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I've been making good headway on my list of dooooom. I've done a sketch and written about 2k for Muse Fusion so far! Leave me prompts - I'm promising to do something for everyone who prompts. https://www.tornworld.net/musefusion.php

My book has been doing AHMAZING. I'm so humbled and happy and relived. It hit 155 in Amazon rank, and then hung out around 250 for a few days and it's only now just slumping into the 300s. My last book got to 248 and dropped off pretty quickly, and the book before that barely skimmed into the top 500.

It is the last day to get the first three books in the series on sale for .99 (for ALL THREE): myBook.to/shiftingsandsbox1

And in more sales reminders, this is the last week to get March perks at Patreon, and I'm mailing ORIGINAL ART for the $5+ rewards, so get in on that. (It's not a drawing or a gamble. Everyone in this tier will receive at least two pieces of original artwork.) https://www.patreon.com/ellenmillion

I am so SO grateful for all of your support, you guys. I can't really overstate how much it means to me. <3 <3
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My tentative plan: run the Kickstarter the last two weeks of April. Garden and Goddesses Volume 3 (by Mitzi) would be the stretch goal.

No collaborative titles this time... I have a basement full of coloring books and the market has chilled pretty significantly, and the group titles don't sell as strongly, as well as being more work. But I want another solo coloring book for purely selfish reasons, and I'm hopeful that the Kickstarter will stimulate some back catalog sales as well.

I'm gathering up my resources and numbers and print files for this right now and should have a Facebook event and some concrete dates and such pretty soon.

Have a sneak preview of one of the last pages for it:

Which is also part of my next bit of exciting news, but that shall wait for another post.

Also coming up!

Sketch Fest on Friday! Facebook event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/183217659122508/ Site here: https://ellenmilliongraphics.com/sketchfest/

Muse Fusion the last week of March! Facebook event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/191419308289421/ Site here: https://www.tornworld.net/musefusion.php
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More Muse Fusion fun!

Playing with a brush ink pen and Prismacolor colored pencils on Legion Kraft paper. (Original available, $15 or 15 credits)

I have FINISHED my not-a-book (again) and done another round of copy-edits on it. All that remains is formatting and backmatter, and I'm waiting on an answer to a chapter numbering question.

Kindergarten starts in a week.


*breaths into a paper bag*
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"You look better this week," the receptionist at my physical therapist said. "Not so destroyed."

I'm feeling less destroyed!

(I'm still diligently taking it easy, no worries.)

Here are two more pieces for the Muse Fusion that I'm working on:

Still working on the story, too... but switching over now to finish that last, stubborn half-scene of the epilogue for my not-a-book, which has a deadline now, while Guppy has her quiet time.
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Still taking it easy. When I think too hard about my back right now, I get really, really crabby, so I'm trying not to dwell.

This week is Muse Fusion at Torn World! I am taking prompts and doing artwork and writing flash fiction. I've painted an ACEO so far, and am about 500 words into a story. Jump on in! You can use your Sketch Fest/PA/Lilypad login at the Torn World site now. :) https://www.tornworld.net/musefusion.php

Muse Fusion Work:


From Afke's prompt "Hidden between the leaves". ACEO, acrylic ink and pens. Original claimed.
I used this as my August artsnacks challenge, too.

From Jenny's prompt "Skycat glides off with yarn end". Sketch ACEO. $5 as-is.
From Julie's prompt "Steampunk Skycat". ACEO, ink, watercolor pencil, gell pen, metallic pen. Original $15 or 15 credits.

From Deborah's prompt "Calico Skykitten!" ACEO, pencil and brush pen on Legion Kraft paper. Original $15 or 15 credits.

From Deirdre's prompt "A plant Skycat (or a skycat) loves". Original, $10 or 10 credits.

In Progress:
The Beginning of the End, fiction, from Deirdre's prompt: "A mysterious medical problem"
The Empire explorers in Itrelir are looking over the snow-unicorn riders' archives and investigating their genealogy.
Excerpt: “Biology isn’t my strong point,” Diren admitted, looking over Margaa’s tidy notes. “But that doesn’t look good.”
So far, 1200 words, probably end up about 2000. Sponsor for $15 or 15 credits.

From my Prompts: Deirdre has started an acrylic painting!

I'll update this post as I add more - the Muse Fusion runs through Sunday afternoon. :)
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Kicking back to health. Slowly. I'm at the coughing and grouchy stage of things, but no longer crawling from dose to dose of decongestant.

Muse Fusion is going! I've done two sketches and an itty bitty painting so far:

Available for $15 (includes US shipping, international add $2). It is about a half inch longer than an ACEO, and I can trim to ACEO size if requested.

Leave more prompts here: https://www.tornworld.net/musefusion.php (Use your Sketch Fest login!)

I got a few hundred words on Not-a-Book 4 yesterday - I've made a May goal of 500 words a day, which seems doable, even though I missed the 1st two days and it looks like my summer babysitter is unavailable. (That sound you hear is me weeping, yes.)

Back to it!
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UGH. This cold! I have wicked sinus congestion now, and my digestive system is protesting the volume of phlegm and cold medicine it's being asked to deal with. On the plus side, the aches are gone and I've got a ton more energy than I had a few days ago. Come ON immune system, let's kick those germs to the curb already.

Have more new art:

This is Olarali, of Torn World, writing secret coded notes in her journal.

I did this from a prompt at the March Muse Fusion, and we've got another Muse Fusion coming up NEXT WEEK! It will be hosted at the Torn World webpage, but there is also a Facebook event you can join for updates and reminders: https://www.facebook.com/events/1931588110397486/

See you there!
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Guppy and I are reading chapter books, which thrills me. Seriously, I never thought she'd have the attention span for it, and I'm delighted she finally does now.

We read How to Train Your Dragon first, which honestly was a disappointment. I was spoiled by the movie, which was heartwarming and gorgeous, and thought the book was sort of mean-spirited and had utterly dreadful illustrations. But we got through all 30-odd chapters, and I consider that a big win.

We're now almost finished with [livejournal.com profile] ursulav's Harriet the Invincible, which has been MUCH more fun. (I think it's really quite awesome being able to point out 'I knew the author back when!' but Guppy is unimpressed. She thinks I know everyone and is constantly asking 'Who's that?'about complete strangers and then not believing me when I say I have no idea.)

Guppy has been going backwards into reading. She likes to put all kinds of letters together and ask me what they spell. "What does t-y-k-m-o spell?" I gamely try to sound it out. She grins. "What does g-m-w-l-c spell?" I work that out. She grins.

Muse Fusion is still going! These are the sketches I've done so far:

I've also started a short story and written (and then re-written) a poem. There's still time to leave prompts - and you can do so with your EMG/Sketch Fest login, you don't need a separate registration for Torn World anymore. :) https://www.tornworld.net/musefusion.php
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Over the weekend, I spent a few hours doing triage on my studio space. I broke down some old boxes that had been lying around, put together a load of things for cold storage, sorted the various paperwork that had accumulated in drifts around the desk, and basically made it usable space again. It is so shiny and happy down there now. I look FORWARD to working there, instead of dreading it.

Today, I decided to do the same with Guppy. I declared no TV until she cleaned her room, then went up with her and turned 'cleaning' into 'massively purging.' I threw away a trashbag of stuff, and put together several boxes and two very full trashbags of things to sell at a garage sale this spring. We emptied out her entire dresser into the closet drawers. The dresser was in pretty bad shape (I kept having to fix the drawers), and I can envision the room without it, very cheerfully. (I couldn't move it out myself, and she's not that kind of help yet.) It went from disaster zone to a bright, happy, clean space in just a few hours, and I let her watch Octonauts until quiet time.

I'm half a poem, a sketch, and a colored pencil piece into Muse Fusion. I've been re-reading some of the Torn World stuff on the site, and it's been FUN. I had forgotten a lot of it, and reading it again 'like new' has not been as painful as I feared. Some of this is actually good, and I should put Rails into ebook format posthaste. I also want to put the Itadesh Fire into a single download, too. Hmm!

I've got the outline for my next not-a-book down, too. About 2000 words of outline - is that normal? Some scenes are just: "Adorable montages of shopping... awww!" but some of them have notes about several different interactions I want to work in. Stepping back and looking at the outline, I like it. There's lots of places for fun humor, and good realistic (within the boundaries of the ridiculous premise) relationship tension, and it hits the structural beats I want it to very nicely. The end is a bit hand-wavy right now, but that worked out okay with the last two books. Let's hope I can work out the detailed solutions as I get closer.

Have some artwork!

This guy was inked for #inktober, and recently released on Portrait Adoption

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Today, I feel like SuperMom. I got the preschool literacy bags washed, sorted, restocked, and relabeled over spring break, and delivered them back to the school this morning. They looked awesome. The teacher told me that hadn't been done that thoroughly in eight years.

I also have programming successes to report - the Torn World overhaul is basically done. Minor pages still need updates, but they are all Small Stuff compared to what has gone before. And I got the Muse Fusion page all coded up and ready to release, too. In time for Muse Fusion today! Horrah!

Come leave prompts for writers and artists: https://www.tornworld.net/musefusion.php

The predecessor of Sketch Fest, this is a prompted creative jam. Leave prompts, or ask questions, and you'll be surprised what you might get back.

Also, have some artwork:

Now I'm off to wash dishes and get ready for bellydance!
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Muse Fusion is open here: http://torn-world.livejournal.com/223697.html

Malware is (sort of) solved. It was a bit of a false alarm due to hyperactive privacy extensions... and sort of eye opening about how the web really works. I did hours and hours and HOURS worth of scans and did turn up a few (minor) threats, so it wasn't a total waste, though I was unable to get ANYTHING else done. And it prompted me to do a backup, which is always smart. Went to bed early with a major migraine and missed what was apparently an amazing northern lights show.

I have a newly colored piece available for Portrait Adoption: http://portraitadoption.com/portrait.php?id=2610

More later - I have a lunch delivery and art conspirator arriving soon. :)
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Because I am a FREAKING GENIUS: http://portraitadoption.com/searchmulticat.php

And I don't mean that sarcastically. I feel very pleased with my smartness this morning, having built this page from scratch to make finding portraits at PA a breeze. It's not finished yet (the form should retain your choices after it's submitted, and it will also allow you to filter by originals-only and customization!), so it's not in the menus yet, but is that awesome or what?

I got a lot of artwork done this weekend - I did seven sketches for Sketch Fest/Muse Fusion, and inked another two Portrait Adoption pieces that I plan to do in color. Because color is my bane and darnit, I'm going to get better at it instead of just staying scared.

This is probably my favorite:

Prompted by a story by [livejournal.com profile] ysabetwordsmith, which was prompted by a prompt by [livejournal.com profile] wyld_dandelyon.

Last night was not terrifically restful. At 1:30, I woke abruptly and lay there for a moment trying to figure out if Guppy was crying.


Oh, tell me it's not. Or maybe the smoke alarm people finally got wise and put a really long tail on the stupid low battery alarm and it won't chirp again until --


UUUUUGGGGGHHHHH. Maybe I can sleep through it if I pull the blanket over my head. It hasn't woken up the child, and the husband is still breathing steadily.


And... CLICK draaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag.

CLICK draaaaaaaaaaaaaaag.

CLICK draaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag.

That, for the uninitiated, is the sound of a nervous 100 pound dog who doesn't like high-pitched noises doing his terrified slow-motion stalk around the living room.


CLICK draaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag...

So, I got up, got dressed, got the ladder out of the basement, changed the stupid battery...



But fortunately, it was just one last horrah, and changing the battery really did shut it up, and I could go put the ladder away, reassure the dog that everything was okay, and go back to bed.

I didn't get right back to sleep, and the child woke before the alarm saying her tummy hurt, she was sad, she needed a hug... the things she rotates through because they once got her out of bed early and she has a memory like an elephant. I changed her diaper (which was full) and tucked her back in, returned for a half an hour of pre-alarm cuddling, and faced my day with eyes full of sand.

It is 32 below today, and gorgeous. The sun isn't up yet, but it's trying, so everything is this murky blue, and covered with fluffy snow and frost. I've got the woodstove cooking away, and it's very nice and cozy and inviting me to nap. I'm going to go shower, instead, because Guppy is due to wake up at any moment...
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Two pictures and one flashfiction (200 words) that doubles for the Muse Fusion and Thimbleful Thursday, so far.

Hoping to get a little more done, but the morning has been busy.
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Today is a vast improvement over yesterday... though the cheese powder all over the kitchen and the grouchy Guppy being awake before the alarm wouldn't have been good clues that this would be the case.

I have not vacuumed, but I have made granola, and I've got a heap of wood inside, and I opened up Sketch Fest and the Torn World Muse Fusion. I even had a chance to write a flash fiction for Thimbleful Thursday/Muse Fusion while I distracted Guppy with Beauty and the Beast.

After stuffing three servings of macachee into Guppy (NOT via the nose), she is down for a nap, so I am going to get a sketchbook next and look over prompts for both events. I haven't had art time in DAYS, I've been so wrapped up in the Portrait Adoption updates. (Which is going swimmingly, but slow. The updating of categories is tedious and tricky, and I am going to be weeks more in doing so.)

Art now.
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Go leave me prompts, pretty please! I have Very Little creative time right now, but what little I have is in 5 minutes spurts between tiny monster outbursts, so I'll be on the look out for something I can do a flash fic or quick sketch to. http://torn-world.livejournal.com/155343.html

Also, I have started an artist page at Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EllenMillionArtistrix

My baby 'lawn' is growing like mad.

No smiles today:

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I refuse to shop today. I don't even want to drive into town, if I can help it. I am not running a Black Friday sale. My big plans to be a hermit for this entire weekend are in risk because I'm wait-listed for a bazaar on Saturday and Sunday (which I probably won't find out if I'm in until late morning Saturday!) and because I forgot that this weekend is Muse Fusion!

Skip the crowds, come join Torn World creators for a weekend of creative jamming - leave prompts and ideas, and see what we come up with! (Me, I have three more stories to finish before the end of the month, so I will be jamming on flash fiction, though depending on my bazaar status, I may not have much time until Monday...) I will be opening this up in just a few hours - I'll announce it here!

My Thanksgiving was lovely.

It was just me, Jake, Guppy and the pets, mostly watching football, cooking and cleaning. We had homemade bacon, hashbrowns and eggs for breakfast, walnut cranberry celebration bread (OMG good) and a large dinner, which was a ham (one of the super-yummy spiral flame-crafted ones from Fred Meyers), sausage stuffing, greenbean casserole, and pineapple-upside-down cake. We have leftovers, including soon-to-come walnut cranberry celebration bread french toast...

I thought a great deal about things I was thankful for. Last year, the week around thanksgiving was not so pleasant: my car was in the shop being rebuilt after being smooshed by two colliding trucks while I waited at a stoplight and I was still having nightmares of the sound it made, and flashing back badly to the car accident where I broke my back. We had just been through an ice storm, spent a few days without power, couldn't get up our driveway, and had lost a dozen trees right around the house. We ended up scavenging whatever we could for thanksgiving dinner out of our freezer. Within a few days, I had taken Norway for a walk and he'd run into me and sprained my ankle so bad it still sometimes hurt 6 months later. It was, in general, a very dark time for me.

So, mostly I am thankful that it is this year, and not last. I am in a much, much happier place right now, occasional anti-social tendencies notwithstanding.

I am also thankful for all of you, my beautiful friends, family and creative inspirations. Thank you for being your quirky, supportive, amazing selves.

French toast to make now... Mmmm....
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Muse Fusion is open for prompting now! Go leave me prompts to tackle as soon as I've had some lunch! http://torn-world.livejournal.com/88856.html

As if that weren't enough prompty goodness, I'll give you a sneak peek at what else I'm working on: http://www.ellenmilliongraphics.com/abstracts2.php

I realized EMG-Zine was behind the power-curve fundraising-wise, and I REALLY want to paint another batch of abstracts, so that's what I came up with. The form doesn't work yet, and there are a few gaps... but this should streamline the process pretty well. The form will shoot you to an appropriate shopping cart, and if I'm SUPER clever, will even allow you to spend EMG credits on the spot. Boo-yeah. (This is the inevitable problem of being able to do clever things... I can't be satisfied with slap-dash when I can make awesome FORMS to keep me organized! With bells! And whistles!)

Anyway, that page doesn't work yet, but now you know what's up my sleeve. Comments welcome!

Lunch now, my stomach is grumbling, and I think I let the fire go out while I was off project-izing. Woops!
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I'm still Muse Fusioning, for just a few more hours this morning you can leave prompts: http://torn-world.livejournal.com/86985.html

I did the sketches I listed in my last post, which are still available: http://ellenmillion.livejournal.com/1227933.html

From Doris' prompt, "It Was The Little Things" is a short story about Olarali's reactions to the next segment of the Bai-Ressa story. A $20 sponsorship will also get the sketch mentioned in-story created, and the patron will receive the original of that sketch. Because this section is a spoiler, getting a sneak preview is optional for the prompter - I can wait until the section it spoils is printed to send it, or send it now. For the sponsor, I will send an early draft of both stories so you don't have to wait! :)

I also FINISHED the monster story that is the next segment of the Rails storyline, yay! It weighs in at over 4100 words. Many questions are taking form, and here we even get a few answers, though not all of them.

And, also from Doris' prompt, as well as the glorious weather yesterday, I wrote this little poem, which I shall put behind a cut, because I am not a poet: Read more... )

Happy Talk like a Pirate Day! In honor of the day, Rum and Ruffian coloring books are on sale for $2 off this month: http://www.ellenmilliongraphics.com/coloringbooks.php

In house news, nearly finished with our closets, then there's just trim and moving back into the bedroom. The new carpet hardly smells at all anymore, which is nice, and it is a TREAT on the feet. The installer had some good things to say about the quality of it - it has a good solid backing and a very tight plush; he was surprised to hear how little we had paid for it. I can't even feel the tackstrips through it on the edges, though I know where they are and can push down hard on them. It is so pretty and restful.

We went for a loooong walk yesterday around our property, and I found an old lightning-struck tree back there that was just stunning - this big, shining black monolith surrounded by gold and green. It had clearly burnt right to the ground, but nothing around it was touched at all. I'd like to take the camera and get some photos of it, but it is a hefty hike back off the trails along our property, and I'm not sure I'm up for it today.

In factory news, I am 18 weeks, and guppy is about 5.5 inches (the length of a bell pepper). Still feeling only vague but suspicious baby-bubbles, with no health problems to report. The round ligament horror is only intermittent, and didn't bother me at all this weekend. Pre-natal yoga and bellydance (which I am taking again) mean my shoulders and upper back are achy, but it's a very pleasant used-muscle ache; I can handle that.

Back to writing now.... then packing orders, trip to the post office, gym, shopping and some more closet work.

ETA: Also, I've got a new story up at Torn World for supporters: http://www.tornworld.net/storypageview.php?id=318

Grandma Monster (excerpt):

The white papers were supposed to be sources of news, but the process for getting material approved was so laborious and tedious that it was sometimes tendays after events before they could go to press, losing all of the 'new' in 'news.'

When Ressa wanted to know something current, or had news to share, she went to the courtyard of the next block down. It was the latter that took her down the block that day.

“Good morning, Grandma Monster!” Ressa greeted one of the oldsters. It was a familiar name, one that the old woman didn't mind, or Ressa would never have used it. Grandma Monster was a Duurludirj woman, but a giant of their blood, so at one point she had stood as tall as Ressa did. She was old now, and curled over with her years, but still liked to smile broadly (with increasing gaps in her teeth) and tell bloody stories of sea monsters and her days as a warsailor. She was often found on this bench in the shade of the entrance to her housing courtyard, and many in the neighborhood came to find her there and share the latest chin-wagging.
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Muse Fusion TOTALLY snuck up on me. I put up a poll at the Torn World forums, and it was unanimously this weekend as the choice. And here we are! At this weekend already! (How the heck did that happen?!)

So, in one hour, I (along with other Torn World contributors!) will be open to Torn World writing and art prompts for the weekend! Watch this space for a link to the event!

Don't have anything to do in the meantime? I've got a new story up at Torn World today!

On Rails

Jarl toyed with the cut-glass bottle, keeping the stopper under one thumb. A drop of the amber liquid was very nearly as pricey as the harpoon snail paralytic that he bought on the black market. This, while not illegal, had the potential to be just as dangerous, if applied right. A card with a glossy red lip print lay on the desk in front of him.

...read the rest!

It comes with a sketch:

I wrote another 1113 words on the next segment of this story today.

Yesterday, I got all the coloring books finished and ordered. I should have stock of Fishbowl Fantasies (almost sold out again!) back in about three weeks, as well as three proofs - one a reprint, and two new titles.

In factory news, I've been feeling probably-baby bubbles. They're too uniform and stationary to be gas. Back pain has been somewhat problematic, but I'm finding that keeping a pillow under my knees when I sit (at the advice of the doctor, who explained last week that keeping knees above lap keeps the pelvic bone from tilting the wrong way) has made a big improvement. I'm a little concerned about the general lack of weight gain, though the doctor wasn't. Thinking about stocking up on Ensure like I did when my hypoglycemia was at its worst. Round ligament pain strikes at odd times still, but hasn't been a regular complaint.

I need to get some sing-able music... most of what I listen to is just instrumental, or simply hard to sing to, but I want to start making singing/talking noises for guppy... and am finding that talking to 'myself' isn't something I'm exactly comfortable doing. Maybe when there's really a baby, it will be easier, but talking to stomach bubbles just feels crazy.
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Resume and print orders printed, packing up other orders now.

My Muse Fusion turnout was not what I'd hoped, but better than I feared! There were a LOT of awesome prompts - my thanks to everyone who turned out to leave them for us!

I finished a short (700 word) story about Malaamig, Diren and Margaa finding a ruined city in the north using a prompt from [livejournal.com profile] sibylle and a title from [livejournal.com profile] ysabetwordsmith: The Forgotten City is $7 to sponsor. (Or 7 EMG/TW credits)

From prompts by [livejournal.com profile] kelkyag, I started Unfurled, a prequel to Harp of Feathers. At 900 words, it is very nearly finished (I have to go back and fix up some setting problems). It is $10 to sponsor, which will not only make it available to the public, but also move it to the top of my editing to-do pile. Sponsor now. (Or 10 EMG/TW credits)

[livejournal.com profile] stryck's prompt about hurricanes meshed with [livejournal.com profile] haunted_blood's picture prompt and got me the outline for a story about an Irfai family bracing for a hurricane, and the legend of the creature who used to protect them from storms and sea monsters. This one will take some finishing - sponsor for $20. (Or 20 EMG/TW credits)

And, I did some artwork!

[livejournal.com profile] aldersprig has housebuilding on the brain, so I sketched the very start of a northern housebuilding operation:

This is $48 to finish in ink and receive the original. I am accepting microfunding for this one in $2 increments; I will polish it further for each payment I receive, and whomever has donated the most when I declare it finished will receive the original, shipping included. (EMG/TW credits also accepted.) Microfunding has been started!

[livejournal.com profile] vaerys asked for landscapes, and Lichenwold in particular, so I drew this:

This is dying to be refined and painted. I just bought a BIG canvas pad, 16 x 20, and I really, really want to do this in color. $100 will get you the original and bump this to the top of my to-do list (that is a steal for a 16 x 20 landscape! You're lucky I want to do this one!). I will also take microfunding for this one, terms as above, but in $5 increments.

In factory news, still not feeling particularly pregnant. Guppy is supposedly doing some practice breathing of amniotic fluids, and is about 4 inches long.

Today, I've got a hair appointment, that job interview thingy, and I've left the afternoon open because I don't know how long either of those will take and I have plenty of things I can do in that space. Last night, our bacon got smoked, and we will be able to pick it up today; I am VERY excited to try it and anticipate bacon in our dinner tonight.

Hungry now. Going to eat and shower.

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