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I can haz Kickstarter! (And we're funded!)

I can haz book!

I can go haz sleep!
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I have a new toy! I mean tool. I have a new tool!

Yesterday, I took it out on the town with me and I managed to go to the gym*, write 1200 words on my not-a-book, colorize a portrait, answer emails, go shopping*, and cook a roast.*

(*These items may or may not have been facilitated by the new toy tool.)

I flamed out badly on digital painting once before, but this is a whole new level of comfort and portability (my biggest prior complaint was that the separate tablet took a lot of setup and a big work surface, plus I was tethered to my computer...).

I am on a mission! I want to make my Apple Pencil viable, and I need some practice with it. I also want to whittle down my Portrait Adoption gallery a bit. SO! I am offering the DEAL OF A LIFETIME. I will color anything in my gallery - at NO EXTRA COST. That means, you could get a portrait colored to be your character for as little as $5. I'll even make minor tweaks at that time. (Very minor!) Use the site to 'request customization.'

$0 / $99.00 0% done!

In other news, we had a windy night, and now it looks like impending winter. Eep.

I will leave you with a list.

~Add a Torn World character
~Answer 10 emails
~Post something at Torn World
~Pizza dough.
~Clean off livingroom table
~2 loads of water - 1 down
~cook sausage
~500 words - 400. 
~Finish Patreon physical rewards (oh man, they are awesome! And there's still barely time to get them!)
~Coloring book bulk order
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I LOVE #Junicorn. I had so much fun with it last year, that I'm reprising the project. I will be doing 30 art cards in 30 days. (Not necessarily one every day, because my life doesn't work like that.)

You can see last year's roundup here: http://ellenmillion.dreamwidth.org/1538566.html

Like last year, you can purchase the original cards, and/or prints. Any single original is $15, 2 for $20, 3 for $25, or 4 for $30. I have updated the list of originals from last year that I still have, and you can get prints of any of them. All shipping, even international, is included in the price.

Signed prints are $5 each, any 8 for $20, or 30 for $40.

NEW: Get #junicorns of your choice as magnets or bookmarks. $4 each or 5/$15. (Bookmarks no longer available!)

You may include pieces completed last year in your mixes, including originals!

This time, I'd also like to extend an offer to my artist friends! If you draw a snow-unicorn as part of your #junicorn endeavors, I will send you an original #junicorn card of your choice! You do not have to send me your original if you don't want to, but I do want to be able to add your artwork to the Torn World art gallery at the site.

And here's the artwork! I'll replace phone photos with scans as I get them finished.

Claimed #junicorns: 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 12, 14, 15, 17, 19, 21, 24, 25

The Gathering is a 9x12 ink coloring page. The original is available and digital copies to print and color are at my Etsy shop.
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I have unveiled my Sea Monster Mini-Coloring Book project!


The short version is, I'm making a little coloring book - of sea monsters! It's starting as a PDF, but if we get to a total of $100 in sponsorships, we'll go to print. Get a PDF as low as $2. Get a print copy (if we get there) AND 5 random sea monster ACEO prints (regardless!) for $10 - and there are larger packages that include original artwork and even custom work!

No funds? You can still inspire a sea monster doodle - I am participating in the Torn World Muse Fusion right now: http://torn-world.livejournal.com/229215.html

If you leave a prompt there, I will make you a sketch. It can be a generic sea monster prompt (a big sea monster and a little fish) or one specific to Torn World (A deathfin being stung by a jellyrigger). Sketches may be completed for inclusion in the coloring book - and if I finish your sketch in ink, you'll get a .pdf copy of your page, whether you help sponsor the coloring book or not.

For inspiration, have a gander at the Sea Monster scale chart:

Leave your prompts here: http://torn-world.livejournal.com/229215.html


Guppy and I went shopping this morning and bought All the Things. All the photos I took today were blurry because Active Child is Active. This evening, I will be abandoning her to go on an art crawl with Grown-ups, which I am really looking forward to. (Also, crepes!)

Sketching now!

*I'm capping this at the first 20. Let's not be crazy.
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I have always, always wanted to do my own tarot deck, but I knew that I couldn't do 78 polished pieces any time this decade. Or possibly next decade.

But this month, I sat down and did a few sketch cards for the 78 Tarot Kickstarter... and thought "I can do this..."

These are simple ink sketches, not too involved, though I am careful about incorporating some traditional tarot symbolism and ideas. Each one is 2.5 x 3.5 inches, archival ink on acid-free bristol art cards with rounded corners. And they are available for sponsorship!

Early Adopter Pricing - good until December 31!

(This is a soft launch - it's not a secret project at this point, but I'm not going to be pushing it until early 2015... when all the pricing will go up significantly.)

If you have a personal card you'd like to own the original for - and maybe even dictate your vision! - you may sponsor that card for $50. That nets you a copy of the final deck, AND your original card. Add to cart

A sponsorship of $40 or more will get you a random original* and a copy of the final deck Add to cart

A sponsorship of $30 or more will get you a copy of the final deck. Add to cart

A sponsorship of $10 or more will get you a random draw* - you'll get a printed copy of a card I draw from the deck for you. I will sign your card. Add to cart

A sponsorship of any level will get you a pdf of the final deck that you can print (and color?) for your own personal use. Add to cart

*Random draws will be of fully illustrated cards - if we don't make the stretch goal of illustrating the minor arcana, I won't send one of those!

Stretch goals (not set yet) will include fully-illustrated minor arcana, printed tuck boxes for the decks, a booklet of meanings, and other goodies.

00 The Fool - available! (finished)

01 The Magician - available! (finished)

02 The High Priestess - available! (finished)

03 The Empress - available! (finished)

04 The Emperor - available! (finished)

05 The Heirophant - available! (sketched)

06 The Lovers - available (finished)

07 The Chariot - available (sketched)

18 The moon - SOLD

All other major arcana and face cards available for claiming! If you claim a card before I sketch it, you may make suggestions about specific things you'd like to see on your card. (Minor arcana will be simple counting cards unless we make stretch goals...)

Please note that it may take me as much as a year to complete the Sketch Tarot project. I am sure it will go faster than that - but I like wiggle room. Check back for updates!
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(I posted this as a comment to an off-LJ call for crowdfunding information, experiences and resources, and it seemed a shame to let it slip away there... so I am reposting without any particular attempt to clean it up, for now. I think there are the bones of a good article here, but it may not even be relevant by the time I have a chance to refine it...)

Here are a few links to things I've done:

Kickstarter Clues: http://ellenmillion.livejournal.com/1444069.html
My experience crowdfunding four coloring books by accident.

The Complete History of Sketch Fest: http://www.ellenmilliongraphics.com/sketchfest/sketchfesthistory.php
This project is one of the few I went into deciding I couldn't afford to invest a lot of work into it for free. All of the (rather extensive!) web programming is paid for through donations and a percentage of artwork sales. Activity is lively, and sales are brisk, so it continues to support itself nicely! (As well as being awesomely fun and inspiring.) This is pretty much a log of site improvements as they get funded.

Chopping Block Master Post: http://ellenmillion.livejournal.com/1143338.html
This is an overview with links to the various projects (15!) I was running at the end of 2010, broken into things that were working and things that weren't. I should do an updated version of this one of these days soon!

Abstracts for Curtains: http://ellenmillion.livejournal.com/1213361.html
A painting crowdfunding project I ran in 2011 to fund curtains for the nursery.

Sea Monster Month Crowdfunding 2014: http://ellenmillion.livejournal.com/1448256.html
A fun crowdfunding project for a sea monster scale chart.

Sea Monster Month Crowdfunding 2013: http://ellenmillion.livejournal.com/1373367.html
Crowdfunding a series of sea monster art cards.

Some general thoughts: People like to get something for their support. Lots of people donated a little bit more to have something they could hold in their hands, and could be coaxed to higher levels with more rewards. People like Good Deals. People like to feel like they are supporting something specific, like earning money towards curtains for the nursery, or towards medical or vet bills... but hopping from crisis to crisis is a great way to LOSE supporters. One-shot campaigns to create something specific do better, too. People like goals, and to feel like they've helped MAKE something.

I like the Kickstarter platform a great deal, but it's a Big Deal. For smaller projects, I'll still do them independently. I've also just started a Patreon account: http://www.patreon.com/ellenmillion - It's still in baby stages, but I rather like the concept. The site itself still needs serious work; browsing to find new projects is painfully stupid.

A site that collects various crowdfunding individuals and links to their current campaigns (via patreon, kickstarter, independent projects) with good search features and timing triggers (ie: campaigns with end-dates time out) would be a HUGE boon to the community. It's taking all of my self-control not to leap in and build one.
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Coming late to the 78tarot project, I had the choice of two cards. I glanced at the meanings of each of them, and the 3 of pentacles made me smile. Briefly, the card is about projects. And I? Love projects.

More specifically, the card is about bringing a complex project to completion, about leadership, teamwork, planning, and competency. It makes suggestions about the need to rely on others when appropriate, and to take pride in the hard work that will bring results. The suit of Pentacles, sometimes alternately called the Coins, is associated with the element of earth.

Traditionally imagery for this card shows an apprentice (a laborer, in some interpretations) in a cathedral with two older men holding architectural plans, listening to him intently. The three pentacles are part of the arch above them, and the cathedral is in a stage of being finished. Alternate versions of this card show a master craftsman completing his work, usually carving into stone, or something with permanence.

As I sat down to sketch, I kept several things in mind. I didn't want to stick to merely a reimagination of the Rider Waite version, but I wanted to keep some of the sense of grandeur from the original setting, so I kept the arching composition. Rather than make the pentacles part of an arch, I turned them into lights - at first I thought the chandeliers would be crystal, then I thought they might be something organic based on the earth element, but as I sketched, I wanted to capture a little hint of steampunk, so I made big gear settings with chains.

I wanted to keep a trio of people in it, as well (because I couldn't do anything the easy way), and I wanted them to show levels of mastery - an apprentice, a laborer, and a master craftsman. It was important to me to show them assisting each other, because the card is so strongly about cooperation with others, so I had one of them holding a ladder for the other, and I showed them all working on different aspects of the project. The old woman in the foreground is handling plans and drafting tools, wearing robes that indicate status. The laborer has a box of hand tools, is dressed for physical work and is wearing practical clothing. He is clearly in the prime of his life. The young apprentice reaches high above himself, holding the delicate globe and dressed in modest garb. He wears a pouch with scrolls to show that he is learning and studying.

The vinework up the arches is intended to echo the element of earth, and the deck of cards on the table by the plans is not an accident; it is meant to represent the 78tarot project itself! The 3 of pentacles is about bringing a project into its final stages through teamwork, and leadership, and ambitious plans that couldn't come to fruition without hard work and cooperation.

This card is part of the 78 Tarot project. You can get a copy of the deck - plus awesome extras! - through our Kickstarter! Some of the limited packages are sold out, and several others are disappearing fast!

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This is the last day to sponsor a new monster! http://ellenmillion.livejournal.com/1448256.html (You will be able to get general sponsorships, ACEO packs, or snag existing monsters until the end of the month, which will add towards our group goals, but I can't commit to finishing any new monsters after today!)

This teeny guy was one of the group goals that we met:

He's not through the canon board yet, but I wanted to show him off anyway. He will give the scale chart a REAL sense of scale. He's ACEO sized, and available for $10. (He'll come with a postcard print of the final chart!)

We got the piano tuned yesterday, and the bill was exactly what I've earned so far with the scale chart crowdfunding. Horrah! Unfortunately, one of the strings broke, which will cost another $45. Incidentally, $45 would exactly get us to the next group goal, which would bring the sea monster territories on the layer map to 10:

$205.00 / $250

And oh, the piano sounds so lovely! Worth every penny!

I'm getting all this help playing it.

I spent a good part of yesterday convinced it was Wednesday and wondering where the week went. I'm still wondering where the week went. Today: laundry, registration on our van, changing all our $&*@#! autopays because we got new credit cards, and scooping the cat box. My car is in the shop, and it's not going to be cheap. Fuel is being delivered today; that's not going to be cheap, either! (But at least I could cover the piano tuning doing sea monsters! That's something!)

Baby's up! Off to Mom!

Inbox: 51
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May is Sea Monster month!

But a lot of our sea monsters may not seem that ferocious... a turtle? A snail? A ring leech? Part of their monstrosity rests in their scale, and that's hard to get a sense of from numbers. So, I'm compiling a scale chart! I have, at the unveiling of this project, completed seven of the creatures, all scaled together on one easy-to-reference chart. I will be releasing the art I've done for it individually, but here's a peek at the chart so far:

It will be rearranged as (if!) more sea monsters get sponsored, to make room for as many as we need, and each sea monster will get a text label. There will also be a graphic scale. I plan to have this finished by the end of May, so new monster sponsorships end Wednesday, May 21! (You can purchase general sponsorships or get ACEO packs and existing monsters until the end of May.)

Sponsor some Sea Monsters!

Sponsor $1 (You may change the quantity in the cart to add any amount!)

All sponsors will receive a large PDF of the final scale chart. You can print it - and even color it! Per group goals, you will also receive a large PDF of the new border, which you can print and use as stationery (for personal use only).

Postcard sponsorship: For any sponsorship of $5 or more, you get a postcard print of the final scale chart. $5.00

Print sponsorship: For any sponsorship of $25 or more, a print of the finished scale chart is included, so you don't have to squint over the teeny text on the postcard! $25.00 (or select a sponsorship from below! The print is included free with any sponsorship over $25!)

ACEO sponsorship: A collection of ACEO prints of all the monsters in the final piece - no matter how many we get to! (At least 11, at last count!). This is a separate sponsorship and is not included with the other sponsorships. You may purchase it as an 'add-on' at any point in the month, or by itself (you will receive a postcard print of the final scale chart). $20.00

You may make a general sponsorship (above), or you can sponsor a specific sea monster!

Sponsorships may also be paid with EMG credits or Torn World credits. (Please note - US shipping is included. Please estimate $10 extra for sponsorships including a print or 9 x 12 artwork sent internationally.)

Your monster sponsorship nets you the original artwork, a postcard print of the finished chart, and your patronage listed at the webpage. You also receive a postcard print of the final scale chart. (For sponsorships of $25 or more, you also get a print of the final chart!)

Monster list! )

Crowdfund some Creatures!

Here are the group goals.

$0: The above thumbnail is the base chart. If nothing else gets sponsored, you will at least get a larger image of that to use as a reference, released after each individual sea monster portrait is unveiled. A print-resolution PDF of the finished scale chart will be available for Torn World supporters only.

$25: At least eight sea monsters will be on the final chart.

$25.00 / $25

$50: Every sponsorship that includes a purchase will receive a bonus (random) ACEO print of one of the monsters! At least nine sea monsters will be on the final chart.

$50.00 / $50

$100: I will add a human diver for scale

$100.00 / $100

$150: I will redo the borders with something less generic and more suited for the sea monsters. This border will be available for all sponsors to print out and use as stationery!

$150.00 / $150

$200: I will add layers to the map program I'm working on to show current sea monster territories. You get 5 monster map layers at this level (I'll run a poll to decide which one) and there will be at least 10 sea monsters on the scale chart.

$200.00 / $200

$250: I will add 5 more sea monster territories to the map layers! (For a total of 10)

$205.00 / $250

$300: 5 more sea monster territories for the map, for a total of 15.

$400: I will add 10 land animal territories to the map in layers, as selected by a poll.

$500: I will make a small coloring book of every sea monster I draw for the chart available - free with all sponsorships over $50.

... I'll add more as I need them! I have no shortage of ideas!
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I "accidentally" funded four coloring books through Kickstarter last May.

I've been running a very small art business for the last 20 years, and one of my best-selling products has been coloring books, mostly aimed at grown-ups. I printed a solo coloring book in 2005 called Dotminatrix, and I had finally gotten enough work together for a second solo book.

Unfortunately, the company I used to print with changed their cover format to a really thin stock that I was utterly dissatisfied with. I found a local printing company that could do what I wanted, but to get the pricing down to something I could afford to sell wholesale, I'd need to buy at least fifty at a time - 100 was much better.

Did I mention I was a really small art business? I usually ordered 25 or 30 of a title to start with, then got 10 or so more at a time as I needed to. This was a gulp-worthy investment! I figured this was a good test of the Kickstarter site; it was a safe way to see if there were enough people interested in the coloring book to make it worth a purchase like that, and it saved me the hassle of having to store a whole bunch of books I didn't sell.

So, I set up a very modest little 30 day campaign for $385, which would just cover a run of 50 coloring books after expenses and fees. To my astonishment, my Kickstarter ended at $4735, which was a little over 12x my goal, and I ended up promising four coloring books, instead of just one! One great campaign hardly makes me an expert on the system, but I learned a lot at every step of the way, and I've had the good fortune to watch several friends run their own successful campaigns. I'm very happy to share my observations with you and hope that they help if you decide to run your own. Read more... )

Did you find this useful? Would you like to see a followup article? Comment or donate to keep content like this coming!

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We're just $9 from a drawing for a coloring book! $35 after that, I'll be doing another free prompting window... it was supposed to be today, but we're getting late and I have evening plans: if we hit that goal by the end of the day, I'll schedule one for next week.

We've already made the benchmark past the next print drawing! Congratulations to Minor-architect!

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Thursday! Most of my week was spent in Anchorage, so I've got major catch-up to do.

There is a new issue of EMG-Zine to enjoy, and there are two days left to have a subscription, donation, anthology purchase or abstract painting count towards our group goals! We are less than $30 from another print drawing, and $50 after that will be a free coloring book drawing. Close on the heels of that goal is another window of free prompted paintings, scheduled for tomorrow! We are still only about halfway in total to the goal that will keep EMG-Zine running through the end of next year; don't let this amazing resource close up! Remember that you can donate your EMG credits (including your spend-only credits!) - either a straight donation or through the abstracts fundraiser - and that if you do so by the end of to tomorrow, your donation will count towards our group goals, so you might win something awesome, too. ANY donation/sponsorship amount enters you in the prize drawings. (So, if you've got a fractional page in one of the old anthologies and you're not sure what to do with that .03 cent royalty credit, this is a great use for it!)

I've got two more abstracts in my queue to paint, though we'll see if those happen today, or tomorrow.

There's a new blog entry up at Fantastic Portfolios: Growing as an Artist

I've got a show on Sunday - on a whim, I decided to see about selling off a little of my leftover backstock; this show only allows me to sell for attendant artists, so it's not weird that I won't have my entire old catalog, and I'd love to move some coloring books and anthologies. I need to dig my stock out of the connex and see what, exactly, I've got left, and how I want to use the display space. Should I make some bookmarks? (Would anyone be interested in buying some online, if I did?) I'll be splitting a table with J, which is how I've always done this show; it will be like old times!

So far, my list for the day:

  • Bills
  • Program monitor
  • Something else that I've forgotten (there were three things!) - bring in 4" tube to thaw!
  • Mail - 3 orders to mail, several packages to pick up
  • Emails and account setups
  • Fire (including taking out ashes)
  • Eat
  • Hang curtains
  • Dance class
  • Prep for show

    In factory news, Guppy (it's hard not to accidentally type her name out! We're so used to calling her by it now!) is still a little ninja fish, clearly skilled in the art of several forms of martial arts. Belly button still missing. (But not an outie yet...)

    I slept like a rock last night; the bed at the hotel seemed very comfortable, but I woke up a lot feeling stiff and having to change positions, even though there's only one position that really feels good. Last night, after the initial feeling of 'my bed is a rock' (Tempurpedic is HARD when it's cold, but it does warm up and form nicely rather fast), I fell right to sleep and don't remember so much as rolling over until the alarm went off.

    We've captured our fox on video twice now! And once in the act of peeing in the dog's dish! Hilarious shots, though rather fast. I shall figure out how to export them to a format I can share.
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    These are Friday's paintings - and I will have to check over my notes, but that may be all the abstracts I'm so far obligated for! There is still time to sponsor one until Friday, and if we meet our tip goals by Friday, there will also be another window of free prompts (all of which I will do!). I've got scans of the previous two batches to process and post shortly. :)

    The weekend... was busy, if not entirely forward productive. On Friday, I got two totally unrelated comments that poked me in exactly the wrong way, and rather than being snarky, like I wanted to be, I stormed off the Internet, stomped around, and tackled all the drywall projects with the sanding block and then primer. Rargh!

    We went shopping on Saturday, which was extremely frustrating. No one had what we were looking for, we made a WHOLE bunch of extraneous stops, and aside from my fabulous new winter boots (clearance! With a bonus coupon!), came home largely empty-handed after an entire day of driving around. Then, doing the texture spray on the drywall patches - we ran OUT, and I ended up driving all the way back into town to pick up some more. I also went to pick up a Guppy Gift at Sears, and they were out, so I ended up having to get a raincheck, and, after waiting around for nearly an hour (finding someone to help, two checks out to stock, someone who'd never written a raincheck before...), I decided it was not entirely worth the $5 I will be saving. In all, the day felt very wasted.

    Sunday was gaming. Beforehand, I ironed all the curtains for the nursery - the ones in the bedroom have not hung out as well as I'd like. Our ironing board is teeny, so it took quite a while, but I found it somewhat soothing. While I had everything out, I ironed the curtains in the living room, too. I also painted the repaired bits in the nursery, and was very, very relieved to find that the repair job was worth doing, and blends into the existing texture quite nicely indeed. I got the light switch put back together (and why yes, I did shock myself on it on Thursday... zap!) and we moved the furniture in the hallway back where it belonged so we could get the contents of the bookshelf out of the nursery again. Gaming was far more satisfactory than shopping on Saturday (pizza! Blowing up evil minions!). I did not get everything I wanted to finished over the weekend. Today and tomorrow are fully booked, but I'll start trying to catch up on Wednesday. I was offline most of the weekend, and will be the next few days, as well.

    I forgot to do a factory update on Friday, but it's more of the same - feeling great, looking huge. Strange to think there are almost four months of growing left... seriously, where is she going to fit??

    Now, EMG-Zine, and some writing. Then emails, book-keeping, and... probably some other things.
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    I semi-accidentally left free prompts open all night for the abstract paintings. I thought about it before I went to bed, shrugged, and decided it was too much work to close them. About to run off and do that now. (Which means you have a moment or two to squeeze one in, if you haven't yet!)


    We have a winner for the first incentive prize! Congratulations to Meeks! I will tackle another batch of paintings this afternoon. We're $35 from having ALL free prompts painted, and have until November 4th to hit that goal! If we get to $235, I will do a second free window of prompts on that day, and there are two intermediate goals for drawings of free stuff.

    It got windy enough last night that our air conditioner vent started flapping, and I had to get up and stuff a t-shirt into it. We need to insulate and seal it for the winter. Blowing snow this morning, and icky-warm. (Just about freezing, which is a wretched driving temperature.)

    I've got breakfast and lunch finished, bread is rising, and I've sanded the drywall and wiped it down in prep for the next coat. I thought I would enjoy doing drywall - it's sort of arty, and I've got a steady hand. But no, it is SUPER frustrating and takes a BILLION coats to get anything resembling a good surface, and you can't cut corners and it's particularly hard matching a textured existing surface and the dust drives me crazy and I hate it (both having to wear a mask, and the fine layer of white over EVERYTHING in the house). At least one more layer is needed in the nursery, and I'm suspecting two on the window, which is not only next to a textured surface, but also has a bunch of fancy curves and corners to navigate neatly. That will make about 7 coats on each. I would like to be done with it now.

    Curtain hardware is at the post office! I am not sure if I want to drive in to get it, in this weather, but it would be awesome to get that hung. I've also got the last piece of crown molding ready to paint, and then that can go up, too. We've started looking at things to fill the room with, sort of a-gog at all the various options. Parents, did you have any must-have items? I mean, a cradle is a must, and within a few months, a crib, and I'm going to get a glider-rocker, but was there a playpen, swing or bouncer-type thing that you found indispensable?

    Some design work to do today, dishes, drywall (ugh!) and painting. One of these four, I am looking forward to... guess which!
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    Last batch for the moment, because I'm pretty pooped, but I will leave free prompting open for another hour or so! I also laid down a background on a big 16 x 20 sheet... not entirely sure what I will do with it, but I wanted to do something bigger after all these teeny things.

    New brushes get a big thumbs up, new paints get a satisfactory, so far. (I haven't gotten to play with ALL the colors yet.)

    Maybe a shower and a snack will give me some more energy!

    Last chance for free prompts: http://www.ellenmilliongraphics.com/abstracts2.php
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    I'm about to rinse out my brushes and switch colors, but so far, a definite water/night sky theme going on, and I like these quite a lot.

    I got to have lunch yesterday with [livejournal.com profile] mizkit and family, which was utterly lovely. Directly after telling her that I wasn't suffering fatigue, I came home with absolutely no energy left, so I did no work on the wretched drywall. (Hate drywall. Hate it hate it hate it.) I did sit down and look at what I want to get written over the next few months... probably not going to do NaNo, because I have so many short stories/serials to get ahead on. (I want very much to have several months of Nothing Due after Guppy is born, and that means getting more pieces approved in the queue and advancing the storylines significantly.) I may try to make a 50k wordcount, anyway, across all the bits and pieces. I dunno, though. I think the only reason I won last year is that I was too depressed to do anything else. Still need to revise the Upheaval novel, too - I figured out how to restart it, anyway!

    Norway's vet appointment went great - he's healthy again and was mostly not too squirmy about being inspected. Velcro is grumpy because it's too warm to run the woodstove today.

    In factory news, Guppy is wonderfully active and I'm doing great. I sometimes catch myself spacing out and smiling when she starts kicking and wiggling. It is VERY much like having a fish in there, though probably more like a big fancy koi at this point, rather than a guppy. (Millionfish! That still cracks me up terribly! Perhaps I am easily amused...)

    Some lunch now, and then back to painting! Leave me prompts! http://www.ellenmilliongraphics.com/abstracts2.php
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    I'm pulling out my paints right now - free prompted abstracts are now open!


    This is a fundraiser for EMG-Zine, which is in danger of being canceled after the June 2012 issue. Free prompts are open during today's window, and there are a variety of prizes and perks to choose from! Tips will get you your original paintings, entries in drawings for copies of our anthology, subscriptions (which come with advertising!), coloring books, larger originals and much more. Don't be shy about leaving prompts without tipping, though - some of the sponsorship options come with extra sponsorships for free prompters. Link back to this project to improve your chances of winning a free sponsorship!

    You may comment here with your prompt, but I would prefer you used the form to keep me organized... it collects all kinds of information so I don't have to come back and bug you for it later (like your prize preferences, and your address, so I can send you your sponsorships and prizes!). All information is strictly confidential, and don't worry about duplicating prompts... I like tackling an idea more than once and it's fun seeing how they can vary.

    Help EMG-Zine keep publishing awesome non-fiction on the art of the business of fantasy art and writing! Inspire teeny fun paintings! Spread the word!

    ellenmillion: (ellen with wrench)
    I had so much fun with the abstracts fundraiser I did for the nursery that when I started looking for ways to bring some attention to the flagging fundraising for EMG-Zine, it was a natural fit to do another one. (Besides, I have a bunch of new paints and brushes that I am absolutely dying to experiment with!)

    EMG-Zine, for those of you new to my journal, is a free online magazine that has been publishing monthly since January, 2005 and is an invaluable resource for artists, writers and crafters in the fantasy and science fiction genre. We have tutorials, walk-throughs, business advice about licensing, contracts and marketing, crafty projects and art products, advice for living artistically in harmony with the enviroment, for juggling life and jobs and creative pursuits; everything you can imagine for creative people at all stages of their careers or hobbies. Explore the archives for 70 (!!) issues worth of great articles - plus galleries of amazing themed artwork, fiction and poetry. Keep this 'zine going! We can't do it without your help!

    I will be doing free prompted abstract paintings next Tuesday, October 25th. Tip sponsorships will let you leave your prompts early, and give you access to an amazing collection of perks and milepost prize incentives: hardcopy anthologies, bigger originals, extra originals, coloring books, prints, subscriptions to the 'zine... and sponsorships of $50 or more automatically come with bonus sponsorships of other prompters, so you may get sponsored just for leaving a free prompt during the window! A reminder, too, that subscriptions to EMG-Zine come with free banner advertising in our rotation for the duration of your subscription... this is a sweet deal for great advertising, especially since these banners now show up at the very popular Sketch Fest site, as well! (Write your donation off as an advertising expense on your taxes! Loopholes aren't just for the rich! And keep in mind that Sketch Fest is THIS weekend, October 21-22... get your subscription activated in time to take advantage of all that traffic!)

    Not interested in an abstract painting? All subscriptions and donations to the site between now and November 4th will count towards out group incentive goals and you will be entered into the prize drawings!

    Read more about this project, see example paintings, and help support EMG-Zine: http://www.ellenmilliongraphics.com/abstracts2.php
    ellenmillion: (ellenisartist)
    (This icon, btw, is a self-portrait I did when I was 4. I swear, I did not wear that much lipstick at that age...)

    Busy morning so far - husband's lunch made, breakfast served, a load of laundry is in, wood is chopped, fire is going. I also set up a wildlife camera that we had ordered aaaaages ago and never got around to putting up - our resident fox is back and pooping every night in Norway's food dish, so I'd very much like to get a picture of that. Then I replaced a lightbulb on the porch and scrubbed the floor in prep for the very last painting on the upstairs floor, and started hunting up drywall repair tools for the nursery. At that point, I got quite dizzy and my heartrate spiked, so I'm taking a bit of a break now while the floor dries.

    Thank you to [livejournal.com profile] xjenavivex and [livejournal.com profile] acelightning for helping troubleshoot my programming last night! I got a bug squashed, and otherwise, it seemed to be working. :) I will make a full post on that my next priority.

    In crowdfunding news, Skykittens has been funded through inking - and possibly even into some color! The current high sponsorship is $20.

    You may sponsor more work on this for $5.00. The person who sponsors the most receives the original, worldwide shipping included. (By random draw, if there is a tie) And, Torn World members may also sponsor using credits.

    A reminder to find some 'ship' themed artwork, fiction or poetry to submit to the next issue of EMG-Zine: http://emg-zine.com/submitart.php and http://emg-zine.com/guidelines.php

    We also need questions for Ursula! http://emg-zine.com/askanartist.php

    Art update

    Oct. 17th, 2011 03:44 pm
    ellenmillion: (big damn wrench)
    I was able to draw for a while yesterday before my finger gave out (did I sprain it drawing? What a horrifying idea..); I had an old sketchbook with me at gaming and worked on these pieces:

    This is a town I sketched roughly a loooong time ago, that seemed like a good fit for a town Deirdre worked into a story for the Sea Monster month in May. I decided to clean it up and see about writing a city description for it.

    And, with another donation towards this piece, I did some more refining on Skykittens:

    You may sponsor more work on this for $5.00. The person who sponsors the most receives the original, worldwide shipping included. (By random draw, if there is a tie) And, Torn World members may also sponsor using credits: 1 credit is 3 minutes. :) (5 credits/dollars is 15 minutes, 10 credits/dollars is 30 minutes, etc.) Current high sponsorship is tied at $5! This piece has received three rounds of sponsorship, two by donation and one because a story is being written about it. The next donation takes it into inking, which is sort of an all-or-nothing step (so it's a great deal even if you go to $10 and ensure you win the original!). I'd like to wrap this sucker up soon, so I'm going to call it done it I don't receive another sponsorship for it this week.

    Finger is wrapped up in a dog bandage (a self-clinging sport bandage that is the same as the ones they make for humans, but about half the cost at a vet store and comes in Bright Red) and it works okay, though still complains if I hit a key wrong or try to grab something I shouldn't. I got my freelance programming finished and may tackle the EMG-Zine abstracts fundraiser next, though I haven't entirely given up on tackling another Muse Fusion prompt, either.

    First, though, I want to vacuum! (I know how to have fun...)

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