds. I don't think I've ever seen as many as we got this winter. I vacuumed twice yesterday because they are EVERYWHERE.

I also worked on the trench at the bottom of the driveway. It's been a good thaw so far, with controlled runoff and sort of a settling out of all the ice pack, but we'll see how things go. Crossing fingers we don't get heavy rains before the ground thaws again. That got ugly last spring.

Now I'm going to be doing some scanning, some painting, and then some writing. I've gotten some loose ends tied up on freelance things, cleaned up a few emails, and am ready to be creative.

I will probably have some painting energy and daubs left at the end of my session today - if you leave a prompt in the comments, I will paint you an abstract! They will be ACEOs on canvas, $5 apiece. (No obligation to buy, of course, but you'll get first dibs.) If I don't get to your prompt today, I will do so next week, and I'm capping at 20 in case something crazy happens.


Sep. 1st, 2012 09:32 pm
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Painted yesterday. People may or may not have tried to talk to me while I was doing so, and I think I may have changed a few diapers. Did not end up with too much paint on the baby. This is what I made:

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"Much to do" is sort of a theme, I think...

I made massive in-roads on the abstracts project yesterday, and got all caught up on contact with everything I had painted - I have four more prompts that I still need to do, so I will be doing those (and any repaint requests that come in) tomorrow. Waiting to hear back on a few second choices, but most are ready to go in the mail! Horrah!

You can see the finished paintings (so far) here: http://www.ellenmilliongraphics.com/abstracts2-finishedabstracts.php

And all the available abstracts here: http://www.ellenmilliongraphics.com/abstracts2-available.php

They are $5 each (included shipping) and proceeds go to fund EMG-Zine...

And, in related horrahs, EMG-Zine is safe until December, 2012! We not only met our goal, we kicked that goal's butt, and I will have awesome site improvements to add shortly! :) :) Thank you so much to everyone who made this happen! You guys rock. (now, go submit steampunk work!) I have already started your amazing surprise, and it should be good to go tomorrow. (But let's say Monday, because... things happen.)

Today, I:

  • Pack up ACEOs
  • Christmas errand
  • Gym - been TOO sedentary this week!

  • Dance class tonight
  • Lunch-like things
  • Rug shopping? - nope
  • PO
  • Follow up on missing payment if no check at the PO, otherwise, go to bank - Unfortunately, option 1. :(
  • pay CC
  • post something for TW New reference article, Northern Clothing: http://www.tornworld.net/settingpageview.php?id=167
  • Secret Amazing Surprise! - finished, just need to make a page to share it with!

    Now, packing and a snack.

    ETA: And thank you for the thoughts on carseats in my last entry! I am boggled by choices, and trying to decide how carrying/strolling would work. I'm not fond of the idea of carrying a carseat around - it sounds awkward at best... but where do I go where baby would go, too? Grocery shopping - a carseat would be as easy as anything? Get it into the store and plop it in the cart (can't wrangle stroller and cart together). PO? Er... nothing is convenient for that. A sling to leave hands free, maybe - a wrap would be too complicated for such trips. Gym? Just have to get her from parking lot to the daycare and back - anything will do. I think about where I'd use a stroller, and it always comes back to trails - which I don't really need to drive to (and the carseat/strollers don't look trail-ready). Doctor's office? A sling sounds easiest for that, too. Probably, what I need to do is get a sling, and plan on lugging a lightweight carseat for the grocery shopping or any cases where I'm not wanting to hold her for long periods. Thinking thinky thoughts!

    ETA: Oo! Consultation appointment at the hospital scheduled for Jan 3 to talk with an anesthesiologist. I really hope not to need it, but if it becomes necessary, I don't want any Big Last Minute Surprises resulting from my wonky back.
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    Here are the first 24 paintings! A viewing tip: ctrl+ and ctrl- will shrink and expand the images in most Windows browsers! (Apple users, is there a similar command for your platform?)

    Much left to do! But I'm thinking a nap is in order for now...
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    We're just $9 from a drawing for a coloring book! $35 after that, I'll be doing another free prompting window... it was supposed to be today, but we're getting late and I have evening plans: if we hit that goal by the end of the day, I'll schedule one for next week.

    We've already made the benchmark past the next print drawing! Congratulations to Minor-architect!

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    Thursday! Most of my week was spent in Anchorage, so I've got major catch-up to do.

    There is a new issue of EMG-Zine to enjoy, and there are two days left to have a subscription, donation, anthology purchase or abstract painting count towards our group goals! We are less than $30 from another print drawing, and $50 after that will be a free coloring book drawing. Close on the heels of that goal is another window of free prompted paintings, scheduled for tomorrow! We are still only about halfway in total to the goal that will keep EMG-Zine running through the end of next year; don't let this amazing resource close up! Remember that you can donate your EMG credits (including your spend-only credits!) - either a straight donation or through the abstracts fundraiser - and that if you do so by the end of to tomorrow, your donation will count towards our group goals, so you might win something awesome, too. ANY donation/sponsorship amount enters you in the prize drawings. (So, if you've got a fractional page in one of the old anthologies and you're not sure what to do with that .03 cent royalty credit, this is a great use for it!)

    I've got two more abstracts in my queue to paint, though we'll see if those happen today, or tomorrow.

    There's a new blog entry up at Fantastic Portfolios: Growing as an Artist

    I've got a show on Sunday - on a whim, I decided to see about selling off a little of my leftover backstock; this show only allows me to sell for attendant artists, so it's not weird that I won't have my entire old catalog, and I'd love to move some coloring books and anthologies. I need to dig my stock out of the connex and see what, exactly, I've got left, and how I want to use the display space. Should I make some bookmarks? (Would anyone be interested in buying some online, if I did?) I'll be splitting a table with J, which is how I've always done this show; it will be like old times!

    So far, my list for the day:

  • Bills
  • Program monitor
  • Something else that I've forgotten (there were three things!) - bring in 4" tube to thaw!
  • Mail - 3 orders to mail, several packages to pick up
  • Emails and account setups
  • Fire (including taking out ashes)
  • Eat
  • Hang curtains
  • Dance class
  • Prep for show

    In factory news, Guppy (it's hard not to accidentally type her name out! We're so used to calling her by it now!) is still a little ninja fish, clearly skilled in the art of several forms of martial arts. Belly button still missing. (But not an outie yet...)

    I slept like a rock last night; the bed at the hotel seemed very comfortable, but I woke up a lot feeling stiff and having to change positions, even though there's only one position that really feels good. Last night, after the initial feeling of 'my bed is a rock' (Tempurpedic is HARD when it's cold, but it does warm up and form nicely rather fast), I fell right to sleep and don't remember so much as rolling over until the alarm went off.

    We've captured our fox on video twice now! And once in the act of peeing in the dog's dish! Hilarious shots, though rather fast. I shall figure out how to export them to a format I can share.
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    These are Friday's paintings - and I will have to check over my notes, but that may be all the abstracts I'm so far obligated for! There is still time to sponsor one until Friday, and if we meet our tip goals by Friday, there will also be another window of free prompts (all of which I will do!). I've got scans of the previous two batches to process and post shortly. :)

    The weekend... was busy, if not entirely forward productive. On Friday, I got two totally unrelated comments that poked me in exactly the wrong way, and rather than being snarky, like I wanted to be, I stormed off the Internet, stomped around, and tackled all the drywall projects with the sanding block and then primer. Rargh!

    We went shopping on Saturday, which was extremely frustrating. No one had what we were looking for, we made a WHOLE bunch of extraneous stops, and aside from my fabulous new winter boots (clearance! With a bonus coupon!), came home largely empty-handed after an entire day of driving around. Then, doing the texture spray on the drywall patches - we ran OUT, and I ended up driving all the way back into town to pick up some more. I also went to pick up a Guppy Gift at Sears, and they were out, so I ended up having to get a raincheck, and, after waiting around for nearly an hour (finding someone to help, two checks out to stock, someone who'd never written a raincheck before...), I decided it was not entirely worth the $5 I will be saving. In all, the day felt very wasted.

    Sunday was gaming. Beforehand, I ironed all the curtains for the nursery - the ones in the bedroom have not hung out as well as I'd like. Our ironing board is teeny, so it took quite a while, but I found it somewhat soothing. While I had everything out, I ironed the curtains in the living room, too. I also painted the repaired bits in the nursery, and was very, very relieved to find that the repair job was worth doing, and blends into the existing texture quite nicely indeed. I got the light switch put back together (and why yes, I did shock myself on it on Thursday... zap!) and we moved the furniture in the hallway back where it belonged so we could get the contents of the bookshelf out of the nursery again. Gaming was far more satisfactory than shopping on Saturday (pizza! Blowing up evil minions!). I did not get everything I wanted to finished over the weekend. Today and tomorrow are fully booked, but I'll start trying to catch up on Wednesday. I was offline most of the weekend, and will be the next few days, as well.

    I forgot to do a factory update on Friday, but it's more of the same - feeling great, looking huge. Strange to think there are almost four months of growing left... seriously, where is she going to fit??

    Now, EMG-Zine, and some writing. Then emails, book-keeping, and... probably some other things.
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    I semi-accidentally left free prompts open all night for the abstract paintings. I thought about it before I went to bed, shrugged, and decided it was too much work to close them. About to run off and do that now. (Which means you have a moment or two to squeeze one in, if you haven't yet!)


    We have a winner for the first incentive prize! Congratulations to Meeks! I will tackle another batch of paintings this afternoon. We're $35 from having ALL free prompts painted, and have until November 4th to hit that goal! If we get to $235, I will do a second free window of prompts on that day, and there are two intermediate goals for drawings of free stuff.

    It got windy enough last night that our air conditioner vent started flapping, and I had to get up and stuff a t-shirt into it. We need to insulate and seal it for the winter. Blowing snow this morning, and icky-warm. (Just about freezing, which is a wretched driving temperature.)

    I've got breakfast and lunch finished, bread is rising, and I've sanded the drywall and wiped it down in prep for the next coat. I thought I would enjoy doing drywall - it's sort of arty, and I've got a steady hand. But no, it is SUPER frustrating and takes a BILLION coats to get anything resembling a good surface, and you can't cut corners and it's particularly hard matching a textured existing surface and the dust drives me crazy and I hate it (both having to wear a mask, and the fine layer of white over EVERYTHING in the house). At least one more layer is needed in the nursery, and I'm suspecting two on the window, which is not only next to a textured surface, but also has a bunch of fancy curves and corners to navigate neatly. That will make about 7 coats on each. I would like to be done with it now.

    Curtain hardware is at the post office! I am not sure if I want to drive in to get it, in this weather, but it would be awesome to get that hung. I've also got the last piece of crown molding ready to paint, and then that can go up, too. We've started looking at things to fill the room with, sort of a-gog at all the various options. Parents, did you have any must-have items? I mean, a cradle is a must, and within a few months, a crib, and I'm going to get a glider-rocker, but was there a playpen, swing or bouncer-type thing that you found indispensable?

    Some design work to do today, dishes, drywall (ugh!) and painting. One of these four, I am looking forward to... guess which!
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    Last batch for the moment, because I'm pretty pooped, but I will leave free prompting open for another hour or so! I also laid down a background on a big 16 x 20 sheet... not entirely sure what I will do with it, but I wanted to do something bigger after all these teeny things.

    New brushes get a big thumbs up, new paints get a satisfactory, so far. (I haven't gotten to play with ALL the colors yet.)

    Maybe a shower and a snack will give me some more energy!

    Last chance for free prompts: http://www.ellenmilliongraphics.com/abstracts2.php
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    I'm about to rinse out my brushes and switch colors, but so far, a definite water/night sky theme going on, and I like these quite a lot.

    I got to have lunch yesterday with [livejournal.com profile] mizkit and family, which was utterly lovely. Directly after telling her that I wasn't suffering fatigue, I came home with absolutely no energy left, so I did no work on the wretched drywall. (Hate drywall. Hate it hate it hate it.) I did sit down and look at what I want to get written over the next few months... probably not going to do NaNo, because I have so many short stories/serials to get ahead on. (I want very much to have several months of Nothing Due after Guppy is born, and that means getting more pieces approved in the queue and advancing the storylines significantly.) I may try to make a 50k wordcount, anyway, across all the bits and pieces. I dunno, though. I think the only reason I won last year is that I was too depressed to do anything else. Still need to revise the Upheaval novel, too - I figured out how to restart it, anyway!

    Norway's vet appointment went great - he's healthy again and was mostly not too squirmy about being inspected. Velcro is grumpy because it's too warm to run the woodstove today.

    In factory news, Guppy is wonderfully active and I'm doing great. I sometimes catch myself spacing out and smiling when she starts kicking and wiggling. It is VERY much like having a fish in there, though probably more like a big fancy koi at this point, rather than a guppy. (Millionfish! That still cracks me up terribly! Perhaps I am easily amused...)

    Some lunch now, and then back to painting! Leave me prompts! http://www.ellenmilliongraphics.com/abstracts2.php
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    I'm pulling out my paints right now - free prompted abstracts are now open!


    This is a fundraiser for EMG-Zine, which is in danger of being canceled after the June 2012 issue. Free prompts are open during today's window, and there are a variety of prizes and perks to choose from! Tips will get you your original paintings, entries in drawings for copies of our anthology, subscriptions (which come with advertising!), coloring books, larger originals and much more. Don't be shy about leaving prompts without tipping, though - some of the sponsorship options come with extra sponsorships for free prompters. Link back to this project to improve your chances of winning a free sponsorship!

    You may comment here with your prompt, but I would prefer you used the form to keep me organized... it collects all kinds of information so I don't have to come back and bug you for it later (like your prize preferences, and your address, so I can send you your sponsorships and prizes!). All information is strictly confidential, and don't worry about duplicating prompts... I like tackling an idea more than once and it's fun seeing how they can vary.

    Help EMG-Zine keep publishing awesome non-fiction on the art of the business of fantasy art and writing! Inspire teeny fun paintings! Spread the word!

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    I'm about to run off to a follow-up appointment with the vet and Norway.

    We got a few photos of the fox! Not doing his actual business in the dog dish, but some shots of his very glowy eyes and big bushy tail - you can definitely see that it's a fox, and that he notices the camera. We set it to video last night, but he didn't visit. Hopefully tonight! The video of Norway when I let him out this morning was certainly very clear.

    I have drywall to work on today (we got nothing to speak of done over the weekend...) and I hope to meet [livejournal.com profile] mizkit for lunch, and I've got some business follow-up to do, and if I can squeeze the time in, I really need to go to value village and look for jeans that fit. I have lots of awesome sweatpants and a skirt or two, but my jeans are starting to be a bit of a strain, and the sweats seem a little over-casual for town trips, while my skirts are over-dressy. Just one or two pairs ought to do fine.

    Tomorrow, I will be doing abstract paintings to prompts! I'm looking forward to this - should be fun! :) Tips go to fund EMG-Zine!

    Writing-wise, I got about 450 words on City of Lights 3 this morning, and I got several short articles done for Torn World over the weekend, as well. See a host of various Torn World reminders here: http://torn-world.livejournal.com/90266.html

    Guppy is kicking like mad lately... hard enough that if we could get the timing right, Jake would be able to feel her, but she's also very stubborn, and immediately stops when I alert him to it. We've definitely chosen her first name, though her middle name is still in flux.

    Gotta pack up and go now... happy day to you!
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    I had so much fun with the abstracts fundraiser I did for the nursery that when I started looking for ways to bring some attention to the flagging fundraising for EMG-Zine, it was a natural fit to do another one. (Besides, I have a bunch of new paints and brushes that I am absolutely dying to experiment with!)

    EMG-Zine, for those of you new to my journal, is a free online magazine that has been publishing monthly since January, 2005 and is an invaluable resource for artists, writers and crafters in the fantasy and science fiction genre. We have tutorials, walk-throughs, business advice about licensing, contracts and marketing, crafty projects and art products, advice for living artistically in harmony with the enviroment, for juggling life and jobs and creative pursuits; everything you can imagine for creative people at all stages of their careers or hobbies. Explore the archives for 70 (!!) issues worth of great articles - plus galleries of amazing themed artwork, fiction and poetry. Keep this 'zine going! We can't do it without your help!

    I will be doing free prompted abstract paintings next Tuesday, October 25th. Tip sponsorships will let you leave your prompts early, and give you access to an amazing collection of perks and milepost prize incentives: hardcopy anthologies, bigger originals, extra originals, coloring books, prints, subscriptions to the 'zine... and sponsorships of $50 or more automatically come with bonus sponsorships of other prompters, so you may get sponsored just for leaving a free prompt during the window! A reminder, too, that subscriptions to EMG-Zine come with free banner advertising in our rotation for the duration of your subscription... this is a sweet deal for great advertising, especially since these banners now show up at the very popular Sketch Fest site, as well! (Write your donation off as an advertising expense on your taxes! Loopholes aren't just for the rich! And keep in mind that Sketch Fest is THIS weekend, October 21-22... get your subscription activated in time to take advantage of all that traffic!)

    Not interested in an abstract painting? All subscriptions and donations to the site between now and November 4th will count towards out group incentive goals and you will be entered into the prize drawings!

    Read more about this project, see example paintings, and help support EMG-Zine: http://www.ellenmilliongraphics.com/abstracts2.php
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    (oh, hush.)


    I need a few beta testers! This page is now working correctly, as far as I can tell, but I'd like to take it for some quick test driving, please - if you wouldn't mind giving it a spin, I would greatly appreciate it! If you choose CC/paypal, you don't need to go through the final payment unless you want to (just let me know that you got to the shopping cart and it had the right thing in it), and if you'd like to test EMG credits, just let me know and I will add your credits back to your account.

    Other comments - especially on the incentives and perks - are welcome!

    Merci! Thank you!
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    Muse Fusion is open for prompting now! Go leave me prompts to tackle as soon as I've had some lunch! http://torn-world.livejournal.com/88856.html

    As if that weren't enough prompty goodness, I'll give you a sneak peek at what else I'm working on: http://www.ellenmilliongraphics.com/abstracts2.php

    I realized EMG-Zine was behind the power-curve fundraising-wise, and I REALLY want to paint another batch of abstracts, so that's what I came up with. The form doesn't work yet, and there are a few gaps... but this should streamline the process pretty well. The form will shoot you to an appropriate shopping cart, and if I'm SUPER clever, will even allow you to spend EMG credits on the spot. Boo-yeah. (This is the inevitable problem of being able to do clever things... I can't be satisfied with slap-dash when I can make awesome FORMS to keep me organized! With bells! And whistles!)

    Anyway, that page doesn't work yet, but now you know what's up my sleeve. Comments welcome!

    Lunch now, my stomach is grumbling, and I think I let the fire go out while I was off project-izing. Woops!
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    (which is an ironic title, given that another definition of 'abstract' is a summary...)

    This page is in progress, to help keep me organized, and is post-dated to avoid from overwhelming friendslists...

    Most recent additions are at the beginning of each section. These are in order of drying and scanning, not of painting.

    The available paintings are $2 each if you've already sponsored enough to have a painting sent to you, or $3 US/$5 international if you missed the window. If you prompted one of them, it's on hold for you for 24 hours. Some of you get to choose another from the available pieces, let me know if you see one you'd like to put on hold, even if you don't want to make a final choice until you've seen them all. ACEO prints of any of these are available for $1 (+$1 shipping, flat fee, free if you've sponsored enough to have them sent to you). All of these post-window sales count towards my goal totals, so it's still possible I will get to the next goal - where all sponsors will also get a free ACEO print of their choice!

    (You can also use your EMG credits or send a check, just let me know!)

    Claimed and On Hold paintings behind the cut... )
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    Manual pollination of the zucchinis may be working... I've got one that's about 4 or 5 inches now, and doesn't show any signs of rotting yet. Thank you so much to everyone who weighed in on the topic! It's been cold, and I haven't seen many bees, so that's very likely the culprit.

    This morning I went to the gym early, and then went grocery shopping (it is SO much more pleasant shopping in the morning on a weekday than any other time...) and came home, ate food, started laundry and took an unexpected nap. I'm super bleary now, and struggling to get my motivation back.

    I'm scanning more ACEOs, and hope to sit down and paint the last few I have to do, then tackle icons. Unfortunately, my scanner is being a beast, and refuses to scan more than one pass before freezing and requiring a restart. *taps toes* Come, my precious, quit misbehaving. In funding news, we are $54 from the next perk level, which is where anyone who sponsored any amount would also get a free ACEO print of their choice. Details (and loooots of scans) here: http://ellenmillion.livejournal.com/1216777.html

    The Arabian Nights coloring book is officially canceled. A few folks stepped up to do last-minute pieces, but just not enough. I am shelving it indefinitely. Alas! I am opening submissions for the Fairy Tales coloring book. The deadline for this one is a year off, because I have no idea what next year is going to be like (what with the new addition) and I'm not going to kill myself getting it out before that happens.

    I will have one new single-artist coloring book to release (announcement pending!), and a reprint of Robin Nunez's title, for the holidays, and possibly the Torn World coloring book - I'm looking at what that will take to finish up this week.

    I've got some orders to fill, laundry to hang, and... the scanner needs restarted again. Where's my big wrench?

    ETA: Here are a few of the first icons:

    ellenmillion: (thud)
    I got more paintings painted!

    I think I have just three more to do, plus three or four I want to take another stab at. All the big ones are done and drying, and there are about 20 ACEOs still drying. You can see the ones I've scanned here: http://ellenmillion.livejournal.com/1216777.html (Massive post, lots of images... each image is fairly small, but there are a LOT of them, and I'm adding more nearly every day.) I should also mention that if you aren't happy with your original prompted painting, I'll do one do-over for you, or you can pick from the available paintings instead.

    The available paintings are $2 each if you've already sponsored enough to have a painting sent to you, or $3 US/$5 international if you missed the window. If you prompted one of them, it's on hold for you for 24 hours. Some of you get to choose another from the available pieces, let me know if you see one you'd like to put on hold, even if you don't want to make a final choice until you've seen them all. ACEO prints of any of these are available for $1 (+$1 shipping, flat fee, free if you've sponsored enough to have them sent to you). All of these post-window sales count towards my goal totals, so it's still possible I will get to the next goal - where all sponsors will also get a free ACEO print of their choice!

    (You can also use your EMG credits or send a check, just let me know!)

    Let me know, if you haven't already, what you want on your icons! (Or if you don't want an icon - that's fine, too.)

    Other than that, I am WAY more tired than the day warrants. I had an OB appointment this morning, and took Jake with me to meet the doctor. He liked her, and we asked many questions, and the appointment was very thorough, so we weren't out of there for a solid 2 hours, what with the bloodwork, and peeing in a cup and ascertaining that I have my major organs in the right places. Most exciting of all, we got to listen to the heartbeat together. That was pretty breathtaking.

    We went out for a giant breakfast at the cheap greasy spoon, and swung by Home Depot to get some floor transition molding for the edge of the nursery. We were planning to finish hanging crown molding tonight and maybe work on the door today, but instead, I took a nap and lo, it was 2 hours later, and most of the day was gone. I did some painting, scanned some paintings, and had some dinner. Having had said 2 hour nap, I should not be ready for bed again at 8:30. Having a slight headache and backache isn't helping.
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    I did another batch of paintings last night, and will be scanning some more today:

    These have a few more geometric designs than the last batches, but I liked them, and they seemed appropriate to the prompts.

    I confess, I have been very nervous about these paintings - I am fairly confident in my ability to render things in graphite or ink that look like things they're supposed to look like, but color has always been much harder and when I take away my safety net of representation and try to express without set structure? It's like sky-diving. (Except that I can paint over my failures.)

    On the plus side - and it's a big plus - I am not as terrified of color anymore. This has been a tremendously excellent exercise in putting aside my fear and gaining comfort with the medium. Squeezing a lump of paint onto the pallet has become more 'let's see what this does!' and less 'ohgodohgodohgodI'mgoingtoRUINthis.' I'm eager to do more in color. (If you have a favorite black and white piece you'd like to see in color, you might want to mention it...)

    And, speaking of color, I have a new (actually rather old...) painting up at Torn World:

    Deirdre wrote a story set in this location, so it can be posted as canon artwork!

    Coloring books update:

    Now, the bad news: I did not receive enough work to put out an Arabian Nights coloring book. I am bummed, but I needed at least five more pieces, would have preferred seven or eight so I had some choices when I went to lay it out, and I'm not willing to to provide that many myself (I already had three to contribute myself). No one asked for an extension, and I'm tired of nagging. You guys that got work in, you are amazing and wonderful and I am so grateful for your efforts. I'm sorry it didn't work out, and maybe it will later!

    Please let me know if you are generally not interested in doing coloring books, or if this was simply a difficult theme. The next book I'm considering is one based on Fairy Tales, and if you think you're more likely to submit work for that, that will factor in on whether I move forward with it or not.

    Reminder to submit 'Scandinavian Mythology' artwork and stories to EMG-Zine for October: http://emg-zine.com/guidelines.php

    Now, I need to make bread, start laundry, find a password so I can fix a website, get some orders ready to mail and do some more scanning and painting.
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    Scans of yesterday's paintings are starting to pop up in the comments of the last few posts - 21 of them so far. :) Some of them were dry enough this morning, many are not. Some of them will not be for several days. I will do a compilation post once I've gotten more done. (Some are here, some are here.)

    I am really awed and totally blown away by the donations - thank you so much for the tips, I am SO glad to be able to order the curtains I really wanted with a clear conscience, and to look forward to other nursery improvements that would have been a serious pocketbook wrestle. You guys are awesome and I am so touched.

    I'm looking for coloring book entries today! Today is (was?) the deadline, but we're still just a few pieces short for the Arabian Nights theme! Do you need a short extension? *taps toes*"

    I'm off to the gym now! Gotta work out all the kinks I caused hunching over paintings all of yesterday...

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