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The Kickstarter is done and went well - we ended up over 3x the goal and got all of our stretch goals, including this piece of artwork as a Kickstarter-only bonus page:

This was MEANT to be a random, generic lion shifter for my next coloring book when I first started on it, but it was totally Graham. (Of Shifting Sands)

I've also released this piece, that I've been just dying to share, but I didn't want to confuse the Kickstarter, because this is NOT in Splendrix.

This tragically handsome guy is Justin, star of Spy Snow Leopard: mybook.to/SpySnowLeopard - it is a Zoe book, but not MY Zoe book. I didn't write this one, but it's a fantastic book - lots of hurt/comfort and healing and people overcoming guilt and doubt. There are also food scenes that will make you honest-to-god drool. It is temporarily priced at $0.99, but only for another day!

In other things, Kindergarten comes to a close WAY too soon, I've approved the coloring books for printing, these are the VERY LAST coloring books I will be printing myself, and it has snowed three times in the last week and I am so very over winter.

April was amazing. And weird. And I feel like there were a lot of things I could have done better, but overall, it was good. If busy.

May looks no less busy.

Also: SEA MONSTER MONTH! I haven't decided what I'll do this year! Should I do sketch cards? I want to do a field guide to the sea monsters of Torn World, in print, but I fear that's too much to bite off as a whole, so I'm thinking I'll start working on this with the aim of releasing it NEXT sea monster month. Muse Fusion is next week!

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I can haz Kickstarter! (And we're funded!)

I can haz book!

I can go haz sleep!
(click images for links!)
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My tentative plan: run the Kickstarter the last two weeks of April. Garden and Goddesses Volume 3 (by Mitzi) would be the stretch goal.

No collaborative titles this time... I have a basement full of coloring books and the market has chilled pretty significantly, and the group titles don't sell as strongly, as well as being more work. But I want another solo coloring book for purely selfish reasons, and I'm hopeful that the Kickstarter will stimulate some back catalog sales as well.

I'm gathering up my resources and numbers and print files for this right now and should have a Facebook event and some concrete dates and such pretty soon.

Have a sneak preview of one of the last pages for it:

Which is also part of my next bit of exciting news, but that shall wait for another post.

Also coming up!

Sketch Fest on Friday! Facebook event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/183217659122508/ Site here: https://ellenmilliongraphics.com/sketchfest/

Muse Fusion the last week of March! Facebook event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/191419308289421/ Site here: https://www.tornworld.net/musefusion.php
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This is my fourth deck with 78Tarot, an artist collaborative project. (And you know me and collaborative projects... :))

The twos in tarot are all about balance. The two of pentacles, in particular, is about balance of earthly things – wealth, business, and communication most specifically. Here we have an astronaut who is balanced in space, indicating the rich-looking, pentacle-adorned space ship she is attached to, and a satellite, which represents communication and more spiritual needs. It can be a tricky balance, complicated even further by blazing rocket boots! The infinity symbol from the traditional Rider Waite deck is hinted at in the curve of her tether, implying that the figure in question can handle an unlimited number of problems. Below her, a cold-war Russia and Alaska face each other under aurora-lit skies, representing outside conflicts.

This card cautions us to manage our time well, and encourages us to remember that if we do, we can handle all the things life throws at us.

This piece was an experiment from start to finish. I wanted a crisp, vintage look, and painted over my linework with acrylic before realizing that I had completely obscured my lines. Not daunted, I printed out my linework scan and colored it with Copic markers, then cut it carefully out by hand. That was the really sharp feeling I was going for! A few touches with colored pencil and gelpen were made at the very end. The original is 9x12, acrylic, marker, ink, and the kitchen sink (including glittler glue), and it's available for $200, US shipping included.

The Kickstarter to fund this deck is on NOW! It only runs one more week, and has already funded, so if you want to snag one of these gorgeous decks, this is your best chance: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/kayti/78-tarot-astral
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I had to butcher my garden on Tuesday. I was so pleased that the delphiniums had survived the Sunday hailstorm... and on Monday, the wind knocked most of them over into a big, tangled, broken mess that was smothering my strawberries. Except for two of them, none of the flower stalks were far enough along to bring them inside to bloom... and I'm not even sure about those two. I'm still grieving... you may remember my previous years struggles with these delphiniums - aphids, storms, etc - and this year they were flourishing. I had more than a dozen flower stalks, and they were well over four feet tall. There are three now, and the rest had to be cut back to stumps, even the ones that I had staked. Alas! The many trials of gardening! I wish I had gotten a photo!

In other news, I have SO much news.

I am officially doing a First Friday this Friday, at the lovely Sipping Streams Teashop. There is a Facebook event for it here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1170531656302771

I am also a guest in a multi-artist coloring event on Facebook, with loads of giveaways and contests. My official hour is July 9th, 9-10 AM PST, but I've just opened a pre-contest - color any of my pages and enter for a chance to win your choice of my solo books. Details here: https://www.facebook.com/events/618818858282117

I'm also super excited to announce that I am one of the illustrators for Hidden Youth: Speculative Stories of Marginalized Children - it's funding now on Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1537879721/hidden-youth-speculative-stories-of-marginalized-c

Crossed Genres, the publisher, is one of those places I've always wanted to break into as an illustrator, and by the time I worked up the nerve to apply, I found out they were closing, so when I saw the call for artwork for this, I had to leap on it. I have already started my sketch for it:

I got my coloring books!! I haven't unloaded them all from the car yet, but they are on site! I am filling Kickstarter orders this morning!

I also have a gazillion emails to work with, but I'm making good progress - I got a big freelance project finished up last week, and my not-a-book is ready to go up in just over a week, and the other anthology piece I'm doing is well-sketched, and I'm sending out #junicorn orders today and holy Julymonkeys, I better get going...
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Monday afternoon, Guppy didn't particularly want to eat, or get out of bed after her nap, and she started running a fever. This ended with a spectacular, ah... mess... on the dinner table (and a shower), after which she bounced back considerably. However, she ran a fever most of Tuesday, and is still not eating particularly well, though the fever is finally gone. She slept in quite late and we're taking it easy.

Yesterday, despite a child who mostly wanted to be in my lap, I got ALL of the Kickstarter PDF rewards filled. (I think we watched two seasons of Magic Schoolbus.) I love checking off the 'rewards sent' boxes.

Today, I did laundry and cleaned, made granola, and picked up an entire carload of coloring books - which is still only about half of my order! Wheee! I have just gotten Guppy down for her nap, and hope to start getting packages out. MORE CHECKBOX ENDORPHINS!

I have sold out more than half of my #junicorns!

These are the ones remaining:

($15 each, 2/$20, 3/$25, and 4/$30, prints are $5.)
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It's the final hour! I'm a wreck!

We've funded the AlphaBestiary! We are less than $350 from funding reprints of Dragons, Fairies and Fantasy Horses... with a fabulous NEW color cover:

So very nearly the end!! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1624616265/more-fantasy-coloring-books-for-so-called-grown-up

I have chocolate and fine German Lambic prepped for celebration.
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Thank GOODNESS tomorrow is the last day of this Kickstarter, because my nerves are shot. We funded Fairies and Friends this morning, and we're less than $350 from the AlphaBestiary! I am putting up Dragons, Fairies, and Fantasy Horses Vol 2 reprints as the stretch goal after that, and refreshing my email every few moments.


And, as promised, a REAL release of Tentacle Friends. I have a color version as well, but my Photoshop file is corrupt (?!), so I'm going to have to re-scan. That shall wait. The original is listed at $300, which means it's a crazy cheap $150 until tomorrow afternoon at 4 PM (Alaska Time). Or you COULD win her by sharing my Kickstarter before noon tomorrow on social media. See this post for details: https://www.facebook.com/events/626040467572232/permalink/626922660817346/

Guppy is begging me to take her on a walk, so we're going to go hit the trails for a little bit with Norway.


May. 3rd, 2016 04:45 pm
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I have finished my novella! There are some decidedly rough bits that I need to go over with sandpaper, but the rough draft is DONE. It clocked in at 28.5K, and that's the second-longest thing I've written. (Oo, wait, maybe third. Rails is 50K+, but since that was a series of short stories, it doesn't feel the same.)

Serenitrix funded on Kickstarter! And we're already almost halfway less than $190 to the next coloring books, Samantha's Fairies and Friends. And the next one has been revealed!

Quirky, clockwork, alphabet animals, by Tallulah Cunningham! (Yes, Jenny, that is N is for Numbat)

I? Am tired. And excited! But mostly tired right now (I have a headache. :(). There are just two more days of Kickstarter left, and then I can shut up about it forever and stop stressing about funding all the books. :P
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*breaths in a paperbag for a while*

So, yes. I am pleased. I'm going to die of adrenaline poisoning (is that a thing??) before the end of the campaign, but am pleased.

That means we release the next stretch goal, too, and I may be as excited about this one as I am about Serenitrix...

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I love this piece. I'm really happy with how it turned out, and I've already started coloring a copy of it. It was originally for the Natural Magic coloring book, but that got stalled due to lack of submissions, so it will hopefully be included in my new solo book.

Which is the stretch goal after next at the Kickstarter!!

I am SO excited about this book. It is my best yet, for sure, and it's got some of my favorite artwork in it. It's more than half new stuff, with a few things from books that are now out of print (Tam Lin, Taming the Sea, a few sea monsters that were only released half-sized), and four pieces from the new series of collaborative books (Trying on Treasure, Rose Angel, Bearing Gifts, and Snow and Feathers). It also has a superhero weiner dog, and a set of winged kitties, because you couldn't possibly expect it to be all serious. Tentacle Friends (the cover piece) is exclusive to this coloring book.

I am seriously bit-between-the-teeth about getting this into print - and we only have a week left and a chunk of money to go. So! I am also offering a very rare opportunity to commission me to do a coloring page, through the Kickstarter ($400 includes 25 coloring books, all the PDFs, AND a custom page), AND I am offering HALF off any of my available originals as add-ons. If you've been eyeing something, this IS the week to get it. Help make more coloring books happen, and give some original artwork a good home!
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A few weeks back, Jake called Guppy on some line she was trying. (Like, 'I'm not tired' or 'I don't know who unrolled the toilet paper around the bathroom,' I don't remember exactly what.)

"Baloney!" he told her. "I call, baloney! You know what I like to do with baloney? I like to put it on a sandwich with lettuce and EAT it!"

Big eyes filled with tears. "I don't want to be a SAMMICH! Please don't eat me, Papa!"

The same happened again a few nights ago when she asked for food.

"There is no more food."

"We aren't going to feed you again, we ran out."

And instead of getting the joke, she burst into panicked tears and began sobbing. (Of course, we fed her and hugged her and told her were were only teasing.)

Four-year-olds are entirely too serious.

Here's a photo from an open house a few weeks ago:

She is so pooped right now - she got up nearly an hour before the alarm, and although she was nicely quiet and let us sleep, did not go back to sleep herself. She's eaten two cheese-and-mayo sandwiches, and I'm hoping she'll finally go to sleep for at least a little nap before I have to go get her up.


YOU GUYS! We're only $8.30 away from unlocking Scaled and Splendid! I am SO excited!! Because then I get to reveal the first solo title! SQUEEE!! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1624616265/more-fantasy-coloring-books-for-so-called-grown-up
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So, this weekend was Sketch Fest (I did two sketches), and I also co-hosted a Coloring Tea Party at Sipping Streams, which was SO MUCH fun. (It was also a better show for me than some weekend-long shows that I've done, AND I got a bunch of un-molested art time, AND I got delicious cocoa and tea sandwiches and gorgeous facepainting.) The attendees were all really wonderful and extremely talented, and I absolutely loved seeing them work.

The Kickstarter is less than $200 from funding the third coloring book and releasing the cover for the fifth book! *squee!* https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1624616265/more-fantasy-coloring-books-for-so-called-grown-up

Have some inventory to do, and updates to make, and Guppy's quiet time has NOT been quiet. *rubs head* It's going to be an interesting evening... right now she's trying to chainsaw my mouse, so I think my work and blog time is at an end.
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We funded Equine Enchantment! And I released the cover for Feathered Fantastic! Two weeks to go, and five more titles to unlock! Wheee!


I also cleaned the bathroom, did a load of laundry, filled orders, and took Guppy on a park date. My cold is better; though I still sound pretty hoarse, the coughing is much less, and I have a lot more energy.


Apr. 18th, 2016 11:30 am
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Less than $70 to go to unlock Equine Enchantment at the Kickstarter! Then we'll start funding Splendid and Scaled (Dragons) and I'll release the fourth cover, for Angels. :) So exciting!


Also, I have unleashed the All-PDF add-on option, and also have an event for the Coloring Tea Party on Sunday: https://www.facebook.com/events/100488983692739/

In less awesome news, I have a cold. I am hoping this is the tail end of it - I seem to be coughing more productively today. I was really dragging this morning, but feel better now.

Lots of tea and water!
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All the kids at preschool picked their favorite colors, and they made a chart to put on the front door.

You saw the spread you'd expect - a few pinks, mostly green and blue and purple, a few hold-outs for red and orange. And my kid, whose favorite color has been black for at least a year, all by herself in that column. My poor mother, who would love to make her frilly, colorful dresses, keeps asking despairingly, "Is black really still her favorite color? Really?"

I think it is telling that Guppy's favorite song right now is Bad Reputation, in all its rebellious glory. We would listen to nothing else ever if she had her way.

My darling little punk-and-black-loving daughter. <3

And my Kickstarter passed 100% Woo! We're working on the second title now, Equine Enchantment, and I released the cover for the third:

Here's the obligatory link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1624616265/more-fantasy-coloring-books-for-so-called-grown-up

(Also, I am mortified to find that I mixed up two of the other Moms this morning during preschool dropoff, and can only hope that they both have Sudden Specific Amnesia and don't remember me opening my mouth.)
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After too little time playing at the park, I talked for as long as Guppy would let me with the owner of the local tea shop and some lovely marketing people and should have some exciting things to talk about after the weekend once details are finalized.

I also finished the color version of Tentacle Friends, and scanned it, and laid out my next coloring book cover. Miraculously, the house is also clean and I did a load of laundry, mostly fueled by ice cream and the soundtrack to Shrek, which has been on repeat for the last several days.

The Kickstarter is at 81%! I kept thinking this was a really SLOW start, then realized that my goal is higher this time, and we're actually doing better than the start that the last multi-book Kickstarter had. (I think I'm just comparing it to some of the other amazing projects I've been watching lately and feeling small. It's all a crazy comparison game. The only way to win is not to play.) We need a liiiiittle more this time to get to all 7 of the coloring books I want to do, so hopefully we keep going at this rate. Because I am SO excited about these coloring books. Easily my best yet!

Okay, now I'm off to make au gratin for dinner and take Guppy for a walk.
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First the great news: my home Internet is back up and working. *wibbles gratefully*

(Seriously, I was getting a little desperate. I did a lot of my work in advance, so the Kickstarter has been ready to go for a while, but there's a certain amount of hype you try to generate right before you launch, and I was feeling like I was going to miss that precious window...)

And on the topic of Kickstarter...


I plan to launch it tomorrow morning about 10 AM (2 PM ET).

I am very, very nervous.

You'd think, this being my fourth Kickstarter, that it would be old hat, but it's still a Really Big Deal. There's a lot more competition for so-called adult coloring books these days. Maybe the market is saturated. Maybe mine just aren't awesome enough to compete! Or maybe I'm just not enough of a marketer to convince people that they are that awesome (because they ARE, darn it).

And the video, it is so epic. I will probably never live it down. When you see it, you will realize the lengths to which I will go to sell coloring books. I kickbox*, you guys. Very badly.

And I want to apologize in advance, because for the next few weeks, this is going to be a Big Deal in my blog. I promise to try not to make it All Kickstarter, All the Time, but I will undoubtedly blather about it a lot, and link to it every time, because Links Matter. Your links matter, too, and I do hope that you will share it. It is always awkward to ask, but I am really, unbelievably grateful when you believe in my projects enough to spread the word.

(I have a tendency to be a bit precious about what I share because I don't want to play favorites or leave anyone out; if you don't choose to share my projects, I will never, ever be judgey about it or think the worst. You have no obligation to market for me, and I would be a heel for trying to make you feel like you did.)

Anyway, these are my rambling night-before thoughts.

I am nervous and excited and terribly proud. (And a little embarrassed. This video, OMG.)

*I have never kickboxed in my life. I have only the vaguest Hollywood idea of how it works. This video is wonderfully terrible.
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It's been three days without Internet.

Construction down the road cut our phone line, and (long story omitted) they aren't even trying to fix it until Monday. Or maybe Tuesday.

I am a twitchy little addict in the throes of withdrawal, as you might imagine, clinging to my phone.

I am still planning to hit go on my Kickstarter Tuesday morning, from the tea house, but this is NOT how I imagined working up to it.

If my communication is slow for any reason, please forgive me. I'm probably in the corner gnawing my fingernails off.

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