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Layla and I are doing an ornament sale with some of our leftover stock, over on Facebook!

There will be some special sales, collections, limited commissions, livestreaming of our painting, and even giveaways, so it should be a lot of fun. <3

I'm writing like MAD. Not-a-book #6 is just over 18k, with 17k of that being NaNo count. I'm not on track to win NaNo, but I can't bring myself to feel bad about it. I LOVE this book, it's just a pile of fun to write, and I think I'm close to half done, so there's a good chance I'll still finish this month, which was really my goal. And if I don't, I've STILL written a lot of words.

You can log in with your Sketch Fest credentials at Torn World and jump in on the Muse Fusion! https://www.tornworld.net/musefusion.php

Okay! More wood for the fire, a cup of tea, and I'm going to work while I have writing momentum. GOGOGO!
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Rocking the invoicing, sold some art, jamming to Budos Band, and drinking a gourmet hot chocolate from Sipping Streams (a MOUNTAIN of whipped cream, drizzled with caramel and chocolate, with two stick of cinnamon, and it's homemade cocoa to boot). That's a nice way to spend a cold snowy morning while the Guppy is enjoying preschool.

No new artwork today, mostly because the things I'm working on are all under non-disclosure...

But have a clever silent auction display! I needed something I didn't want back to display the ornaments I was donating, as well as a way for the winner to get their ornaments home, and struck upon this idea:

The ornaments can be tucked into the box - a free priority flat rate box - at the end, it's all very pretty and super disposable, but sturdy enough for the job. I would do something a little shorter and more weighted for glass ornaments, but for the light shatter-proof skellies, the taller display was preferable - last year, the auction tables were quite tightly packed, and it was tough to see everything.

My music has moved through Star Wars soundtrack to Kula Shaker, and it's about time to log off and go do grocery shopping.

Oh! I've also dyed my daughter's hair with a purple streak, because parenting is awesome. I'll try to get her to hold still for a photo soon.
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I survived another parent aide day. Barely.

For the project today, the kids drew themselves as grown ups, picking a profession and dressing drawings of themselves up and having one of the aides write a bit about them. One boy was a policeman and caught a bad guy. Another was a parent, with one kid. A little girl was a teacher, another was a dermatologist who lived on a farm. My daughter? My daughter wanted to grow up to be Astrid and fight dragons.

(Honestly, I think that's pretty awesome.)

Today's artwork is:

I did this nearly two years ago (guh!), but just posted it at Torn World!

The Scavenger Hunt is live! It is amazing fun - people who have taken it have enjoyed it a ton, and no one has issued any arrest warrants for the awful poetry. The prize is also awesome, and includes a coupon from me that you could apply to a skeleton army of your very own.

The Scavenger Hunt is here: http://www.ellenmilliongraphics.com/scavengerhunt.php

If you need hints, email or PM me!
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I have an embarassing backlog of artwork to release this month! Horrah! It's a marvelous problem to have, especially when I think a lot of people need some art to distract them from what a turdstorm this year has been. Look for something (nearly) every day.

First, this one:

This is up at Portrait Adoption now and was part of #inktober! It was also prompted at a Sketch Fest, "shooting star". http://portraitadoption.com/portrait.php?id=2773

I also have skeleton ornaments available on Etsy now: https://www.etsy.com/listing/478402448/festive-dinosaur-dragon-unicorn-or

I've also been writing appallingly terrible poetry for the Scavenger Hunt - https://www.facebook.com/events/201805243563410/ You don't have to join the Facebook event, and it's not a race. The hunt will remain up through the weekend (which is a Sketch Fest weekend, btw!) and you can do some of the bonus things to get extra prizes! Everyone who puts the puzzle together can get the primary prize, which is a coloring and coupon book from over a dozen amazing artists. I will be available online during the event time (noon to four on Tuesday, Alaska time) to give hints and solve any problems, but you can jump in at your own speed and time.
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I have been rebuilding my skeleton army, though these still need their festive wreaths/lights/stars:

Pteradactyls are WEIRD. I'm not sure they are convincing as skeletons. I also did a gryphon that I haven't photographed yet.

I may need a volunteer in the lower 48 to receive a box of black ornaments and ship them to me, because I've run into roadblocks trying to restock them. :/ The only place I've found that would ship them to me wanted $56 for the pleasure. I think the box will weigh about 3 lbs, and does not even have to be oversized. So, no.


In fun Guppy quotes:

She was wrapping herself in a blanket on the floor.
"I'm going to be a racoon and turn into a butterfly!"

So close!


I spent another $7.50 on my (er, Guppy's) Astrid costume and got some hockey shoulder pads at the used sports store. >.> There will be wrapping with duct tape and modification with scissors tonight. Mwahahaha. (I am having entirely too much fun with this.)
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Have you missed some of my creative updates over the last month? I'm doing monthly roundups to try to keep some sense in the chaos!


Only the cover for Wild Teas of Alaska was technically released:

I did paint a few teeny ornaments, as well:


13k on my not-a-book, which is AWESOME for me.


We did landscaping at our house, completely transforming the downhill side of our house in particular. It may actually qualify as a yard now, not just a tangled wilderness of junk we don't know where else to put and scruffy willows.

Everyone in the house was sick at one point during the month, some of us worse than others.

Finished the artwork for and released Wild Teas of Alaska! http://www.ellenmilliongraphics.com/coloringbook.php?id=75

Flooded the basement being dumb and ended up dismantling, drying, and reorganzing my entire studio.

Got new furniture for Guppy and completely rearranged her room into something MUCH better. Which was my favorite Guppy photo of the month:

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My skeleton army has been decimated! I sold every skeleton ornament I brought except the teeny unicorn skellie, even the ones I did on the spot at the show, and the ones I did Saturday night. As we were closing, I was painting a skeleton commission. I didn't even get a photo of it.

It's safe to say they were a total hit. Ornaments were in general.

Here's one I painted with a lace pattern - I may do more like this; they are very striking:

Coloring book sales were quite slow, though I moved many copies of Serenitrix, and several of the Alaska coloring books. I got to see many dear friends, and the show itself is so well run I'm spoiled for other bazaars.

Next weekend: PopCon! Then, I'm done for the season.

I've got my not-a-book half edited on Friday and had planned to work on it more today, but brain says blaaaaaaaaaah, and I've got some marketing and sales things to work on.
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The not-a-book clocked in at 33k, and I still hate it, but am hoping a day or two of letting it fester rest will let me go back and give it a less biased read through and tighten a few things up before sending it on to the alpha readers.

I also was parent aide today, and now need a stiff drink and maybe a nap. I have leftover apple pie that may not survive the afternoon.

Last night I worked on ornaments while watching Better Off Ted. I did a giant mammoth that I just love, and then gave him a mini friend:

(They still need wreaths)

Then I did three mini dinos, a turtle, and two trees of life. This weekend is the show I am most likely to sell these at, so I'm making kind of a push right now to Get Er Done.

Must get Guppy up from Quiet Time now - she doesn't always nap during her Quiet Time these days, but today she dropped right off.
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I have not been blogging, but for good reasons!

Guppy's Halloween party was a blast, but the skirt shed spikes in a most alarming fashion, and she removed it partway through. The headband also required some further glueing, as the self-stick Velcro stuff was not happy to self-stick to the backside of the fake leather. I wore the costume myself on Sunday for the Coloring Tea Party (great, great fun, again!), and found that it wasn't just 4-year-old enthusiasm that caused the spikes to come off. After re-gluing and re-gluing, I finally got smart and STAPLED the suckers on. You can't see the staples at all, and the spikes stay on very well indeed. In fact, I test shook the skirt very vigorously, and a bunch of the beads fell off instead. Oops. I'll need to sew those on. :P

I won #inktober! I won! I haven't had a chance to scan yet, but I will have proof soon. Many will be available for sale, but speak up quickly if you spot one you'd like.

Here's #31

I've made excellent progress on my NDA project, and decent progress on the last outstanding commission I have. I've also painted lots more skeleton ornaments. They are so much fun. The UWA bazaar is this weekend, and I will have an army of festive dinosaur skeletons, plus some mythical critters, too:

Just shy of 1000 words on my not-a-book today, and I got up early yesterday to add another 1000 to it. It's like pulling teeth, but I am determined to Get Er Done.

I've got another promotional project on deck that is proving to be TREMENDOUS fun. I cannot wait to release it. I'm nailing down dates now, and will have more information about it soon.

Also, I made an apple pie today. A DUTCH apple pie, which is like a regular apple pie with ice cream already injected underneath the crust. No soggy crust! All the creamy joy! So easy and delicious! Jake will be lucky if there is any left to come home to.

My attendance at a tea party is now required. There are also dishes to wash, and although it is not cold out, I am considering a fire in the woodstove.
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I have been working away at the NDA project, and I'm up to 19 on #inktobers, so that's still looking possible! I've been writing just a few words a day, so the not-a-book is crawling, but I'm counting it as progress. And I've been squeezing in a few ornaments, since my only big show of the season is in two weeks.

I did this one based on one of my favorite #junicorn cards from this summer.

And I had so much fun painting skeletons that I did this one:

Four of these are mine. I keep thinking R2D2 ought to be easy and fun and recognizable, but it's just a lot more work than it's worth and really hard to keep mechanical enough. I think natural things are a lot easier!

Guppy has informed me that she will stop growing when she's eight.

I told her I was still growing and I was forty, and she informed me that I'm not still growing, I'm just getting more numbers.

Okay then.

Also! There is another event I just added to my last entry - on Sunday the 30th, I will be at Sipping Streams doing another coloring party! This will be so much fun - there will be tea, and amazing food, a fabulous face painter, free coloring pages, and the use of my high end coloring tools. Come enjoy!!

To project work now! I'd love to get to the final approvals stage of this portion by the end of the month. That means knuckling down.
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This is the first time I've stopped moving all day. It was a good day, but rather full-tilt.

I got my studio back together. I still need to clean up a few things from the top of my table, but otherwise, it's all back in shape. I got to use the chopsaw to make the foundation for some boxes. The improved airflow in the corner should be a good thing all around. I even got the rug back down, with a little help from Guppy as I lifted the filing cabinet that went down on it and she helped pull it under.

I also did an epic amount of laundry and kept the fire going and cleaned the bathroom and baked zucchini cranberry muffins and made granola and took out the trash and changed the cat litter and washed three loads of dishes and went in to town to get Guppy a lamp (with countdown timer) for her room, and painted ornaments with [livejournal.com profile] laylalawlor while watching Megamind (for the one billionth time). It holds up surprisingly well for a billion watches. I need to buy some of the songs on iTunes and make a soundtrack for us to listen to in the car.

Here are the ornaments that I finished:

I also started a slow lori (what ridiculous looking critters!), but it wasn't worth photographing yet.

Now, I am going to call it a day and fall into sweet, delicious bed.
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My morning did NOT go as planned, but then Layla brought Thai food over and we painted ornaments for a bit.

We also made show plans and watched DS9, and then I went to dance practice, and Jake made amazing grilled chicken thighs for dinner, so the day was not a complete loss.
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Yesterday was miserable. I managed to get some kind of food poisoning or stomach flu and was pathetically sick enough to text Jake to come home and take care of me. Guppy was very good to me, but I was capable of nothing.

Today, I am moving slowly and still not interested in eating at all, but able to get a few things done as long as I rest between them. Scoop the catbox, sit on the floor for a while. Vacuum, let Guppy have a tea party with my unresponsive body on the couch for a few minutes. Put in laundry, sit down for a while.

This is a piece I did last week for Guppy's preschool teacher, who is also a farmer who has beehives:

Now I've got to go lay down for a little while and rest up for the other things I hope to cross off my list today!
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Next in our Big Reveals this week is a piece I originally sketched for Sketch Fest:

So many of the things I love to draw! Flowing fabric! Antlers! Twisty trees! (sold)

Layla came over and we sprayed the rest of the ornaments and finalized our game plan for the weekend and figured out our display. I put pricetags on all my ornaments (pricing artwork is HARD), and realized that I hadn't done about 40 ornaments. I've done FIFTY-SEVEN ornaments. This does not include the ones I let Guppy paint, those are all mine. And I sort of want to do more. Is there a 12-step program for ornament painting? I want to do a loon ornament, now.

I slipped on ice this weekend, but it didn't really start to hurt until yesterday, when it really started to hurt. I made an appointment for a chiropractic adjustment today, because shooting pain when I put my weight on my leg wrong was really not fun. I definitely pulled my hip (he could guess the tender spot, just from my description of the fall and my pain), and he got the vertebrae rolled back in place and gave me 20 minutes of electroshock therapy, which is not at all what they call it, of course, but anyone who's had it knows exactly what I mean. (I think they actually call it e-stim, ems, or electric muscle stimulation.) I feel MUCH better. I have a follow-up on Monday, which may or may not be necessary, but includes a massage, so I'll probably keep it... >.>
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Locals! I will be at two shows not this weekend, but next. First is PopCon, our very own little local con, here at UAF. You can find me at the Wood Center Friday, Nov 6 between 4-10(ish) and Saturday, Nov 7 between 2-9(ish). I will also, thanks to the power of being two places at once (IE: sharing a table with [livejournal.com profile] laylalawlor), be at the UWA bazaar Saturday and Sunday, from 9 AM-4 PM.

We'll be debuting two things that I am super, super excited about. The first is:

I've approved the proofs at the printer, and it is going to be a GORGEOUS little coloring book. As it says on the label, it's a coloring book of wildflowers, 6 from me, and 6 by Layla. Layla wrote descriptions of each flower, which are included on each image.

Like this one!

If this does well, we'll be tackling all kind of Alaskan topics: birds, fish, animals, landmarks...

The other items we'll be unleashing on the world are hand-painted ornaments. We've been having tremendous fun painting these.

And in other artwork, here is #Inktober 24, available for adoption at Portrait Adoption now:

(Finished from a Sketch Fest Sketch, Happy Tears was the prompt... from January 2012!)

I'm up to #25 for Inktober, and not at all sure I will continue. There's a limit to my energy (no, really!), and I'm enjoying the ornaments more right now. 25 is still impressive, and I've got a lot of things crossed off my list.

I think that's enough artwork for today... Monsterus Minimus appears to be on a nap strike, and I've got an ad to design and some writing that's due. I'll save the rest of my big news for tomorrow!

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