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When I went to take Guppy to school this morning, I discovered that I'd left a dome light on in the car. Dead, dead battery.

So Jake came home and I ferried Guppy to school in the truck and we cleaned and charged the battery and the car once more worked, but my morning was basically gone for productive work.

Ah, well!

Yesterday was better; I went to the tea shop and whomped out 1600 words... and got to the end of the not-a-book! It still needs half an epilogue and I went back and found a place where I could shoehorn in another two scenes because it's a little shorter (at 24k) than I was aiming for, but draft zero is done! I have extra children today or I'd plan on finishing the rough and getting it out for beta reading.

I also mocked up the cover, and I think it's a pretty good one.

I probably won't publish until early next year, because the schedule is really crowded, but I'm going to try to crank out the next one (which I'm super excited to write!) during NaNoWriMo, and maybe even another one in December/January, then release them all in fairly quick succession to see if that's a successful marketing move.

I'm also nearly done with another coloring book, did I mention? I'll start sharing some teasers next week once files are off to the printers.

In other news, I still have a cold. How can one head produce so much snot??

I am flailing on Inktober - I am on 8, I think. But there is a lot of month left!
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I went blueberry picking Tuesday evening and it was lovely. Okay, it was cloudy and rained a few times, and the swamp was terribly swampy and I even over-topped my rubber boot at one point, but I was wearing good socks, and the company was excellent (if a little heavy on the mosquitoes), and the blueberries were riotous and delicious.

I unfortunately overdid it a bit, and followed it by a Wednesday where I attempted to Do The Things with Guppy and it was a bit on the disastrous side and I ended up carrying her because of a shoe-too-big failure much more than I should have following a physically challenging day.

I did, however, redeem the day with a grilled chicken tarragon salad from garden herbs and farm arugula that knocked it out of the park!

Today I have been writing a lot (1500 words so far) and did a little printing and some email/admin things. Guppy is not wanting to nap.

I do realize that I never posted a May or June wrapup! That's about my mental level right now, so look for those soon...
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Two days without dailies?

Yesterday was a mire of migraine... I haven't had one this bad in years, and a teething two-year-old on top of that was less fun than bees in my shoes. I did get most of my Kickstarter response surveys tallied. And I think I did other things, too. Maybe some laundry? I did make a salmon kale quiche from scratch that was pretty out of this world.

Today, we did all the things we didn't do on Tuesday or Wednesday: went to the post office, and the UPS store, and the library, and got my winter tires on, and went swimming. I was a little leery about tackling any of that, let alone all of it, because monsterus minimus was up several hours early and acting tired. But she was a trooper, and we survived. It was our last swim class of the session, and we were the only ones! Guppy got a certificate and a piece of chocolate. (I got chocolate, too.)

I wanted to do Inktober this month (a piece of ink art every day this month), though I didn't have a chance to start yesterday. I whipped out a quick ACEO card today while I distracted the toddler with markers. (A My Little Pony, because she asked for one.) My impression of this pen I was experimenting with is that it's awesome - and smears badly. Oh well! I will try to sit down and do another tonight after I braindump here.

I got four files to the printer for the coloring books and am most of the way through the fifth. Perfectionist me keeps stopping and tweaking the levels in these pieces so there's continuity in lineweight from one page to another (as much as I can do without actually altering the style!), and fiddling with margins to get them Just Right. And since I have to re-doing each of the old coloring books for size, I might as well update all the general design (back cover and such) so they all match. This text here, it's not PERFECT yet. That layout, it could have a little more space over it. Does that title cover up too much of that art? I could spend seven more weeks doing these, if I let myself.


Sep. 23rd, 2014 05:36 pm
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Monsterus minimus continues to eat like a hollow thing, sleep oddly, and has decided that today is 'I don't like it' day. 'I don't like music,' she tells me solemnly. 'Don't siiiiiing!' (5 minutes later, she's begging me to sing.) 'I don't like squash,' she says fiercely after consuming half of it. (But when I offer to eat the rest, she gobbles more down.) 'I don't like Ring Around the Rosey,' she tells the swim class, to their laughing astonishment. (Previous sessions, she demanded it about 20 times in the 30 minute class.) 'I don't like...' she thinks REALLY hard... 'watermelon.' Then she changes her mind. 'I want watermelon!'

Yesterday, she shut herself in the bathroom with me while I was in there. 'You're going potty!' she told me helpfully. 'I'm being a turd!'

I may have laughed until I cried. Possibly that's not as funny to anyone else as it is to me and my brain has permanently broken.

She's upstairs resisting a nap (but I'm making her do an hour of quiet time while I frantically format coloring book files). Last night she woke up crying at 3 AM and came and cuddled with me in bed for a while. Since she was up early, as well as swimming and eating half the house, I'm expecting a big crash. Any minute now.

It snowed on me in town today, though it seems to have changed to rain and is in the upper 30s now.

And when we got home from swimming, I found that the cat had pooped and thrown up all over the house.

On the plus side, there is such a thing as maple bacon kettle corn.

On the minus side, I probably ate too much of it.

Hah! Silence from upstairs. Her one hour had two minutes left when she finally got quiet. I have work to do!
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The monster is down for a second nap (her first was short and early... and her morning was early, too!), and this is the first chance I've had to sit down for any length of time.

Last night, we gave the shower an epic scrub and left a fan blowing in the bathroom overnight. This morning, I spent an hour caulking ALL the seams. It looks 100x better than it did, and will not leak water onto our new bathroom floor. Yes, new bathroom floor! Like, a real floor! Not just painted subfloor!

On Tuesday, strange men will be coming to our house and installing real floor in our bathroom AND in the main room which spans our living room, dining area and kitchen. This is an entire half of our rather small house, so this weekend has also been an exercise in moving everything into whatever spaces we can wrangle. And that means EVERYTHING. We had to disconnect our heater (new skill acquired!) and move it to the woodstove hearth, relocate the pantry to the basement, get rid of two other pieces of furniture altogether, roll up the rug and move out the kitchen table. The entertainment center is still to do, and we've left the chairs and table for now. I'm honestly not sure where it will all GO. We may have to pitch a tent for some of it.

The baby thinks this is all great fun, and the laminate flooring (which has to acclimate in the installation space for 72 hours minimum) makes great surfaces to climb on and stack toys on.

It was hilarious fun watching her tip over one of the rolls of underlayment over and try to pick it back up. The rolls are about twice her height and as big around as she can wrap her arms, but only weigh a few pounds. She couldn't wrestle it up from the middle, but figured, with some experimentation, that she could lever it up from one end, wrap her arms around it, and tote it where she wanted. Giant green roll walking around with little toddler feet at the bottom!

Shortly after my hour in the shower, while doing a load of dishes, I told Jake, "Ugh, I feel a little like throwing up."

He replied, "Too many fumes. Maybe you should go outside for some fresh air."

Which caused us both to laugh hysterically.

The air quality today is 'Unhealthy;' the hot dry weather has kicked up some local wildfires and a bank of smoke has settled over the town. It's NASTY out there. Like breathing in an ashtray. We ran the purifier for a while and the air inside isn't awful, at least.

Woops, there's the baby waking up. Must go start dinner now. I made bread dough that we're going to use to make pigs-in-a-blanket, and we've got 3 bean (plus!) salad chilling in the fridge. For dessert, raspberry sorbet!
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I finished it! In not unrelated news, I need to order more pens.


It is, unfortunately, week three of no Torn World storyline updates, but I've got all but the VERY VERY end of the next installment written, so this will be the last week this happens. Right? RIGHT?

Picked berries this weekend. On Saturday afternoon, I went out with M and got two mostly-full quart bags of blueberries for the freezer and a big bowl for the fridge, and on Sunday I took a bucket when I went for my walk with Norway. I didn't find blueberries where I was hoping to, but I did bring back two cups of raspberries. Guppy loveslovesloves the blueberries.

The fair started on Friday, and I went to take business cards to a friend. I had a mixed reaction - part nostalgic and part so, so grateful that I'm not involved in the circus of vending at the fair anymore. It was fun to wander a little with Jake, eat gyros, and go to the petting zoo with Guppy. There are goat-butt photos that may be used as blackmail during the teenaged years.

Laundry today, possibly a trip to the gym. Maybe some shopping. Who knows!
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About to roll into bed, but an uber-quick recap to my weekend: We got all the radon mitigation done! All of it, finally! Fan wired in, plumbing routed out, everything. Then we defrosted the freezer and moved it to the basement! Because there is no rest for the wicked and we're already planning our pantry, to be built where the freezer was. Went out with husband to see Star Trek movie, and loved it to bits, then ate at the Pump House, and Guppy-girl did not freak out (more than very temporarily) while we were away. Go Aunt R!

My walk this evening was wearing long sleeves and a bugnet over my head, which was fairly successful... but rather HOT, as it is 85 in the shade. Came home and took a swift, cool shower with poor Guppy, who is tasty and delicious to the mosquitoes, and she was uncomfortable. She was happier, after the shower, and merrily emptied the tupperware drawer and brought Jake various utensils and lids.

Here is a photo showing her undying love for the cat:

In creative news, almost finished inking Lazy Afternoon. Next installment of South Meets North is up at Torn World: At the Edges of the Maps, Part 1. Part 2 is outlined, and I like it, so far. It starts to answer some of the world questions a new reader might have.
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Setting: I'm doing dishes and getting dinner ready. Jake has just picked up Guppy and removed her from her excavation of the tupperware drawer. Behind me, I hear...

Jake: Sorry, Velcro. Really, I am. Look, Guppy, it's the kitty!

Guppy: **Maniacal giggling. Excited babbling.**

Velcro: **plaintive meow**

It was remarkably effective in keeping her out from underfoot for the completion of dinner. And I don't feel too bad for Velcro - she's quite capable of getting out of reach and we make sure she has safe places to hang out!

Here's an older photo demonstrating why it's difficult to make dinner with her in the kitchen:

Pried the clingly baby off for several hours this afternoon to go tabletop gaming with my fellow geeks. Got tremendous progress on my Kickstarter artwork done - may share that with you tomorrow... will also be posting next installment in Torn World, and probably other amazing, exciting things, too.
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I am all a-bruised and a-scraped from hauling brush and wood during our working birthday weekend. It was not restful, but it was, in many ways, very satisfying. And WOW. It was a lot of work.

It looks SO different now.

Greenup happened while we were working - the first trees we felled on Saturday had little itty bitty green buds at the tips... and today there are green leaves EVERYWHERE. Poof.

There are voles in my garden; it looks like my chives and my delphiniums have survived, but there is no sign of my lilies or iris and there are %$^&* little holes all over it. I am buying a half dozen mouse traps at the store today and thinning their population. (I would set Velcro loose on them, but she is a spoiled indoor cat and I would like her not to be eaten by a fox.)

Here is a happy Guppy playing with her visiting aunts and cousin E, and trying on a work glove for size.

I have art to do today, it's the last week of Sea Monster Month at Torn World, and there is more laundry to be done!
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Remember how it was snowing last weekend?

It was 81 this weekend.

We've cut about 50 trees.

There's been art.

And food.

And family.

And also I finished "When Sea Monsters Attack!" (3250 words)

More detailed report with photos... some other day.

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Guppy and I headed over to Toddler Time and she played a little bit with a friendly baby her age. Then we went to Joanns to hunt down frames and mats and such. Blech for the choices. And they didn't know what art trading cards were and didn't carry sleeves for them. Guppy started melting down on our way out, and I got her calm enough for a quick trip into OfficeMax... provided I HOLD her, not put her in a cart. She's getting hhheeeeaaaavvy for that. I was motivated to make it a quick trip, got what I needed and scrammed.

Four times, three different people tried to hit me in the parking lot leaving OfficeMax - the guy beside me started to back out as I was halfway out. I leaned on my horn... and he kept coming. I leaned on it again and he screeched to a stop (may even have bumped me, but I doubt it scratched the dirt, if so...). I pulled the rest of the way out, and instead of waiting for me to drive past, HE BACKED UP AT ME AGAIN! I honked, AGAIN, and he continued to back right to my bumper, pulled forward and drove away. There were two witnesses there who were as aghast as I was. Then someone tried to turn into me, then someone ELSE tried to back into me as I was waiting for the second car to squeeze around me - again requiring my horn before they stopped, because they did not see me. Sheesh! The witnesses could only laugh, I could only shrug - and leave as quickly as I could! That parking lot was out for me! I mean, I know I drive a silver car, but was I also suddenly INVISIBLE?


Monsterus Minimus is down for a much-needed nap, and between stressful driving and hauling her around OfficeMax, my back HURTS. I am going to take some pills and then maybe tackle some writing or artwork for the Torn World Muse Fusion: http://torn-world.livejournal.com/149893.html

I may also take a nap - we were up just once last night, but once is still once too often!

Here's a picture of me getting creative yesterday:

(With bonus cute baby in the background.)


Apr. 25th, 2013 10:24 am
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List! Ack!

*Bio for art show (due yesterday. *facepalm*) - drafted.
*Sketch Fest payments, round 2.
*buying art show supplies - need ACEO sleeves, frames, mats. Regretting giving away all my matting stuff!
*walk with dog

Was up at 12:30 and again at 5 with monsterus minimus. Day three of broken sleep is usually the day I start to get a little loopy, so forgive any weirdness from me. :P Guppy, I would appreciate an end to this growth spurt, please. We are running out of food and you are a little amazon already.

Muse Fusion at Torn World tomorrow!

First Friday art show opening next week!

Sketch Fest the week after!

*flies apart at the seams*
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I woke up this morning (after FAR too little sleep) to a blizzard. It's snowing sideways. I am stompy.


I'm finishing my list from yesterday and making hot chocolate. After a shower.
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I think someone objects to the level of service around here...

Up last night with Smallest Monster, feeling a little on the bleary side. Shower may help. Let's go find out.

Today's Big Plans: shower, laundry (bedding, including The Blanket), programming, reading Curious George Rides 17 times, That's Not My Mermaid 23 times and Bean's Games 12 times.

Finally stopped snowing. Got fuel. Have a lovely walk last night with Norway, saw a Momma moose with her yearling, but they were safely far away.


Mar. 19th, 2013 11:37 am
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Webpages are being buggy this morning. *frowny face* I'm going to give them a break and do Other Things for a spell. I did, at least, get some writing done this morning - several hundred words of outline for the next two installments of SvN. I... er... failed to do anything art or writing-wise yesterday, which makes two missed days of March Boldness. *hangs head*

Ms. Droolmonster is wreaking merry havoc through the house this morning - she's tall and reachy enough now to make working on the computer a little hazardous when she's not otherwise occupied. The escape key is her FAVORITE EVER and also, what's this other key do and Mom, can I help? Mom? Mom? How about I open this drawer instead. Watch me, Mom! Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh! My arm is in the drawer and I'm leaning on it and now I'm stuck! Oh, this drawer has BOOKS. Look, kitty! *crawlcrawlcrawlcrawlcrawl*

Can't post a photo for you yet today, due to abovementioned buggy webpages.
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I've been feeling steadily better - I took a long walk with the dog on Saturday and drained my sinuses with Thai food at least two grades hotter than I usually order at gaming on Sunday, and between that and eating every time it occurs to me and getting plenty of sleep (except for one interruption last night by a hungry, sad baby), yes, definitely feeling better. My driveway has been plowed (yay!) and I'm caught up on laundry. I didn't even crack the cover on my laptop yesterday, but that's all right - I got some artwork worked on that I may be able to post later today, so I'm still up on March Boldness. I'm even showered already this morning! *gasp*

There's a Sketch Fest this weekend! And a Muse Fusion the weekend after! And a new installment in the South Meets North storyline is up at Torn World!

On my docket for the day:

A walk with the baby.
A programming puzzle I'm looking forward to diving into.
Scanning art.

Random things I adore about my baby: More times than not, she wakes up giggling.


Mar. 8th, 2013 11:01 am
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Still ill. Not sick enough that I feel really legitimate about complaining, just a headcold and tired and grouchy about not feeling more energetic.

Bread to make today - I put it off yesterday until it was too late and then felt stupid. Laundry, too! But first, a shower, because the smallest monster is sleeping, and this is my chance.

I got writing done yesterday, and a little this morning. New story in the South Meets North storyline is up at Torn World, Out of the Snow! Here's an illustration from it:

I have other navel-gazing to do... maybe later!

"My collection of dish towels is not yet complete!"
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I have made bread and am dredging up the energy for a load of laundry. I had a brief nap, but this seems to be an un-sleeping cold, and it is kicking my butt. Exhausted, dizzy, achy and hungry. Fortunately low on the drippy side of things. I'm trying to nurse Elsa as much as she'll take - antibodies! Delicious, delicious antibodies! Trying to decide if she'll stay asleep long enough for me to take a shower now... I think I'll go risk it. Got a paltry paragraph written yesterday, a little more today, so still powering forward on March Boldness.
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I'm participating in March Boldness, which [livejournal.com profile] elletra introduced me to. Basically, make a bold goal! Declare it and spend March making it happen!

Mine... er... is less bold than perhaps it ought to be: write or draw Every Single Day. So far, so good. Yesterday, I did an ACEO of Newt for Melanie while chasing Guppy, because her comments have been so wonderful to get. Still need to scan it. Today, I worked further on two of my Muse Fusion piece - the self-portrait, and the Dini and Lalya portrait. I should sit down and do some writing next. I'm all inspired, too. Lunch-cooking first, though.

I went out to watch hockey with Jake last night - we were playing our Anchorage rivals, and it was a very exciting game! We won!

Guppy had her 1 year checkup yesterday, and that also went well. The doctor was running late, so I ended up leaving Guppy with the sitter very low on sleep, but it wasn't a complete disaster. She got a clean bill of health - there are no concerns at this point, and she's in excellent shape. She only wibbled a little at the cold stethoscope, and she cried at the shots, but calmed down quickly. Her iron levels are fine, everything looks good!

I have an art show coming up! I will make a bigger deal out of things closer to the date, but it will be opening for First Friday in May, and run for several months. It's a multi-artist show, not just me, but still - art show! I'm excited!

I have orders to work on later today, but now must start lunch... mmm... chicken lemongrass soup!


Mar. 1st, 2013 10:36 am
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Guppy did finally take her second nap yesterday, and went to bed at the usual time - to wake up shortly before midnight convinced it was morning and she was going to perish of hunger at any moment. We changed and fed and went cheerfully back to sleep. She's unexpectedly up earlier than usual this morning, currently terrorizing Velcro, who is clearly inciting it by laying down nearby and purring at the top of her lungs while twitching her tail just into reach.

I'll leave the Massive Poll of Miscellanea open over the weekend, then randomly give away the cowspot cowbell ACEO to one of the participants. :)

Much to do today - much of it time/attention consuming with little to show. Some email/admin already finished, about to tackle a shower, once Guppy has decided to nap, and have some brunch. And pick up the toys that she has manage to strew from end to end of the house.

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