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I was not receiving emails between about 9:30 and 11:15 this morning (Alaska time, that's... er... 1:30 - 3:15 ET) - you may have gotten a bounce-back error. It SEEMS to be resolved now, so if you sent anything during that window, please send it again!

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...This week, you guys. *flops*

I was this close to cancelling Sketch Fest tomorrow. But I got decent sleep last night, and was able to fix all the disasters so far this morning. (Seriously, all week, it's been one web disaster after another, plus ridiculously bad sleep, fuss-tastic needy baby, and stress.) But I need my Sketch Fest fix! Some guilt-free creative time is called for. Right??

A lot of programming work has been accomplished, meetings, and baby cared for, but lots of things have slipped, too - emails, comments, Torn World updates (NONE this week), food, hygiene... I think I will take a really long, HOT shower and maybe read a trashy book this evening instead of trying to catch up, because my brain, you guys. Let me show you the hollow place where it used to be.

Have a happy baby photo. Baby giggles have been the happy place of this week.


Aug. 7th, 2012 01:18 pm
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So, yesterday didn't improve markedly, though I'm thankful for your good wishes. The site was refitted with new security and upgraded to the newest php - which crashed the calendar and my code was borked in a few places, which made Everything Worse. I updated the calendar and unborked the last of the code this morning, so everything is (pleaseohplease) running correctly now, but I got only one SHORT nap yesterday after a very SHORT night of sleep and was up VERY late last night and have gotten only one nap so far today. Dreamhost did reply in a fairly timely manner to let me know that hey, I found a bug! Their backup server wasn't working properly and they've got people working on it now, and boy, are they sorry, but gee, shouldn't I be backing things up myself? (Thank you, thank you, kick me while I'm down...)

Today, however is much better. As noted above, code is unborked. I got that load of laundry I wanted to do yesterday done. Paid bills. Got the information for appealing the bills the insurance company thinks it doesn't have to pay and am NOT too late to appeal them (yay!). I remembered to eat! (This helps mood greatly.) I may vacuum now, since baby girl shows no sign of wishing to nap and this much sitting at the computer is reminding me that hey, BROKEN TAILBONE. (Yes, that's still around. Better, but still not all healed up.) I have downloaded more than 22,000 files for PA, Sketch Fest, EMG and Torn World and zipped databases of every email and web account I host. I love having a big harddrive and a fast connection.

Sketch Fest on Friday!

Adorable baby is adorable!

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Woke up to find that one of my client's sites had been hacked... and hacked GOOD. Completely deleted the existing site and left one nasty little php file. Looks like a robot's work - the remaining file is totally generic.

So, I go to restore from backups, because my host is supposed to keep backups, though of course, they cover their butts and say they aren't guaranteed. Aaaaaaannnd, you guessed it, backups failed. Now, the database is clean, and I have all the SITE files, but that's a whole cubic buttload of photos and other important files that are No. Longer. There.

I am livid. What's more, I went to check my OTHER sites, and wouldn't you know - Every. Single. Backup. Failed. I'm doing a manual backup now, of course, but it's rather offputting to find that something you relied on has failed SO spectacularly.

I'm a little devastated, guys.

I have cute baby photos, but they aren't cheering me up. Maybe they'll cheer you up.


Jun. 30th, 2009 11:26 am
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This icon is particularly apt, today.

I'm having a very bad 'blech!' moment. I am feeling like my writing is Crap, my ideas are Stupid and I was epic crazy to even attempt Torn World. It is cold feet, I can accept that. Tomorrow, the site goes public (though the story doesn't start in earnest until January), and it's a little like getting ready to parade around stark naked.

Add to that the fact that tomorrow the big giftshop news goes live and I have to write up that still (this isn't an easy thing to write!!), and headcold from hell is still making me sound frog-like and phlegmy and OMGBUYINGACAR and a very strange night sleep-wise. (I took cold medicine, and then it was morning, except that I was still way drowsy and my dreams were very vivid and weird and clung to me longer than usual.)

It also occurred to me today that tomorrow being July 1 also means I have to do artistpay. *dies a little*

Blech, I say.
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The Dragon*Con jury is back open, and now that I'm actually GOING to DragonCon, I was thinking about applying.

They want 7 pieces that have been done in the last 2 years. YIKES. Considering it took me 2 bloody months to do Storybook, and FOUR YEARS to do the Roses piece, that doesn't leave a lot for me to choose from. And I have to fill out the *$#%* control sheets NOW, deciding how many of which priced pieces I want. That's... ridiculous. And I have to send a check before I even know if I'm in!

And to be honest, most of what I want to bring to sell will be older than 2 years. I was going to bring the original of Freedom, and Summer Bubbles, and maybe Aurora Borealis.
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Has someone been feeding the spam squirrels coffeebeans while I was away? Seriously, they've really gone nuts.
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Sunday was eaten by a virus! Saturday was eaten by a baby shower! As choices go, I would take Saturday over Sunday anytime.

The baby shower was very non-traditional - we had a henna party with Indian food, and I made naan and it was all very, very fun and delicious. I have a turtle henna-ed on my wrist now, and a deep desire to pursue this form of artwork. Seriously... *love.*

We also watched a bollywood movie, and even though it meant getting home at 2 in the morning*, it was worth it. American movies are greatly lacking in big gaudy dance numbers with really bad costuming.

(*I left before 1 AM, but had to drop off two of the girlz and needed a few things at the store. How long could it take at 1 in the morning? I thought. Hah! There were seven people in each checkout line, most of them with heaping carts... and most of them in formal evening wear. It was VERY bizarre. I did not ask.)

The virus... we shall not speak of. I believe I have won. But jeezus, it took ALL day. Not a happy camper.

Today, I got to work, and my car is smoking badly from the engine. ARGH! May have a major oil leak, we shall have to see.
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So, my network problems were not quite over. One of my printers (cards, magnets and invoices) is connected via wireless and... you probably see this one coming... refused to communicate with my computer when I got fired up to get orders out.

I spent the morning troubleshooting, and did FINALLY get it working again. It was a stupid error on my end (a .0 instead of a .1 in the IP address), but oh, so very, very frustrating, and it definitely throws the schedule of my day off. No Torn World or AOF today, I suspect.
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Feeling a little under the weather today, and frustrated with myself. The EMG-Zine site is mostly fixed, except for a few VITAL backend pages that are really driving me nuts. The public end seems fixed. Subscriptions work, and I've given everyone who has ever subscribed a subscription for December.

Still need to do:

~contributor's update page (requires connecting all members with their contributor data)
~subscription dollar management page in the backend - allow me to adjust dollar values of contributors and subscribers.
~FIX article pages in backend. So, ya know, I can get the content up for Monday.
~Get comics up.
~Find or write a feature. Maybe finish the Fair Use article I've had half-finished forever... the Google books settlement came through, I just need to read all 323 dry pages of it and summarize it briefly.
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I'm feeling pretty generally uphill, and fear I may be coming down with something - I've been having sneezing and sniffling fits, though don't feel particularly under the weather (yet?!).

The uphill feeling comes a bit from working up this post on EMG-Zine, and a bit from staring despondently at my project list in general. They're all great ideas, but I feel like I've failed a bit in execution. I lack appropriate followup. I should've realized sooner that I needed to be able to code my own work. The changes I'm making now should have been made a few months into EMG-Zine, not a few years. Lots of potential, not enough realization. Other similar thoughts.

Shopping right now pisses me off. Seriously. It's not the crowds, it's the displays. I like the glitter and the shinies as much as anyone, but Every Single Thing is made cheaply in China. Hello? I have vowed that I'm not buying any of it this year. If I want a shiny or a pretty, I will commission a friend or make it myself.

Anthology now, while my lunch baked potatoes are baking.


Sep. 25th, 2008 08:18 am
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Feel like ass - would like my lungs to be working properly again, please.

Will be out in the field at Nenana all day again marking manholes. Thrill a minute, I am.
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Dear candidates,

I appreciate your all-caps stand on the issues, the slick design of your brochures and the catchy music in your radio ads, but my vote this year will be largely swayed by who sends me the least mailbox-stuffing crap and calls me the fewest times at home.

Yours and counting,

PS: Still not an idiot, sorry.
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Argh - one of the three orders for printer ink that I placed last week has been delayed until Thursday. Of COURSE, it's the single one of those orders that is holding up EVERYTHING. I can print no cards, no magnets, no bookmarks, no keychains and no buttons until that one comes in. It was supposed to be HERE by last Friday, and now I'm going to have to send apologetic emails to those folks that I've ALREADY apologized to and promised their orders would be out by tomorrow. *flail!* (It's also the printer that prints my shipping labels, but I can take my packages and do that at work, at least. My boss is cool like that.

But I have lots of other orders to catch up on, in the meantime, and thankfully all but a few of those above-delayed orders weren't technically due to ship before the 1st because they contained calendars anyway...

(Speaking of which, I never did hear back from the calendar printers about the bad shrinkwrap...)

Our project at home for the weekend was to clean out the connex box. Last week, Jake said idly to me, "are we ever going to find a spot in our house for That Chair?"

I jumped at the chance. "Nope," I assured him. "It just doesn't fit here. We should get rid of it."

It was an ugly chair, and not that comfortable - and it was huge! It took up an enormous chunk of real estate in the connex box, and it was badly scratched up on the armrests (we got it second hand for nothing, and it had been well-loved by a cat). I was gleeful to see it go.

So, no more chair! We also ditched a large lazy susan that we'd been holding on to because it looked useful, and several heaping boxes of miscellaneous stuff. (Really, who needs SIX sleeping bags?) We've got space for an entire new shelving unit now.

I did some inventory and rearranged a whole lot of stuff, and have a better handle on what EMG actually has. Need more aprons. Found MORE boxes of old t-shirts. Guh!

Also found the boxes that contain Every Single Order I've gotten since 1993.

About to start a shirt-printing frenzy and get on with the day...
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I swear, I sit down for just a second and Velcro thinks it's just for her and takes over my lap. I'm too nice to shove her off, so it's time for an entry.

Frustrating morning - the printer that is functional behaved badly (the other is out of ink, which I had to express order and should be here today. I hope.) and I found that I drastically undercharged a few customers for shipping over the last few weeks - four clients to the tune of $150 lost. Ouch. Ellen, you dumbass. But I'm too keen on keeping my word (because it pisses me off when other people don't) to backpeddle and say I meant something else, so I just have to cuss a little and move on!

Been an expensive week in general: about $2000 in supplies... mostly ink and shipping ink. My printing service prices are going to take another hike, because my previous supplier of ink has discontinued the larger cartridges, and I could find them for less than $20 more than the previous price. With $30 shipping on TWO cartridges. Yi.

Soap and paper are also on order... I'm about out of green soap.

All domestic calendar-only orders are out. The international are all in a heap here packed to go out, but the label-printing printer is out of ink, so they're just waiting, along with a growing heap of other large boxed orders that stacked up while I was sans email. I keep thinking I should be more caught up by now... but instead, I seem to be more behind than ever. Velcro, you get to move so I can take care of that, now.

Sorry, kitty.
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I was at Fred Meyers yesterday, and they had a CHRISTMAS DISPLAY up.

I walked around it twice, looking for a super clearance sign, or some indication that it was leftover from last year or some other forgivable reason, but no... it was a display for Christmas ornaments for 2008.


A CHRISTMAS display.

I feel queasy.
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I'm wrangling myself back on track... working on the Pathfinders site and project, getting the last calendar polished up, updating the artists guidelines. (April, the EMG-Zine submissions page is next on my list of things to tackle here!)

I am open for submissions for two weeks starting in two days! August 15-Sept 1, I will be accepting work again. I doubt I will be in the mood to give extensions at the end of this one. :P http://ellenmilliongraphics.com/fantasyart/artists.php

Next theme for EMG-Zine is 'leaves.' http://emg-zine.com/guidelinest.php

The first calendars MAY be in. I've gotten two missed deliveries, and I'm hoping the third one will be signed for at my sister's house, or that I can pick it up at UPS tonight when I get my farm share. *crossing fingers* I am slightly befuddled that I have not been charged shipping on either batch. I'm not sure what to make of that. Did they decide to extend their free ground shipping to Alaska? Some other oddness? Will I get a nasty surprise in a few weeks? (I'm afeared of the worst after that $700 shipping surprise on Urusla's t-shirts however many years ago.)

Still wrestling with email. The latest 'huh' is that I sent a message to the head-support guy regarding my continued issues and it was rejected because 'I was not a recognized Dreamhost user.' Um. What? (I did indeed send it from ellenmillion At ellenmilliongraphics.com, which is all properly hosted on dreamhost, and I was accessing it using dreamhost's webmail, so... I dunno. weird.)

Dance class tonight, which is good and I need it. My poor muscles have alternately atrophied in the cold and carried too much heavy EMG product.

The leaves are going gold, and are just beginning to flutter down. I figure in a few days, it will be a regular rain, and I will be able to pick cranberries.
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The computer this morning told me: "Your application has had a catastrophic error and must be reinstalled! Please contact customer service!" while working with InDesign.

I told it to shut up and behave or I'd give it to charity, and rebooting resulted in picture perfect behavior. Good computer. *pets*

It's been rather like that all day, though - lots of PARTS of things finished, and then little hiccups that make everyone panic and cause a lot of backtracking and restarting, so that the actual completed list of accomplishments? Not so good. I did get a load of laundry done, and 50 some bookmarks... not quite made. Lots of orders... not quite finished. And the first calendar is done and proofed, but the .pdf process resulted in a file size of 1 Gig (!), so I had to redo it in parts and I spent a lot of time tromping around trying to figure out a way to just flatten/rasterize everything so it wasn't such a space hog. I may or may not get it uploaded tonight, but tomorrow is really the last day I can get it to the printer and still get it for the fair.

At work this afternoon - was going to go to Shakespeare in the park this evening, but it's looking very stormy, so I think we may reschedule for tomorrow!


Jul. 16th, 2008 08:28 am
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Everything is broken!

Also, I forgot my laptop power cord at work yesterday and today was a day off - I wasn't going to drive all the way into town until this evening for dance class.


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