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In human years, being a Newfie, Norway would be 96 now. He's had a long, beautiful life, and chased many squirrels and barked at many moose.

That doesn't make it a lot easier to say goodbye.

He's been having trouble with his back legs since early this spring, and we've been trying to keep pace with pain meds. This last week, the problems got worse, and we knew that his time was coming. Sunday morning, he couldn't stand up by himself, and when lifted, his front legs gave out. He got out of the house, with help, took a few staggering steps into the grass, and found his spot to lie down for good. I spent the day brushing him and telling him what a good dog he was, and saying goodbye. (And ugly crying, and explaining death to a 5-year-old.)

It's hard, seeing where he loved to lie. I keep listening for his bark. I will undoubtedly walk out 'to get him' out of habit for a while. I'm going to miss him. I'm even going to miss vacuuming up his ridiculous fur.

(Click through for a larger version)

What follows is truly gratuitous picspam:
Cut for those reading on Dreamwidth who do not need to see seven hundred photos of my dead dog. )
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Last week I was a featured artist for a Facebook event, and instead of doing a coloring contest, I did a crowd-sourced coloring page. I asked for ideas, and tried to incorporate all of them into one piece, then showed progress shots and even livestreamed some of the process. It was a lot of fun, if a lot to cram into one piece and one week, but I'm very happy with the results:

Prompts included: A forest scene, fairies in the forest, a baby dragon on a toadstool, baby creatures, fae, wands and crystals, and angels. The original is available for $400 and available as a digital download at Etsy.

And because it had a unicorn in it, it counts as my #junicorn 30! Yay!

Got a little over 1k written yesterday, more of the sloggy in-between stuff, but I like how it's all coming together. I think the end will be really fun to write now, because I know how it all ties together!

Today is the last day of summer camp, and I don't have any others lined up. However, my parents are in town, and they are talking about taking Guppy to the library some mornings next week, so hopefully I can continue to plug away at this and get it finished in the next few weeks. I'm doing camp NaNo, and my goal is 15k for the month. That seems reasonable! I'm pretty close to hitting that this month - I actually think I can get there today. (I actually woke up about 5:20 this morning and debated getting up to write... but the bed was sooo comfortable. It didn't happen.)

This morning was exciting in all the wrong ways. Velcro expressed her displeasure at seeing the bottom of her food dish by throwing up on the rug, and down the backside of her bed (which then required laundering), and for extra credit, the one spot on a colored throw rug where it blended in, so I stepped in it and then had to spend time tracking down all my footprints. We were a few minutes late to camp. On the plus side, the other kids were really happy to see Guppy, and our hand-off was basically painless.

Now to try to get that workcount up! Not-a-book is at almost 29k!
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Aging pets are hard. Just, hard.

A few nights ago, Norway tried to get up the front steps and failed. There are only two, and they aren't that steep, but he was having a bad back legs day. We put out the truck ramps for him, but they are metal, and although strong, sort of rattly. He looked at them, he looked at me, and said nope. I did finally get him up them with a firm hand on his collar, but it wasn't much fun. The next day, he ignored them and hopped down the steps. That night he got up the steps with effort. The following night, he walked right up them. It's so variable!

He's not the only one having issues with steps. Velcro's catbox and bed are on the main floor of our house, and her food and second waterdish are upstairs, where Norway can't help himself. I've pondered moving her food down because she clearly doesn't enjoy the stairs anymore, but figured it was the only exercise she was getting at this point. Yesterday, however, I watched her fall down them twice, and that's the end of that. The first time was just a few steps as she was going up. She picked herself up and powered up them, so I figured it was just one of those ungraceful cat moments they pretend you don't witness. But shortly after, she came down them and sort of got away from herself and ended up upside down at the bottom rocking in shock with her little extra toes in the air. She mewed at me in a very disappointed way when I came to help her up and spent the rest of the day sulking in her bed.

She's been missing the catbox more regularly lately, too. Oh, she tries! There are no accidents around the house, but sometimes she just barely gets into the catbox and the important parts aren't there yet. I've got puppy pads down, so cleanup isn't bad.

Poor old lady cat. Poor old man dog.

It seems like a lot of friends lately are losing beloved fur family members; Facebook seems to show me a few each week lately. I suspect it's just that I'm hyper-aware of them right now, because I know that my time with my own fur friends is not going to be a lot longer.

Have some art!

I recently did this for Portrait Adoption:

This one started life as a Sketch Fest sketch, in very rough form, and got refined at a gaming session.

A little over 800 words yesterday, slogging onward. The not-a-book is about 16k. I do not anticipate getting writing time today, as we have a playdate over quiet time. I've also got two more #junicorn pieces done (but not scanned), and am 1 behind (not counting today).

In less thrilling news, I finished the laundry, cleaned out the toaster with the air compresser, vacuumed upstairs (downstairs, too, but that's daily), and Guppy helped me measure and cut wood blocks for the woodshed.

And when I say helped, I don't even mean that with air-quotes! She fetched the blocks and drew the lines while I held the square. (She's wearing gloves because it's splintery treated lumber, not because it's cold.)

We made GREAT progress on the shed over the weekend, and we had our neighbors over for dinner, which was simply delightful, and we got a date night to go watch Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and have sushi. There have definitely been good times.

I'm growing on my bangs, and the irritation level is about a 6 right now. I've promised to try it until September.
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Poor Guppy did not appreciate being left at preschool this morning and chased me to the door in tears. The teacher is awesome about lifting her up and letting her wave through the window and getting her calmed down. I'm expecting a leveling up event of some sort, but it could also be that she went to sleep a little late last night.

I'm drowning my feelings of guilt in a whipped cream hot cocoa from the fabulous sipping streams and getting ready to write a little.

Went for a walk last night on the crunch snow with Guppy and Norway. My poor old man dog, he is not doing so well. He broke through the snow crust at one point and had to scrabble really hard to get out as I was coming to get him. He ended up dragging his back half for several hundred feet before his back legs started working again, and then limped and staggered the rest of the way home. He still wants to get up and go - so many interesting smells and things to go see! - but his body is just starting not to work so well. He's 13 now, and for a 90 lb dog, that works out to about 90 years old. He bunny-hops pretty frequently now (something old dogs do because their back legs won't comfortably support their weight individually anymore) and if things are slippery, his back legs have a tendency to go out from under him altogether. We've got extra rugs down in the house for him, since we've got slick laminate flooring, and he gets pain pills when he seems to need them. He's still eager to go out, but we have to be extra careful with him. He wants to run, but he shouldn't.

It's tough getting old.

Writing now, and some art things.

Hug your pets.
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My dog smells like roses and feels like a baby duck.

Seriously, I'm not sure he's ever been so clean and beautifully brushed before in his life. I took him to a local groomer, and she did a STUNNING job on our big tangled oaf. She filed down his toenails and brushed his teeth, even. If anyone needs a smelly dog fixed, let me know. I highly recommend this gal.

New coloring book proof is ready to pick up, but that won't happen until tomorrow. I got orders out and updated my laptop and did no writing or artwork. Itching to remedy that last. Did get some client programming done.

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There were cat barfing sounds to get me out of bed. (WHY always on the rug?!)

I was still cleaning that up when Guppy woke up and began crying. "I'm poopy! My sleeper's wet!"

And yes, that required a load of laundry that included all of her bedding.

Then, my house smelled like various foul things, besides which I had gotten lazy the night before and not picked up all the toys. So, there was a flurry of cleaning, and taking the trash out and such, which may not seem like the greatest way to start a day, but the result is a house much improved for the effort; it smells good and is not a disaster, and I feel rather accomplished.

We went for a shorter walk yesterday evening (probably only half a mile), and it was warm enough that I let her wear her sun hat:

A few Patreon patron portraits to polish up today and scan, and I've got a programming thing for the Lilypad that has been put off too long. (Allowing artists to update their photos!) I'd also like to poke at some advertising for coloring books - I have a few local things to pursue, and I need to do some new postcards. Taxes are calling, too. I finished business taxes some time ago, but the rest of them need to be put together. Guppy is happily watching "Ariel" now, and then we'll go for a walk in the snow. Oh, and my NEW new phone is in, so I've got the fun and excitement of setting all that up.

New artwork at Torn World! http://www.tornworld.net/artpageview.php?id=492

Also, I officially hate dealing with shipping costs to Alaska...
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Yesterday was pretty much a scrub, because of Things. I didn't even answer or delete any emails, which means I have a lot to do there this morning. (244 this morning, I'd love to get that down under 150...) (And of course, that WOULD be the day that ALL my freelance clients get busy, and all my project partners finish their bits, and my printing client runs into trouble uploading...)

In writerly things, I am slowly, SLOWLY working on a story I am utterly in love with. It's been a long time since I had inspiration this deep.

Have a brief Guppy story with pictures while I try to catch up and jumpstart my morning:

"No, no, don't take my picture!"

"Okay, I'll just take a photo of the kitty, then!"

"Smile, Kitty! You have to smile!"
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My genius continues! I am on portrait #1760, and chugging through the portraits. Will I finish in January? Hopefully! (But somewhat unlikely... there are still a LOT left to do.) When I can't stand checkboxes any longer, I poke at programming and taxes. I have finished an incomplete bit of the claim code that lets me hold a portrait for a specific client WITHOUT having to through the submitted description section of the site. I'm not sure why it wasn't finished up before - everything was in place to make it work seamlessly. The site will also now SHOW the claimed portraits correctly, which it wasn't before.

And speaking of submitted descriptions, I also have updated the example page. It used to show only currently claimed pieces. That was okay if we had several active descriptions and people were actually producing artwork, but during slow periods, there was absolutely nothing to see. Not the best impression to make to a prospective client. Now, it shows everything adopted, claimed, or available, that WAS created for a submitted description. :) It's pretty impressive, actually, and a fun trip down memory lane if you were a PA member back in the day: http://portraitadoption.com/sd_teasers.php

Only 3 of the 8 portraits I posted yesterday have had color-claims! You can still pick one to dictate: http://ellenmillion.livejournal.com/1496861.html

It continues to be brutally cold in town (-40ish), but a balmy -22 in the hills where I live.

I made Guppy go outside yesterday - we had skipped the day before, but I can't let TWO days go by without going outside. So, we wrestled into snowpants and coats and hats and mittens and boots, and she had a grand time romping while I gathered wood. Norway got to come inside for a little while - mystified by this requirement and not at all bothered by the cold outside (I was worried for my old man dog, but didn't need to be). He bounded back out happily went back to his run to lounge in the snow and dig for frozen hare heads.

I don't THINK he finds them often, but the other night he was playing with something and I asked him to bring it to me. Ptooey! Dead hare head. No sign of the rest of the body. Just a frozen, eyeless, hairy, slobbery hare head. Dogs are gross.
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I won INKtober! I did it! Yesterday, I did three final ink pieces as part of Sketch Fest:

And lo! There was poop in the catbox this morning! I've never been so happy to see turds.

Here is a shot of Guppy in the costume she loved trying on, but would not actually wear ANYWHERE we went yesterday. Ah well. It will continue to fit her for some time!

Working on my review of October, and will post a full image of (almost) all my INKtobers at that time. :)
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Velcro update:

She ate and drank and pooped copiously over Wednesday night, and appears much improved. However, there were no poops to report from yesterday or last night, so I'm desperately hoping she's not blocked up again. I'm giving her subcutaneous fluids (which is surprisingly fun - the only trouble is keeping her from rolling over on her side; she doesn't seem to notice the prick and purrs the whole time).


She says she wants to dress up as a fairy today. We'll see if it lasts; the last time, the costume only lasted about 10 minutes before she wanted out.

We got up several hours earlier than normal (before the alarm went off! zzzz!) and had a lot planned, so this might be an interesting day.


Still 3 behind on INKtober and today is the last day. But it's also Sketch Fest... so it could happen if I get a good nap out of the small monster. I'm so close that I REALLY REALLY want to try to make it.

Other things around the web:

[livejournal.com profile] ariestess is doing a one-card draw today: http://ariestess.livejournal.com/2134808.html

Sketch Fest starts in a few hours! http://ellenmilliongraphics.com/sketchfest/
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Just back from dropping Velcro off at the vet's. When I told Guppy we were going to the doctor for the kitty, she said, very solemnly, "Yeah. Because the kitty has to have more bandaids." She thought about it a little and then added. "Maybe they have ice cream for Kitty!" (Her last visit to the doctor ended with a popsicle, which left a very favorable impression.)

[Velcro's off her food and and incubating a large stuck poop - it has to be manually removed, and we're checking kidney and liver levels while she's there. *throws money in the air like confetti.*]

Aren't those the darlingest gloves?

We did storytime this morning, and it was half-successful. She bolted around for the first half, loudly announced that she was done with storytime, and then, miraculously, spent the second half snuggled in my lap watching raptly. She charmed people at the post office on the way home - everyone loves her Anna hat and she was also wearing her purple Batman/Anna cape and velvety red boots with white pompoms and she cavorted shamelessly.

Filling Kickstarter orders now. Not many - I haven't got the brains for it - but a few every day will get it done in good time.
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Monsterus Minimus is on some kind of sleep strike. I do get her down, eventually, but it takes a loooong time, and most nights, she's still babbling away when we go to bed. Right now, she's wailing, "I'm sad! I'm SAD!" from upstairs. "I need a hug! MOMMMMMY!"


Then, it takes her so long to get down for her nap that I have to wake her up so she doesn't sleep through dinner, and she wanders around like a zombie.

I was really spoiled by how easily she's gone down up until now.

I have started laundry, done a bunch of running around, and made carrot cake. (Carrots were one of the few things that grew well this rainy, cold summer, so I've got a bunch leftover from our farm share.) Unfortunately, the one thing I REALLY needed at the Post Office wasn't there yet, so I'll have to do some more errands tomorrow.

In better news, I think that Velcro's prescription food is finally starting to do the trick. I haven't caught her pulling tufts out lately, and the fur on her sides is coming in again. It's still prickly-short, but no longer bald. She seems to have a little more energy, as well - this morning she attacked my foot, and she's acting a little more alert and easy-going. She's also been more tolerant about hanging around the toddler and getting hugs:

In Kickstarter news, we're less than $50 from the zombie coloring book! This Kickstarter has been more fingernail-biting than the last. For one, it's not just my work, and I'd like to see the other artists make out on this, too. It's not taken off as fast, either, though I can't tell if that's just how I FEEL about it, or if it's genuinely slower. Too many factors, and this one has been less steady! The trending data says we'll probably get all 7 titles printed, but really waffles over whether or not we'll get much further than that. We're one of the three weeks through now, and if you haven't, please consider sharing the link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1624616265/fantasy-coloring-books-for-so-called-grown-ups

Coloring books! For grown-ups! How awesome is that??

Prepping the first book for the printed proof now! Woo!
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In Guppy News

I am astonished how fast she's growing. It's easier to see when I spent a good chunk of two weeks away from her than it was when I was constantly with her.

Her speech is getting clearer - milk is no longer gum, blankets are no longer boppies. (Each blanket, in fact, has a name, and must be put on her in order: Pink Blanket, Guppy Blanket, Rose Blanket, Kitty Blanket. And heaven help you if one of the blankets is missing!) She says 'please' if barely prompted, 'thank you' nearly always, and 'you're WELcome' all the times in between. 'Do it myself!' is one of her favorite things, and she drew an 'H' and identified it correctly this weekend. Her counting is still hit and miss. ('One, three, one, two...') 'Build a tower!' is still a favorite. Reading never goes out of style. A few weeks ago, she made a drastic change and began personifying her things. Suddenly Kiko, her rag-doll, has to be fed and have her diaper changed and take naps, where before I think Kiko's little blanket meant more to her than Kiko. Even her 'Little Green Person' (a Duplo figure) is addressed as a character now. She cannot seem to sit still through storytime - today she bolted across the library (just to be chased, as far as I can tell) five times before I finally just pulled her out and went to play with Duplos with her.

Growing up is hard work!

In pet news

I need to take Norway for more walks! But as he's gotten older, he seems more content with hanging out at his house and doesn't bolt around quite like he used to. Long walks sometimes wind him now. His weight is down at a healthier place for him, and he seems in good health.

Velcro, on the other hand, had started grooming bald patches down her sides, so I took her in for shot updates (just rabies - she's not at risk for anything else, being an indoor only cat) and to get an opinion on that. $300 of bloodwork later (and two draws, because they LOST the first one...), it turns out she is hyperthyroid, poor kitty. We're trying prescription food for a month or so, before resorting to medicine. No improvement yet, but it's only been a little over a week. She's definitely showing her age these days, but remains tolerant to toddlers who cover her with towels and try to stack books on her and convince her to eat duplos.

In house news

We got the lights up in the garage, and they are fabulous! The fan is also purchased, but not yet installed.

In weather news

More %^*##@ rain. I don't want to talk about it.

In project news

Sketch Fest was a little bit slow this month, and the Torn World Muse Fusion (which runs the entire month) is shaping up to be a bit of a flop. I suspect that my being offline and largely out of touch plays a role.

I am all kinds of inspired over Shifting. I have, in fact, reserved a domain for it, because I have no sense at all. It is now required to make me $15/year. Sketch Tarot is still moving forward - Empress is inked!

Going to draw now, and then make banana bread. Inbox: 117 (urgh!) and I've got Sketch Fest payments to get out.


May. 8th, 2014 03:11 pm
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The next sea monster from the scale chart has been released!

The Thunder-Whale is the biggest Torn World omnivore. Just a whale. That happens to be able to disintegrate your boat with sound waves. You can sponsor him for $25, which gets you a print of the final chart, and this original 9 x 12 artwork. (The original has a slightly shorter nose, which was adjusted digitally.) We are $35 from our next goal, which is a human diver for scale!

Does she look grown up, or what?

One of her cutest things lately is saying 'You're welcome!' with great enthusiasm. Her 'Thank you' is more like 'tan tu,' and usually not said that clearly, and her 'Please' is next to non-existent. But even if YOU don't say thank you for something, if she thinks you should have, she looks you in the face, smiles hugely and says, "You're WELCOME!' Sometimes she says it twice, grinning away.

We went to the pet supply store today to get old-kitty treats and old-dog food, as well as a new collar. (Fred's has the food we like cheaper, but they only have the young large breed formula, not the old large breed formula. Both of the pets are getting old and creaky enough to spring for the senior varieties.) And Cold Spot is SO nice. The people are super friendly, and we found a hot orange collar that will fit the monster dog. I let the child free-range until she found the bulk cat food and would not leave it alone. So, I had to stuff her into the cart, protesting at the top of her shrill child lungs. She settled down quickly, and no one gave us dirty looks. At least, that I saw. They cooed over her at the front counter when we checked out, so presumably, they've seen worse.

She is currently yelling 'HIIIIIIIII' at the top of her voice to let me know she's ready to get up from her nap.
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While I was in my shower this morning, the cat threw up a nasty wet hairball all over my clothing.

I hope this isn't an indication about how the day is going to play out...
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I'm out of Dr. Who to stream.

Season 7?! When will you be out on Netflix??

Woe! Woe!

Also, I took out the Christmas Tree, which was getting brittle and a little faded, but not actually shedding its needles yet. Norway the brilliant caught sight of it as the sun finally rose, and was convinced it was a MOOSE. Or maybe a YETI. Next to the HOUSE! OH NOES! ... and spent about 20 minutes barking at it.
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I got a good night's sleep on Friday night, which helped overall. Sunday, little monster wanted to get up earlier than I was ready to (but not HORRIBLY) early, and last night we were up at 4. Still, even just that one really good night helped a lot and I feel better facing this week than I have in a while.


*Writing - finish next installment YES
*Post at TW The next segment of South Meets North is up! Read it here at LJ or at at Torn World!
*Invoice prints
*eat - big breakfast finished! Giant lunch!
*Sort art
*clean shower (outside)
*walk dog (check on fasting!) - no food after midnight
*TW mass-email
*email to Dapwood
*call contractor about paying for hardpack plowing
*fold laundry

Tomorrow Norway goes in for x-rays and very minor surgery (a skin tag right on his eyelid). We've been getting out for a good walk almost every single day, which I think has helped his hip/knee/back pain considerably... it didn't at first, but I think we've made very good progress on strengthening some of the muscles that support the area, and his weight is lower, which helps, too. He's loving the extra attention, and it's turned out very good and healthy for me, too - especially with the sunlight returning. I get a good dose of outside, exercise and 'not responsible, for a while.' We shall not speak of the embarrassing encounter with a very well-behaved Irish Setter, wherin my oaf of a dog dragged me into a hip-deep snowbank trying to say 'hi'.

I don't have a handy photo of Norway to accompany this report, so have Velcro on a giant stuffed bear:

The bear is also a huge hit with Elsa, who was giggling outrageously when she did this:

(And I admit, the bear is also a big success with me - it is the perfect shape and weight for cuddling with, and I took a brief nap with him in my chair on Saturday. I foresee many bear battles in our future...)

Off to do stuff now. Happy Easter and April Fools!


Feb. 8th, 2013 09:59 am
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Mom needs a nap!

Velcro not only lets Guppy tug on her fur, chase and pull her tail, grab her ears and pat her VERY vigorously, she actively comes up to where the baby is playing and flops down nearby. She starts purring loud enough to be heard across the room when Guppy finds her in her toy basket. She'll sometimes have enough and wander out of reach, but more often she sticks around until Guppy is bored. Strange, STRANGE cat.


Need to get my day moving... c'mon brains, we've got work to do.

ETA: Oh! And last night's dinner was quite something - we made 14 bean soup, with stock made from pork bones and hommade pork sausage, served with homemade bread and followed by the most AMAZING bread pudding I've ever made, from bread that was not only homemade, but also made with home-milled whole wheat flour, and drizzled with a (yes, homemade) maple whiskey sauce. YUM. And very pioneer-feeling. We've got DAYS worth of leftovers that I'm looking forward to.


Feb. 6th, 2013 03:49 pm
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A little cleaning, a little writing (very little), a little coding, a little administration stuff, and a lot of baby-wrangling later, it's 3:30 in the afternoon, and I haven't blogged yet!

Usually she's quiet when we're out walking - just looking around and soaking it in, but not today. We were overflown by a chatty raven, and I called back to it (I like to mimic ravens, and I'm very good at it. I will only do it outdoors, because it can't be done quietly...). We had quite a conversation, and as it flew off, Elsa started gurgling in imitation. She had comments the rest of the walk - ahhmaaamaaamaaaah, blaahBLAAHblaahblaah and ooooOOooooOOOOO are some of her favorites right now, but that particular gurgle was very definitely an attempt to talk with the raven and I.

If you have not yet caught wind of [livejournal.com profile] haikujaguar's recent scuffle with Games Workshops over the term 'space marines', you should look into it. Copyright - in this case Trademark - legalities are of particular interest to me, and this is a pretty clear case of it not working the way it ought to. Scalzi and Gaiman and Wheaton have weighed in, so geeks of my circles have probably already seen this. http://haikujaguar.livejournal.com/1208235.html

Also, I weigh .4 lbs more than my dog right now. This probably isn't particularly good news for either of us. I'm going to go eat some more food.
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I am all warm fuzzies and contented today. My to-do list is terribly manageable (and includes many fun things), I feel totally loved and appreciated (except by Velcro, who can't figure out why I'm letting the woodstove cool enough to scoop ashes out...), and my efforts at delegating are paying off in spades. Horrah!

(And in reference to my subject line - I'm warm inside... it is decidedly NOT warm outside. 30 belowish, and getting colder. May be 50 below tonight.)

As I am corralling submissions for EMG-Zine, I am reminded that I need to set themes for July - Dec of this year. Suggest themes in the comments!

Portrait Adoption artists stepped up like whoa:

20 / 12 portraits by Feb 1. 166% to earning an artist watch feature!

To Do:

  • Make bread - rising
  • Laundry - spinning
  • Emails - get inbox under 350!! Grrr! 281!!!! though not in any particular kind of order of importance!
  • WS site progress
  • Art or writing - the next Rails segment is to 2400!
  • Call parents. (Last time I talked to mom, she reminded me that phones work both ways... I should test that...) - I did email Dad, at least!
  • Coloring book invoice and order
  • Print order progress - I can make a sort of a weak argument for crossing this off.
  • Clear ashes from woodstove
  • Eat, drink, rest

    Norway's foot is healing, finally - we are doing no bandage, no cone now, and it hasn't reopened in a long while. He loves his antibiotics (mmm... peanut butter) and has been very good about not licking - which has been conditioned by putting the cone on him for an hour or so every time I did catch him licking. I think he finally put the two together.

    Guppy is doing awesome, and is proving again that she's going to be super stubborn, not that there was much question of that. I tried to video tape the alien wave last night, and she would only wiggle when I'd put the camera down, of course. Lots of short footage of nothing happening. I may try again this weekend. I also want to take some nice photos of my current 'figure;' we've been remiss in taking interesting photos.

    Bread and laundry now - one needs to rise and one needs to dry!
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