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SENSELESS, the Torn World short story included in the In the End anthology earlier this year, is now available independently!

Reqem is thrilled to be out on his first journey as an adult, and is dismayed to find that the barrier he came to see has vanished. Disappointment turns to excitement when he realizes that the fall of the barrier has revealed new land, unseen by any person since the Upheaval broke the world into parts.

Torn World is a share world sandbox, the setting of hundreds of short stories and playground to a dozen artists and authors. Senseless is a short story of about 6000 words, a stand-alone set about 50 years prior to our current stories.

Read now on Amazon for 99 pennies! https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07FPY856L
You can also read it as a subscriber at Torn World: http://www.tornworld.net/storypageview.php?id=627
And remember that patrons at the $10+ level on Patreon get EVERYTHING I write and publish, including novels: https://www.patreon.com/ellenmillion

I am always deeply grateful for reviews on Amazon or on the Torn World site.


I'm not expecting great things of this one in particular, but it's a stand-alone that is fully reserved for supporters, and seems like a good place to start in terms of making more of my work available in ebook format. I'm hauling myself up the formatting curve, but will be working on some more complicated collections shortly!
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I've been making good headway on my list of dooooom. I've done a sketch and written about 2k for Muse Fusion so far! Leave me prompts - I'm promising to do something for everyone who prompts. https://www.tornworld.net/musefusion.php

My book has been doing AHMAZING. I'm so humbled and happy and relived. It hit 155 in Amazon rank, and then hung out around 250 for a few days and it's only now just slumping into the 300s. My last book got to 248 and dropped off pretty quickly, and the book before that barely skimmed into the top 500.

It is the last day to get the first three books in the series on sale for .99 (for ALL THREE): myBook.to/shiftingsandsbox1

And in more sales reminders, this is the last week to get March perks at Patreon, and I'm mailing ORIGINAL ART for the $5+ rewards, so get in on that. (It's not a drawing or a gamble. Everyone in this tier will receive at least two pieces of original artwork.) https://www.patreon.com/ellenmillion

I am so SO grateful for all of your support, you guys. I can't really overstate how much it means to me. <3 <3
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In the past two days, I've gotten about 4200 words written, which is amazingly good for me. My total for the month is at 6800, which gets me really close to on-track for my rough 1000/day goal. (Which would not win me NaNo, but would still put 31k in my book!)

Not bad, considering I've skipped several days and last week was frantic show prep!

The show, BTW, went very well. It's always fun to see all the familiar faces, and I love delighting people with the handpainted ornaments and specialty coloring books.

(Coloring books are waaaaay down from two years ago. Like less than half, despite having a better variety than I had that year.)

I do have some ornaments and lots of totes left, so look for those to go on sale... um... sometime soon? I will be offering them to my Patreon patrons first.

On that note, Patreon rewards are out today!

Dishes now, and more wood in the fire...
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Operation Grow-Out-The-Bangs continues. I am less hateful of it than I have been, and the bangs are long enough now to pull back in a comb. I am going to continue the experiment until it tucks back behind my ears, and to help me get there, I'd like to treat myself to pretty combs. Anyone have suggestions of shiny, possibly geeky hair combs on Etsy or similar?

Kindergarten continues to be awesome. Guppy loves it, and I love having a piece of my life back. I love her dearly, but her desire for constant interaction conflicts with my desire to get stuff done.

My fourth not-a-book has launched! This week will be promotion efforts (some are done, some just need go-buttons pushed, some need minor edits, some need ground-up design). I also have a short story that needs revisions for an anthology. My goal is to have those done by Thursday - it will require a little writing, as the editors requested a little more background to work with, and a better resolution. Can do! I also have Patreon rewards to roll out.

I have about three ideas for the spicy story, and expect that to go quickly, the rest of the rewards basically just need sent. I've also made my first goal with Patreon and will be livestreaming some sketching tomorrow (Tuesday!) morning, about 9:30 Alaska time. This will happen at my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/EllenMillionArtistrix/

(This is, btw, a really opportune time to sign up as a $5+ patron, as I will be sending the physical rewards this month, even if you are a new supporter, or international.)

Lunch and trash and orders need to happen now, so off I go.

Week One

Aug. 4th, 2017 02:35 pm
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It's been a week.

A loooooong week.

I am going genuinely stir-crazy, sitting in this chair.

I am just now to the point where I previously would have said I was having a "bad back day" (how little I knew...) and I want to doooo things again, because it isn't actively hurting, and I am impatient to get stuff done.

(I'm not, no one has to waggle fingers. I am taking it very, very easy. It is counter to my nature, but I am doing very little. It is very boring.)

I've can be comfortable with the laptop again, which is nice, and I've got my not-a-book about halfway edited. I've also been able to do some promotional stuff, though it didn't happen before national coloring book day, as I'd hoped. You do have until August 6th to take advantage of this sale:

I also got my Patreon rewards out for August! I have new tiers now, and have brushed off my latent Sketch Tarot project. I'll be releasing a card a month, and for as little as $3/month, you can get a high resolution copy to print and color, and I'll give you some of my thoughts and process about each card. If you are a patron at this level (or above) for 24 months, you'll get a free basic deck when it's eventually finished.

Capitalism aside, I am improving. And posting this finally, having started it about 6 hours ago...
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I have reclaimed my sinuses, and though I sound a little rough, I'm definitely on the mend. And feeling very behind. If you need something from me, please feel free to prod. Chances are good that I have just forgotten.

I finished the last of the pieces I needed to do for a deadline of today, and Patreon patrons can see previews of what that project is! (I'm RIDICULOUSLY happy with how it's come out...)

My inbox was 600 earlier today, and I've beat it back to 498. That's where it's going to stay for now, because it's time to wake Guppy from napping and tackle.... I'll have to consult my list. Things. To do. That need done.

Have a piece of artwork that I posted at Torn World last month!

This is a three-mantle lamp in a time crystal bubble, which means a small amount of fuel will provide light for a very long time. Time crystals one of the more curious things about Torn World...
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In case you've been on the fence about supporting me on Patreon, here is a list of perks that patrons have received since I opened my page in July of 2014! Most perks are removed when the next one is released, but starred entries continue to be available for new patrons to go back and enjoy.

I've also revamped my reward tiers - I originally had $5+ rewards going out every six months, based on your starting date, but have simplified my life so that physical rewards go out the same time for everyone, in March and in September (just September for International patrons). Yes, that means you can sign up in the next few weeks and get your rewards THIS month!

July 2014: 3 of Pentacles coloring page
August 2014: Photograph wallpapers and headers
October 2014: Candle digi stamp
November 2014: Ressa Knows/Bai Knows Better (Torn World poetry)
December 2014: Everberries coloring page

January 2015: Turned Back short story (Torn World story)
February 2015 perk: Evervale coloring page
March 2015 perk: The Thief coloring page
April 2015 perk: custom portraits (simple ink drawings, patron prompted - they get a high res download!)
May 2015: sea monster scale chart to color
June 2015: Fairy and Dragon coloring page
July 2015: Taming the Seas coloring page
August 2015: Cowbell/Snail's Journey coloring page (two mini pages)
September 2015: Never Traveling Alone short story (Torn World story)
October 2015: Winged Kitty digi stamp
November 2015: Olarali to color
December 2015: Evervale in the Desert coloring page

January 2016: Fishtank Mermaid coloring page
February 2016: Secret Not-a-Book – excerpt and invitation to request the full novel
March 2016: Maiden, Mother, Crone coloring page
April 2016: Vetch Dragon coloring page
May 2016: Sea Monster painting input
June 2016: Summer Bubbles coloring page
*July 2016: Paintings from painting class
August 2016: #Smaugust prompt (dragon sketches prompted by patrons)
September 2016: Rosehip tea coloring page
October 2016: Sponsor a #smaugust for #inktober (patrons pick sketches I did for #smaugust to finish in ink and get the high res of that piece)
November 2016: Dragon Sled to color and use for cards/bookmarks
December 2016: $5 off at Etsy

*January 2017: travel sketches and photos (8 posts)
February 2017: Morrigan and Scared coloring pages (available through March 31)
*March 2017: Sneak peeks of Secret Coloring Book Project (12 posts so far, posted throughout February, too)
April 2017: Two vintage bookmark designs to color (from 1999!)
May 2017: A sneak preview of four exclusive coloring pages that will be coming this summer + A winged kitty digistamp
June 2017: A sea monster coloring page: Arguing Over Dinner.
*July 2017: Watercolor class paintings. $3 and up get The Fool Sketch Tarot card file, $4 and up also get a coloring page of The Gathering.
August 2017: Skykitten Chaos coloring page. $3 and up get 01 The Magician, $4 and up also get Saddling Up (old Torn World) coloring page. $10+ got Railcrossing, a spicy story from Torn World!
September 2017: 2 botanical coloring images (quarter page) $3 and up get 02 The High Priestess, $4+ 4 botanical coloring images, $5+ got an aceo print, a 4x6 print, plus a random original, magnet or painted mini-tote. $10+ got an excerpt from the novella I'm working on.
October 2017: 50% off any #inktober artwork, and leave a prompt! $3+: 03 The Empress. $4+: Watergazer coloring page.
November 2017: First dibs on ornaments and totes, plus a Bad Snowy coloring page. $3: 04 The Emperor. $4: Bearing Gifts coloring page. $10: A second super spicy excerpt from my latest finished novella.
December 2017: $1 - Evervale Coloring Page #2. $3+ 05 The Heirophant. $4+ Evervale as Poison Ivy Coloring Page.

January 2018: $1+ Useful coloring page. $3+ 06 The Lovers. $4+ Green Fairy grayscale coloring page. $10+ Spicy excerpt from a novella featuring dragons and mermaids...
February 2018: $1+ Hula class video. $3+ 07 The Chariot. $4+ Dryad's Winter coloring page.
March 2018: $1+ 7 of cups (mythology) coloring page. $3+ 09 The Hermit. $4+ Waking From the Tree grayscale coloring page. $5+ Fill the bag original giveaway. $10+ Spicy scene from the not-a-book I just finished!
April 2018: $1+ 10% off Kickstarter pledges and 25% all original artwork. $3+ Wheel of Fortune. $4+ Wings From Stone coloring page
May 2018: $1+ Growing Up (Copper and Blackstone EQ) coloring page. $3+ Death. $4+ Smartarm Shifter beefcake coloring page. $10+ Spicy excerpt of a story I'm working on for my new pen name.
June 2018: $1+ Missing You card design to color, $4+ Druid's Wind coloring page.
July 2018: $1+ Portrait July - patrons can submit photos for reference (or describe characters), $4+ Great Northern Gate to color, $10+ Senseless ebook. (6000 words Torn World short story)
August 2018: $1+ Justin coloring page, $4+ Training coloring page, $10+ Rails ebook (50k novel from Torn World), AND The Girl Nest Door (ebook as Zoe Chant)
September 2018: $1+ Shifting Commic, $4 Watergazer Coloring page
October 2018: $1+ sneak preview of art in NDA, $4 Christmas Irish Elk coloring page
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I am a puddle. An absolute puddle.

Sekrit Project is delivered in full. My brain, it is used up. It feels like a raisin in my skull. This was very high-intensity, out-of-comfort-zone, RUSHRUSHRUSH work in an already busy and short month... and I KILLED IT. Seriously, at the beginning of the month, I had two finished pieces and 7 sketches. 28 days later, I have 16 finished high-detail pieces, 16 spot-illustrations with page layouts, and a full color cover. And I don't feel like I let quality slip, either.

(Pst, Patreon patrons have gotten to see a whole passel of sneak previews! You could see them ALL with as little as a $1/month pledge.)

I very much feel like a nap now.

Guppy's birthday was yesterday! She was thrilled with her presents and loved the cupcakes we made for preschool.

How is she five? HOW?

Now I have to go... I dunno. Fold clothes. Wander around the house with glazed eyes going, "What? Who?" Weep into a post-project-let-down bowl of ice cream, maybe.
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I'm back! Guppy and husband and I went to Hawaii for a few weeks, meeting my Mom and friend M for the first week, and on our own the second. It was warm and relaxing and I am much rejuvenated. (Though, the less said about the EIGHT HOURS we spent at the Fairbanks airport trying to get out of town, the better.)

I'm behind, but trying hard to catch up. I have an insane deadline to meet by the end of the month. (InSANE.) But I'm going to do it, and it will be amazing, and I should be able to share it with you next month.

(Unless you're a supporter at Patreon, they get to see them first! Patreon patrons also got to see photos and sketches during my recent travels, for as little as $1/month.)

Otherwise, I'm going to be more quiet than usual for February. We're getting back into the regular patterns of life, and there are Guppy things and house things and tax things and EMG things to get done... on top of the most wonderful deadline ever. Oh, and I'm releasing a book next week! Yay!

Sketch Fest is next week! https://ellenmilliongraphics.com/sketchfest
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About 1 this morning, I stumbled into a lovely pile of cat vomit and hairball. Pets are so... rewarding. I cleaned it up, used up all the paper towels, had to get more paper towels from the basement, and staggered back to bed feeling wide awake (and grossed out) and sure I would never get back to sleep, and then the alarm was going off and I was not ready to get up at all.

Fortunately, the day improved markedly from there, with many spots of sunshine. Lots of kid-giggles, too.

UNfortunately, the printer I have tried to order three times now was CANCELED on me, the seller claiming they are out of stock even though it's still listed on the page. (I have deep suspicions that they weighed it to get a shipping estimate to Alaska and panicked because they were going to lose money.)

Working on getting more stock to Amazon, poking at another two potential wholesale buyers, all the various fun things with self-marketing and such. Also trying to get Guppy back into swim lessons, which we honestly both need. I have been sooooo lazy this summer.

I do think I figured out what was so terribly wrong with my third not-a-book that was causing my wheels to spin, and how to fix it. It will mean cutting several thousand words, which is always painful when you write as slowly as I do.

I am making good progress on #smaugust. Here are some of them:

If you want to prompt one, you can donate $1 at my site, or become a Patreon patron. Patrons in October will be able to sponsor a sketch to a finished ink piece for as little as $1, as well.

Sketch Fest is NEXT Friday! I'm already excited for it!
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Today has had some pretty great hits at me, but I'm still on my feet fighting.

(Among other things, Internet was out for a good while, child was SUPER monstery, I managed to fudge an important link, I'm doing a few rounds with Kickstarter, and my laptop abruptly shut down with open files because the [new!!] battery is junk. Have to rescan at least one piece now. Argh. POW! SPLAT!)

Day of Doom: 5
Me: 1.5

In better news, I did get my Patreon perk up. It is this coloring page:

You can pledge as little as $1 and get awesome things like this every month! https://www.patreon.com/ellenmillion?ty=h

And there is a new sampler page up at EMG:


Must rouse child now, although this has been a short nap.
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It has been a clingy morning so far, but I have managed, with child hanging from my arm, to order more printer ink and some ornaments, clean up the house, and write 1000 words onto a guide for scanning and cleaning up artwork for coloring books - for very selfish reasons of wanting nice clean submissions and not wanting to answer the same questions/explain the same things 100 times.

I also got the February Patreon perk out, and it reminded me to remind YOU that you can support my work through this awesome site and get a random surprise every month for as little as $1. For $5, you'll actually get something in your mailbox every 6 months.


The random $1 surprise may be a piece of writing or photography not otherwise available, but it's usually a coloring page. For example, the January perk was a high-resolution file of this design to print and color:

(I won't tell you February's (*winks!*), but you can still find it out by pledging!)

Now, I've got a child to peel off and put down for her nap, and laundry to fold, orders to get out, and things to paint...
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I love my daughter, but I'm missing my mornings. She's been getting up before I get the husband off to work, so I've lost that hour or so I used to have to get things done. That, with shorter naps, means I'm getting more creative with my ability to cross things off.

Did get some extra cleaning done today, with lots of 'help.'

Some artwork that has gone up this week:

At Torn World:

Bears to scale. (Click to see at Torn World)

1st 3 patron portraits for Patreon. If you are a patron, please get me your description by the 25th!
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I've been having a lot of fun doing these quick little portraits for Torn World, and decided to make that next month's Patreon perk. Any patron, at any level, can request a portrait of their character or alter-ego. Just send me a brief description, and I'll make you a portrait in this style and complexity (ie: small, and not very complicated). You'll get a chance to see the pencil sketch and make minor requests at that stage, but it won't be as interactive as my usual commission standards. This can be yours for as little as $1! Check out my Patreon page, and consider signing up to support my work! https://www.patreon.com/ellenmillion
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Did you miss me?

I was off all week being a full-time student at the Summer Arts Festival! I took Digital Photography, and Intro to Graphic Novels, and I have had So. Much. Fun. not being Just Mom for a week. Monsterus minimus got to bond all week with her grandparents (who report that she has been very good, but also very unavoidably two, and more than a bit on the exhausting side). I got to pack myself a lunch every morning, and ride on the shuttle, and soak up a ton of useful information and be arty and creative for hours at a time. Each lunch hour, there was a 'Lunch Bites' concert with a variety of music and entertainment, and I went home with my head stuffed full of ideas and images and made dinner and washed up and danced a two-year-old to bed. (Then I'd catch up on laundry and scoop the catbox and do a little emergency programming...)

And on Thursday, $1 ice cream scoops on the deck.

Here's just a glimpse at what I'm working on now:

Oh, yeah... it's a thing. I do not know if I have it in me to do an actual long-running webcomic that tells the whole story, but I've got the first 9 pages storyboarded, and am going to try to nail that much out in the time I have allotted next week... at least to the sketch stage on all of those pages and ink for the cover. That seems manageable. Patreon sponsors will get to see a collection of the sketch work I've done, and also get a wallpaper selected from my favorite photos from the class. I have some REALLY neat photographs - I will do a more comprehensive post in the nearish future with some of the best of them. (And I, er, may have purchased a year membership to the botanical gardens...)

I cannot promise I will be resuming regular blogging next week - I have another week of the graphic novel class, and a LOT to catch up on.

Be sure to jump in on the 78 Tarot Kickstarter! Just five more days, and we're at close to 95%! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1309407051/the-78-tarot-project-a-global-art-collaboration

Inbox at 149!
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(I posted this as a comment to an off-LJ call for crowdfunding information, experiences and resources, and it seemed a shame to let it slip away there... so I am reposting without any particular attempt to clean it up, for now. I think there are the bones of a good article here, but it may not even be relevant by the time I have a chance to refine it...)

Here are a few links to things I've done:

Kickstarter Clues: http://ellenmillion.livejournal.com/1444069.html
My experience crowdfunding four coloring books by accident.

The Complete History of Sketch Fest: http://www.ellenmilliongraphics.com/sketchfest/sketchfesthistory.php
This project is one of the few I went into deciding I couldn't afford to invest a lot of work into it for free. All of the (rather extensive!) web programming is paid for through donations and a percentage of artwork sales. Activity is lively, and sales are brisk, so it continues to support itself nicely! (As well as being awesomely fun and inspiring.) This is pretty much a log of site improvements as they get funded.

Chopping Block Master Post: http://ellenmillion.livejournal.com/1143338.html
This is an overview with links to the various projects (15!) I was running at the end of 2010, broken into things that were working and things that weren't. I should do an updated version of this one of these days soon!

Abstracts for Curtains: http://ellenmillion.livejournal.com/1213361.html
A painting crowdfunding project I ran in 2011 to fund curtains for the nursery.

Sea Monster Month Crowdfunding 2014: http://ellenmillion.livejournal.com/1448256.html
A fun crowdfunding project for a sea monster scale chart.

Sea Monster Month Crowdfunding 2013: http://ellenmillion.livejournal.com/1373367.html
Crowdfunding a series of sea monster art cards.

Some general thoughts: People like to get something for their support. Lots of people donated a little bit more to have something they could hold in their hands, and could be coaxed to higher levels with more rewards. People like Good Deals. People like to feel like they are supporting something specific, like earning money towards curtains for the nursery, or towards medical or vet bills... but hopping from crisis to crisis is a great way to LOSE supporters. One-shot campaigns to create something specific do better, too. People like goals, and to feel like they've helped MAKE something.

I like the Kickstarter platform a great deal, but it's a Big Deal. For smaller projects, I'll still do them independently. I've also just started a Patreon account: http://www.patreon.com/ellenmillion - It's still in baby stages, but I rather like the concept. The site itself still needs serious work; browsing to find new projects is painfully stupid.

A site that collects various crowdfunding individuals and links to their current campaigns (via patreon, kickstarter, independent projects) with good search features and timing triggers (ie: campaigns with end-dates time out) would be a HUGE boon to the community. It's taking all of my self-control not to leap in and build one.


Jun. 23rd, 2014 10:09 am
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Never Traveling Alone is up for subscribers at Torn World now! Here's an excerpt:

Birka squeezed Anler's hand with one mitten, and Fala's with the other.

Spring was creeping in, faster than it seemed possible; the sun was finally strong enough to soften the top layer of snow and even make little rings around the trees. The further they walked from the village, the more obvious it was that winter was losing its hold on the land. There were no green sprouts yet, but the sun was high and even warm on lifted faces, and there were even little icicles where snow had warmed enough to melt and refreeze. The age-set knew it was their last chance for the winter tests. Tetefii had not had her first moon cycle yet, but if she were to do so that summer, they were not sure that any of them wanted to wait until the following winter for their chance to become adults.

The path narrowed, and Birka had to let go of her age-mates. Fala took point, at the heels of Reqem. Did it have to be Reqem? Birka had hoped fervently that gentle Ivara would be the one to issue the first of their winter tests, not gruff Reqem, who could freeze blood with a glare.

You can sponsor this for public viewing for $20, or read the entire thing at Torn World with a subscription ($5/month or less, with longer subscriptions!). The nifty thing about subscriptions is that you get most of your payment back in 'spending credits' that you can use to directly support the work you enjoy the most. And if money is tight, you can earn karma by leaving comments or submitting work, and you can spend that karma to view reserved work!

I wish I'd been slinging my good camera when this shot presented itself. Alas, just an iphone snap:

She's "reading" to herself at my feet right now, which is adorable.

I finally figured out how to make my Patreon link something intuitive: http://www.patreon.com/ellenmillion (And look! Supporters! *shocked and delighted!*)

Lunch plans!

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