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Have spent most of the last day or more offline, which has been nice, but have not started squeezing out baby yet. (She's still convinced she's coming out the side, or possibly out one of these old stomach scars... we're still in negotiations.)

Slept in late. Went to the post office. Got many packages mailed (but not all). Prenatal yoga was lovely - small class, lots of floor-work. Got the fuse we need for the dryer, but did not install it. Returned some drawers we didn't end up installing. Went to a hockey game, where we won against our bitter rivals most decisively and I ate a giant bucket of nachos and a mandarin orange smoothie. I was a little disappointed that no one at the game, the store, or the post office asked me when I was due so I could tell them 'five days ago,' though I did have some lovely chats with the people in the mile-long nachos line.

Still have emails to work through.

Bed now.

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And no, dryer progress is not a euphemism for something else.

We got the venting for the dryer about half assembled, and wired in the outlet and junction box. We had to re-wire the dryer itself; the 3-prong pigtail it came with is no longer up to code and we had to install a 4-prong with ground (free dryer, so not complaining!). So, left to do are a few parts of venting and a fuse in the fusebox. We're missing one vent connection piece, I think.

Some contractions today, but all mild, painless, short and exercise-related. Guppy seems to be wiggling in different areas, so I'm hopeful she's decided to abandon her sunny-side-up position and spare me eventual back labor. I'm doing yoga floorwork periodically throughout the day to encourage this. I got some more prints printed and did a little organization of other orders, including fetching the anthology copy from the connex box that I needed - and putting Elsa's boxes of toddler clothing out there. I still deny that this is nesting, because it didn't really come with any energy.

The wonderful, amazing husband drove all the way into town (we live too far out for any delivery) just to get us take-and-bake pizza. It's about finished now, and I am starving...
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Things I will not miss about being pregnant:

  • Heartburn
  • Having to pee every half an hour
  • Snoring
  • Uncomfortable sleep
  • Skin tags (I have tiny rashes of them various places. They don't itch, but they do feel funny.)
  • Itchy belly
  • Round ligament pain
  • Feeling awkwardly hinged and weighted
  • Shortness of breath
  • Fatigue
  • Calf cramps
  • Baby brain
  • Puffy and sore hands and feet
  • Guppy, pounding away on my insides!

Things I will miss about being pregnant:
  • Guppy, pounding away on my insides!
  • My hair. (It doesn't shed while you're pregnant, so it's thicker than usual. Love!)
  • Being warm. It was a good year to be pregnant - I was very, VERY rarely chilled, which is very out of character.

Printing out prints like... a printing thing. Organizing very little paintings and sketches and packing up orders. Debating putting in a load of laundry. Fussing with Torn World things. Still need to do some minor programming at EMG-Zine and PA.

Still not Mom.
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Tuesday night I went out to feed Norway and happened to look up. Two brilliant, straight green strips of light were arching over our house. I went back in to let Jake know, and to turn off the porch light. When we came back out, I was disappointed at first... the two strips had merged and blurred, so a wide patch of sky looked like it was just reflecting clouded light pollution from Fairbanks.

Then, it began to dance.

It spread itself back into strips, flared red along the bottom edge, and started to seriously move. We live in a birch forest, and it was visually right at the treetops, making it look like the trees were on fire.

The other strips flared up as that one ebbed, shifting and dancing, making us feel like we were underneath rings of Saturn at one point, and creating a brilliant green spiral in the sky above us the next, edged in ruffling red. We stood in the driveway, craning our necks back until they hurt, watching the show go on and on...

And then it faded, and stars we'd barely noticed were suddenly there, brilliant and obvious again as the light around them died away.

Someone took a timelapse video in town - not our view, but these are the lights we were watching: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zHVqr48whPM&feature=youtu.be

In factory updates, the doctor's appointment went smoothly. Progressing as I should: no imminent baby, but definite signs of preparation. No nesting energy yet... could barely drag myself out of bed this morning, and it took several extra snooze-button pushes. She's still extremely stretchy and active.

Bread made. Laundry hung. StarGate and programming things now. :)
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It snowed a little this morning. Still not Mom*.

My appointments yesterday were canceled, so I ended up doing a bunch more programming than I expected to get through, which is very good. Everything rescheduled for Wednesday. Still not Mom.

Got another big programming project I will probably have to turn down. TIMING, people. I would have given my eyeteeth for these projects a month or two earlier, and I WARNED you. Now, even supposing Guppy holds off a few weeks, I feel terribly awkward accepting the job, because who knows if I'd have to abandon it right in the middle for a month or two. Also, general exhaustion makes agreeing to stuff Not Smart. Not Mom yet.

Did you know Gates McFadden (Beverly Crusher of ST:tnG) choreographed Labyrinth? Finding that out this morning was a weird intersection of things I fan over. Also, now must rewatch Labyrinth. Still not Mom.

Ravenous now. Going to go eat and then tackle my to-do list.

  • Make bread
  • Get maternity leave straightened out at EMG, SF (still need to set disabling of sketch sales) (sketches scheduled to go offline on Friday!), Torn World (disable publication purchases), EMG-Zine (waiting for reply, need to take off anthologies), FP, PA and personal site.
  • Close Amazon shop
  • Write up maternity leave disclaimer for blog
  • vacuum
  • print prints
  • pack orders
  • print taxes
  • Inbox to 200 (at 253 now) 198! First time under 200 in... 6 months?! WAY too long.

    *Bonus geek points if you get the 'Still not...' reference. It would probably be funnier if Guppy were already late, but I may not get the chance to use it, and/or may forget about it entirely once we get further in.
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    Guppy countdown: 1 week.

    That is pretty panic inducing, if I think about it too hard. I mean, I'm excited, and I'm eager to meet her, and my internal organs will be VERY happy to have their space back, but my whole life is about to dump upside down and backwards, and I have not crossed off everything on my list to do. Not even close.

    She's still as squirmy as ever, and trying to orchestrate her escape directly out of my side.

    Much running around to do this morning - post office, shopping, doctor and gym... though my gym visits are getting more and more 'token'... mostly I just play a round of basketball with Jake and then take a very short steam and shower. It's just too awkward to do most of the weight machines, anymore, and I don't have a lot of energy left for the elliptical. Even after making Jake chase all my missed shots.

    Programming to do this afternoon when I'm back, and some orders to fill. Also, time to close up my Amazon shop and turn off ordering across the site(s) and fix up my auto-reply.

    Okay, time to get ready to go into town!
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    Scanned last night's Sketch Fest pieces, including the 5 minute piece I did to the prompt 'The Pregnant Void.' It was too apt to pass up. This is my favorite, however:

    Went dutifully to prenatal yoga, and feel better for it. Also made it to the post office, where Elsa got a box of blankets and a second box of toys and books and clothing. Came home and ate All The Food. Star-Gate now, some comments at Sketch Fest (because artists thrive on comments!) and maybe some more sketching. And maybe More Food. I have chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream...
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    I have mostly crossed off yesterday's list of two, this morning. It seems like I ought to be distressed by my lack of productivity, being me - I put two things on my list and manage one, pretty routinely these days, which is a far cry from my usual habits. But I'm remarkably okay with that. I'm not sure if this serenity is due to the cocktail of hormones I can thank Guppy for, or if common sense is playing some role, but I'm more amused by my slow-down than anything else. Everything can wait. The world is not going to screech to a halt because I cannot manage to send an order I've already let the customer know will be late until the weekend. If I fail to vacuum, the worst that happens is that I have to look at some clumps of fur on the rug for another day. Or two. (The recent warm weather has persuaded Norway that it's spring, and he's shedding. Boy, is he in for a surprise...)

    So, today's list is to finish the WS site (very, very close, now!) and inventory coloring books. (Which should make coming back to them after my hiatus easier, and is needed for one of my wholesale clients.) I may hang some fish in the nursery, then. I'd like to get a few prints off, too, but we shall see. Eat, drink and rest are givens. And I've already finished watching all available episodes of Downtown Abbey, which is an utterly delightful show. I am thinking about starting SG-1 for a rewatch from the beginning... maybe sketching or doing some writing while it's on, but maybe not.

    In factory news, Guppy is wiggly and wavy as ever, and a little pointy. She has dropped a bit more, which Jake was terribly excited about until I reminded him that it could still be weeks - that's not a 'day of' event. Puffy fingers and ankles feel normal, now, and they are slightly less sore. Up several times a night, of course. I can't remember what a solid night of sleep even feels like...

    Thank you so much for the nice comments on my photos, yesterday. :) I am at the stage where I feel terribly awkward and not put together quite right; it's lovely to know I don't just look weird and lumpy.
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    It's warm and clear today - a little too warm, really; I hope the roads aren't too slick, because I have a doctor's appointment today and want to drag myself to the gym, too. I've got a load of laundry in now and need to get to the PO and apply for the PFD and a dozen other things. Energy level is unfortunately at about zero.

    I would say we were nesting this weekend, but I think nesting is supposed to come with a spike of actual energy. So, Jake was nesting, and I was dragging myself along behind... we got the shelving up in Guppy's closet, and were able to clear out most of the things that had accumulated in the nursery - some of the larger items went out to the connex for storage, because she won't be able to use them until she's walking. The carseat is safely installed, and my hospital bag is all packed except for the things I use daily. We took a whole bunch of photos of me yesterday, too - I may post those if I have energy after my running around.

    Healthwise, I'm hanging in there at 38 weeks... I definitely have some hand and ankle swelling, and both have come with some soreness. I've been keeping an eye on my blood pressure, which is a little higher than normal, but not at dangerous levels. I may have been wrong about her dropping - or she's climbed back up... though a cup of ginger tea and a Zantac an hour before bed seem to knock the heartburn down to just about nothing at night, I'm still out of breath, and the belly is still riding quite high. She's still vigorous and eating large chunks of my energy. I am very much slowed down with walking and especially climbing stairs. Sleeping is still pretty shattered. Some back pain, though it isn't a fraction as bad as I'd feared it would be by this point. I am both Very Ready to meet Elsa and get my lungs back, and hoping desperately for a few more weeks to get things done.

    Have some project updates:

  • Giant Torn World update - see the details here! (Cliffnotes version: Rhysling nomination for one of Elizabeth's poems, now public, art gallery, now public, with next/previous browsing, updates to the storyline collection pages, including re-organization, art and articles, plus a new contest, and a reminder to vote for us in the Rose and Bay awards.)

  • Sketch Fest this Friday! Providing Elsa-Monkey-Guppy doesn't decide to show up early, there will be another awesome 48-hour Sketch Fest extravaganza Feb 10-12. Someone remind me to send a notice to my email list later this week (but BEFORE the Sketch Fest starts). http://www.ellenmilliongraphics.com/sketchfest/

  • Themes for the last 6 months of 2012 have been posted for EMG-Zine! (And actually added to the guidelines page, this time!) http://emg-zine.com

    I finished the next Rails installation this weekend and have posted it for canon board review. Hopefully I will steal a little more of my energy back for some art or writing today...
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    My belly of monkeys has the hiccups. Squirmy hiccups. It tickles.

    It was warm yesterday - it got up to 24 degrees! (F) Today, it's back down to -14. *sigh*

    The Portrait Adoption artists stepped up SO much to my call for portraits (I asked for 12! I got more than 37!) that I felt like I hadn't done enough for them... so I went through my list of things I wanted to accomplish and picked out a couple of easy ones: The thumbnail previews now show if a piece is available for customization, and also, if a portrait is on a wishlist (or more than one!). Artists have been giving longing looks for that feature for a while, so they can see what's most popular and direct their efforts to those themes and styles. This shows up on the portrait itself, too, and I'm working on a 'most wished for' viewing option, too (but haven't wrangled that into working yet...). And customization, when available, shows a cute little pencil icon on the portrait page, too.

    Who loves ya?

    Other programming of the paid kind done this morning, and more to do now... I've got an hour before my afternoon doldrums are likely to flatten me.
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    It's finally warm! Like, above zero!

    I have been hesitant to put the carseat base actually IN the car, because it's made of plastic, and the last thing I want to do is crack it trying to buckle it in at 30 below. (Though really, you do have to hope that it doesn't become brittle at these temperatures - have they actually been tested for such extremes??)

    Anyway, I'm actually doing the hospital bag packing now, and eyeing the carseat. Where do you like to put it? Behind you for ease of installing baby? Or behind the passenger seat so you can turn and look at them without going all Exorcist? (I am not daft enough to put her in the front seat, or in the far back. I'm new to this, but not stupid.)

    And what sorts of things did you most appreciate having in your hospital bag? Anything you didn't use at all and wish you hadn't brought?

    We continue to be dead stumped on a middle name we both like, so if you have suggestions for a name to go with Elsa, I'd like to hear them. Many will be eliminated because our first criteria is that it can't show up in either of our families, I don't want it to be too similar to mine (Marie) because Elsa is already somewhat like Ellen, and I don't want to know anyone with the name. (And I don't have to tell you to be nice, do I? I've been warned that this is a contentious subject, but I'm going to trust you not to be jerks to each other.)

    Internet and phone are miraculously back, and I called to cancel the technical support! I suspect something weird was going on in the lines due to the fact that it's warmed up 50 degrees in the last day or so.

    A tad more energy today. Dishes now, and maybe some writing. Lots of Torn World administrative schtuff accomplished today, waiting on one response to mail out the contest ballots.

    Oh! I've been nominated for some Rose and Bay awards! Torn World and EMG-Zine are contenders in Other Projects, Edward Cammarota is nominated for his support of Torn World, EMG-Zine and Sketch Fest under Patrons, Sketch Fest and my Prompted Abstracts are up in Art, and Torn World is also nominated in Poetry. Lots of awesome creative nominees; I recommend browsing the other entries, too - you can vote for more than one! You may also want to check out Webcomics or Fiction.

    Sans lap.

    Jan. 31st, 2012 10:49 pm
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    Art right now is very frustrating.

    Beyond the general muse and brain malaise, I have no lap to sketch in, and I didn't realize how much I used it. Regular chairs, to sit at the table are decidedly not comfortable right now, and I can't sit close enough to the table to use them correctly anyway.

    I have found a position of comfort in my fabulous awesome recliner - stuff a pillow under my knees and tip back and I can stay there all day if I'm foolish enough to let myself (which is way too easy, because it is relatively hard to get UP from this position). I can use my laptop on my legs, though I can't see past the belly to the nearest bits of my laptop (I touch-type, so visibility isn't a problem - and is probably one reason that typing on the iPad is so hard for me).

    So, I can do a little writing, pokey bit by pokey bit. I got an article written up for Torn World today, and I've gotten a thousand words or so on the Rails storyline in the last week (not, you know, and AMAZING wordcount, but it's words. On a page). I can do some programming, fortunately, and emails.

    But I have PICTURE ideas I want to work on. I did some sketching over the weekend, and it was awkward - I stopped long before I felt finished, and couldn't get a comfortable working position going on; the sketchbook digs into my belly, or wobbles on top of it (even when Elsa isn't adding percussion to the mix), or slides off the side, or I have to crook my arm so awkwardly it won't do what I want. Add to this the fact that my fingers are all fat and sausage-y, and even slightly achy... art is hard to do right now. Very frustrating.
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    Another chilly morning. Guppy/Elsa/Monkeys are doing great in there. Fatigue is less in the mornings, so I'm hopeful to get some Stuff Done.

    One list to rule them all!

    (It is Not Good that I can cross nothing off of this yet...)

  • Taxes!! (drafted and estimated and sorted, just need to fill out the forms)
  • SE site - good start
  • JH site - some start
  • WS site - some start
  • Dryer outlet
  • Paint bathroom floor
  • Finish bathroom. (UGH. Because I am so not up to dealing with sheetrock now!)
  • Finish Skycats picture
  • Kaz art trade (whyyyyy did I sign up?)
  • Big print order - started
  • Little print orders - started
  • 4 abstracts (holy heck, I still haven't done those? Where is my BRAIN?)
  • Torn World stories: Finish Rails? (unlikely, actually - there's a lot of story left there...), Finish Meetings storyline (equally unlikely). But some progress would be awesome. Oh, hey, some has been made!
  • Security hash for various EMG sites. - figured out how to do it, just need to implement.

    And a shorter list, just for today:

  • Post something for TW
  • Take ashes out (woodstove cooling now)
  • Work on print order (10 prints!)
  • Paint abstracts/skycat
  • Test security hash - consulted with guru
  • Progress on WS site - finalize layout - progress made!
  • Eat, drink, rest
  • CALL MY MOTHER - talked to Dad for a while, not my fault she wasn't there! :P
  • Inbox to 250 (at 285 now) 245!
  • Pay bills
  • Prep for EMG-Zine - art is done, just need news. Also, email Annie.
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    I'm not really sure where my day *goes*, anymore. I had a guppy-doctor's appointment, went to the gym, bank, post office (2 of them, actually) and grocery shopping... and took a nap. Oh, I folded a little laundry and vacuumed, too. Still haven't called my mother, and got none of the programming or writing or artwork done today that I wanted to, nor did I answer more than one or two emails.

    Ah well.

    In other news, it has become rapidly apparent that I am not having a baby. I am having a monkey. Perhaps several of them. Ow, my insides. Also, this explains why I've been liking bananas so much.
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    I am, perhaps unsurprisingly, increasing uncomfortable. My weight gain has just about leveled off, but I seem to be continuing with the expansion. I feel tenderized from the inside - wiggly child is still fascinating but some of her cavorting manages to put pointy limbs right in sensitive organs. (I did finally get some iPhone footage of a moderate alien belly wave, but shall have to figure out how to edit and post it.) In near-miracles, I did get about 5 straight hours of sleep - two nights in a row, now! Lots of Braxton-Hicks contractions. Still short and painless, and usually directly caused by exercise.

    On Thursday, I did make it to the gym. I had to drop another one of the weight machines from my rotation because of belly interference. I'm still able to do the crunches and back presses, which are the ones I'm most invested in, and I got in some good time on the elliptical. Jake beat me at basketball, but not by a lot! It was a good workout.

    In the dressing room, a lady applying makeup did a double-take at me. "You're... ready to pop!" she exclaimed. I told her my duedate, since that's the conversational staple of a pregnant woman, and she told me I was very brave to be going to the gym so close to my date. (She said 'brave' in a way that made it sound exactly like 'crazy.') I settled for laughing and explaining that the recent cold weather was making me a little stir crazy, and it was important to get out. She agreed with that idea. I found it odd that less than a week previously, a group of women thought I didn't look anywhere near 36 weeks. I don't think I changed in looks at all in that week.

    You awesome PA artists who stepped up with portraits? My hats are off to you. I asked for 12 by the end of the month, and have gotten 22, with two days to spare!

    I have built you the promised watch feature! If you are logged in, you can now watch any artist, and will receive an email whenever they upload a new portrait (or rather, when one is approved). It is a little bare bones, but may be fancied up in the future, and it works, as far as I've tested it! (Also, there's a new submitted description!)

    I must try to remember to do an official mailing list announcement about it tomorrow. I also have a spawn appointment and hope to make it to the post office, gym and grocery store - we ran out of several staples this weekend that we worked around. (No onions! No milk! Almost out of dog food!)

    A very cold weekend, again, but we've stayed warm. There was some organization of wood (uncovering an extra pile and sorting out the overnight logs for the next week) and we got our weather station powered up and working again during the scarce daylight hours. Ravens had much to say on the topic of wood sorting today, and were flirting around the house a lot of today.

    I drew a little, too - some fanart for [livejournal.com profile] selinafenech's Memory's Wake contest (just a sketch, but a fun piece). (Also, I covet her new art book!)

    I've been otherwise pretty pokey. I can't seem to get my brain wrapped around writing anything lately, though I've made a few false starts. I open programming files and get distracted. I start reading things and get bored after a few chapters. TV gets old. I lose my train of thought halfway through emails. I seem to be quite okay with just sitting and staring out into space. I think the guppy is stealing my brain.

    My hollow skull and I are going to go see if there are any cinnamon rolls left now...
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    I am all warm fuzzies and contented today. My to-do list is terribly manageable (and includes many fun things), I feel totally loved and appreciated (except by Velcro, who can't figure out why I'm letting the woodstove cool enough to scoop ashes out...), and my efforts at delegating are paying off in spades. Horrah!

    (And in reference to my subject line - I'm warm inside... it is decidedly NOT warm outside. 30 belowish, and getting colder. May be 50 below tonight.)

    As I am corralling submissions for EMG-Zine, I am reminded that I need to set themes for July - Dec of this year. Suggest themes in the comments!

    Portrait Adoption artists stepped up like whoa:

    20 / 12 portraits by Feb 1. 166% to earning an artist watch feature!

    To Do:

  • Make bread - rising
  • Laundry - spinning
  • Emails - get inbox under 350!! Grrr! 281!!!! though not in any particular kind of order of importance!
  • WS site progress
  • Art or writing - the next Rails segment is to 2400!
  • Call parents. (Last time I talked to mom, she reminded me that phones work both ways... I should test that...) - I did email Dad, at least!
  • Coloring book invoice and order
  • Print order progress - I can make a sort of a weak argument for crossing this off.
  • Clear ashes from woodstove
  • Eat, drink, rest

    Norway's foot is healing, finally - we are doing no bandage, no cone now, and it hasn't reopened in a long while. He loves his antibiotics (mmm... peanut butter) and has been very good about not licking - which has been conditioned by putting the cone on him for an hour or so every time I did catch him licking. I think he finally put the two together.

    Guppy is doing awesome, and is proving again that she's going to be super stubborn, not that there was much question of that. I tried to video tape the alien wave last night, and she would only wiggle when I'd put the camera down, of course. Lots of short footage of nothing happening. I may try again this weekend. I also want to take some nice photos of my current 'figure;' we've been remiss in taking interesting photos.

    Bread and laundry now - one needs to rise and one needs to dry!
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    Of course, right after I get everyone fired up to submit portraits and such... my servers decide to get a little crazy and start freaking out. It began with login problems, which eventually resolved, but all my sites are currently being stubborn and refusing to upload files. ARGH.

    I will look at it in the morning and see if it's still being buggy, or if it's just a temporary server glitch. Hopefully, they have not made some kind of major version change that will require re-programming at my end. (ETA: support ticket in.)

    Tomorrow, I have much in-town running around to do, including a guppy checkup (has it been a week already?!). I've been having more BH contractions (painless, short and normal), and Guppy is certainly doing her part to remind me that she's there. At night, particularly, but she put on an alien wave show for Jake this evening that he could watch from across the room.

    The breastfeeding class was useful and informative - I was impressed.

    Drafted the rest of my taxes today - still have some fiddly paperwork to do, so it may vary by a dollar or two by the end, but the news was not dire. Yay, refund! (We'll roll that right into medical costs, but it still totally beats a poke in the eye!)

    I still have many, many emails to get through... *sighs* But now... I think I may do art.


    Jan. 24th, 2012 10:28 am
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    It's a chilly day - not too cold, but quite windy, and looking to get colder tonight. *sighs* Unfortunately, it's also cloudy, because it should otherwise be a spectacular night for northern lights! The woodstove is crackling away.

    Factory Update

    My hands are a little puffy today. I am drinking lots of water to see if I can get that to go down. I stopped wearing my wedding ring weeks ago, because I didn't want to get stuck in it, so no harm done.

    The inmate is doing chin-ups on my organs in anticipation of her escape.

    Today's Goals

  • PA paperwork
  • Tax progress
  • SE site progress
  • WS site progress - email about font
  • send off requested Sketch Fest payments
  • 10 prints
  • Scan SF piece and post
  • Close up SF
  • Post something at TW
  • laundry
  • dishes
  • Art or writing of some stripe. 519 words on next Rails installment.
  • Dinner ready at 5 PM
  • Breastfeeding class at 6 PM
  • Eat, rest, drink
  • Get inbox down under 400. *hangs head*
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    I never did get around to making any 2012 goals, did I! (Aside from 'having and not breaking baby.')

    I do have a bunch of things I need to get done before Elsa gets here:

  • Taxes!! (started)
  • SE site
  • JH site
  • WS site
  • Dryer outlet
  • Paint bathroom floor
  • Finish bathroom. (UGH. Because I am so not up to dealing with sheetrock now!)
  • Finish Skycats picture
  • Kaz art trade
  • Big print order
  • Little print orders
  • 4 abstracts (holy heck, I still haven't done those? Where is my BRAIN?)
  • Torn World stories: Finish Rails? (unlikely, actually - there's a lot of story left there...), Finish Meetings storyline (equally unlikely). But some progress would be awesome.

    After Elsa's here, of course, all bets are off. I intend to enjoy that time and keep stress out of it as much as possible. Pleeeeeaaaaaase don't come early, Elsa-guppy... I've got a lot left to do!

    Today's goals: tax progress, SE site progress (started!), scan last SF piece, print (10) prints, paint something, eat, shower and rest.

    In factory news, I went to yoga on Saturday. It was a substitute teacher (one I quite liked!), and those folks who showed up went around and gave names and weeks. One gal was due tomorrow, then me (36 weeks), then a whole lot of folks in the 20-31 weeks area. Given the noises of disbelief and the straight up comments on the topic, I apparently do not look 36 weeks. I certainly feel huge and ready to burst, but looking around, I was a similar size to some of the gals 6 weeks behind me. And these are mostly pretty fit, athletic women. Maybe there's something funky about my build - my OB is saying she would guess a 6.5 lb baby, which is only half a lb less than average, and she's been really pleased with my weight gain and shape in general.

    I am also suspicious Elsa 'dropped' this weekend - she was already head-down, and it's about the right time (2-4 weeks before due date is average for a first time mom, though it sounds like it varies pretty wildly...), and my belly is a little less shelf-like than it was. I have to pee a lot more than I did earlier, and the pelvic pressure when walking is a lot less comfortable than it was (pretty agonizing at times, actually... I'm happy to do sitting-things). I'm less short of breath (yay!), and the heartburn isn't quite as burny (YAY!) - but I've also been taking Zantac the last three nights, so it's tough to know what's helping the most there.

    She continues to be a serious squirmer, and woke me up several times last night. I'm not appreciating the heels in the kidneys or the elbows in the bladder. I do like that I never have to wonder what she's up to...

    I dropped in on my gaming group yesterday afternoon and picked up the stroller they pooled together for me. WHAT a stroller! It is a Jeep brand, with big beefy wheels and good brakes and some really sweet features. It's big enough to accommodate a pretty big toddler, and ought to handle our trails pretty well. I was so touched.

    In Norway news, he's sulking in his cone of shame right now, because I caught him licking his foot. He had been *very* good, and was going bandage-less inside, because I think the bandage was bothering him more than the wound. I'm hoping that an hour or so of cone of shame, immediately following a scold for being caught red-handed with the licking, will remind him how to behave. The wound itself is looking remarkably good. Norway LOVES his antibiotics... or at least the fact that they're rolled in peanut butter... he snuffles them right down and asks for more.

    Velcro does little on these cold days but sleep in front of the fire and eventually overheat so that she has to lay out on the rug away from the fire.

    To work now!
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