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I'm looking at ordering some new postcards. My current stock is badly dated, including with an expired domain. (That I'm still sort of kicking myself over on several fronts, but that's a whole 'nother story.)

And I have dilemmas. Whole PILES of dilemmas. Like, do I continue to plug Fantastic Portfolios? It's still technically an EMG project, but I don't actually run it anymore, and it's lagging seriously behind right now. And EMG-Zine - there are 7 YEARS of fantastic archives there, and three print anthologies that I'd eventually like to sell out of. But the space on an advertising postcard is some seriously valuable real estate. What about Commission-Control? Do I put that on to make myself get this project geared up or is that a stupid amount of extra pressure. I really DO want to get this project released this year - sooner than later, even (I have some GREAT ideas for it, actually...), but putting it on business cards makes it pretty real.

I'm intending to do something similar to my landing page:

Naturally, I'll be updating all the link addresses and text, making things more readable at the smaller scale, changing the aspect ratio a bit, updating the coloring book covers to things that are actually available, using more active portrait artist examples, etc.

I could also redesign the whole bloody thing, but let's not get crazy...

ETA: Here's what I've got so far...

somewhat big! )
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Guppy is crawling! Woo hoo! Not fast yet, but yesterday she went from the one or two single knee-forward 'crawls' that she's been able to do for the last couple of weeks (always followed by a big scoot backwards) to doing a bunch in a row to go forward, which pleases her enormously.

I'm doooooomed!

Today is the last day for contest entries at Torn World: http://www.tornworld.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=1104

It's also the last day for EMG-Zine nominations - just let use know which stories, artwork or articles you liked the best! http://emg-zine.com/archives.php or http://ellenmillion.livejournal.com/tag/emg-zine%20retrospective

I've been looking over the material I plan to start releasing as a serial in February, and I'm pleased that some of my rough (ROUGH) drafts are actually more salvageable than I feared. I don't have quite the backlog I want to start with yet, but I've got four installments in the queue now (two approved) and another 4 or 5 roughed out. Stuff happens! Horrah!

Need to do some scanning before the small (crawling!!) monster rises, so I'm off to do that now. Then some programming.
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A theme of 'Games,' a cover by Mitzi Sato-Wiuff. Read the rest... )

... And that was the end.

Please remember to nominate your favorite pieces! Email them to editor AT emg-zine DOT com - as many as you'd like. :)
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January's theme was 'Dragonflies.' You'll note we did not follow the usual Chinese Zodiac this year... because we had already done an issue with the theme of 'Dragons.' Dragonflies was close, at least. The cover was by Tabitha Ladin. Read more... )
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The theme was 'Butterflies', with a cover by Kristina Gehrmann. My big, BIG personal news was released.

Read more... )
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Our opening theme was 'Creation', with a cover by Jeliza Patterson. Following the Chopping Blocks of the previous month, I made some hard decisions and ultimatums regarding bits and pieces of EMG in the news. Prime among those decisions was the fact that EMG-Zine needed to move to a self-supporting model or it would be cancelled at the end of the year. (Spoiler: it did so!) Read more... )
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Our graphic novel, Tomb of the Kings, ended with 2009, not to be replaced with a new comic. Annie Rodrigue returned with an 'Ask an Artist' column to answer questions. Torn World was also launched to the public this year. January's theme was 'Time', and our cover was by Tiffany Toland.Read more... )
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July's theme was 'Alice in Wonderland', with a cover by Annie Rodrigue. This month was a big announcement - it was when I announced the closure of the fantasy giftshop.

Read more... )
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2009 saw several changes in our lineup. We said goodbye to the comic Falheria, and to Marina's Myths and Symbols, and hello to Nicole Cadet doing 'Part Time Painter.' Our first theme was 'Ox' (still following the Chinese Zodiac, as we did every year!) and our cover was by Jessica Galbreth. Read more... )
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Starting our third (!) year saw several changes. Annie Rodrigue stepped down from Behind the Art, and the reins were taken up by Melissa Acker. Giovanna Adams started a spotlight column, which would feature both historical and current artists, and we introduced two comics: Falheria by Erika Harm (a humerous spot) and a reprint of Tomb of the Kings, by Laura Melis (a graphic novel). Our first theme for the year was 'Dawn,' with a cover by T. Allison.

Read more... )
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The theme for July was 'Computers,' with a cover by Cris Griffin.

Read more... )
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Our theme to start our second year of EMG-Zine was 'Dreams.' Our cover was by Wen Hsu.

To spare your FL )
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The theme for this month was 'Mischief'. This is the issue that we finally moved to a more automated site, courtesy of Janet Chui.

This month, we look at printer mischief and Ren Bail talks about the awful mischief of art theft. Ursula introduces us to selling artwork at a convention, Annie takes us through a delightful character design, Marina talks heraldry, hold your breath for an article on air from Janet, and we've also got two short stories, a poem and a gallery of mischievious artwork. Our main entrance graphic is from a photo of a sculpture by Michael Cross - see the full-sized image in the gallery!


The theme for this month was 'Water'. Our cover was by Cris Griffin.

Annie turns 2-D into 3-D with 1-point perspective, Ursula tells us about convention art shows, Marina finishes up our series on Heraldry, Janet gives us an eye-opening look at warning labels, R. Bail gives us the scoop on backups, and I take you painting in the rain - plus a wonderful selection of watery fiction, poetry, a gallery of artwork, and more!


Our theme this month was 'School,' as in 'back to,' and though the gallery was a slim two pieces, we had a pile of features:

Jenny Heidewald and Sonya Fedotowsky each walk us through the painting process, Ursula gives us the lowdown on choosing painting surfaces, Melissa Acker explains the basics on reference photography, Audrey Wildhagen uncovers the mysteries of writing for publication, and Sylvia Leung dives into comic writing.

In addition, Janet talks about ergonomics, Marina talks about the oak tree mythology, Annie shows us how to care for pen nibs and Ursula introduces us to available painting surfaces, plus we've got one story and a movie review! September was also the month that I gratefully promoted Megan Myers from copyeditor to Head Editor!


'Birthdays' was our theme, in honor of EMG's 13th birthday! The cover was by Annie Rodrigue.

In the zine this month we have another tutorial on knotwork (circles this time!) by Dawn Obrecht, Audrey Wildhagen tells us how to handle writing workshops, and R. Bail gives the scoop on how to introduce people to your beloved fandom.

In the columns, Janet talks about paint vehicles (and their safety!), Annie talks about buying and storing watercolor paints, Marina talks about apple tree symbolism, and Ursula continues on the topic of painting surfaces.


'Ghosts' was the theme for November.

Even though Halloween was last month, this month we're celebrating all the cultures that recognize ghosts, from Dia de los Muertos to the Hungry Ghost Festival. We've got lots of ghostly fiction for you, as well as columns on olives (yes, olives), art pigments, and creative mulch, as well as a watercolor tutorial! In addition, Ellen shows you seven steps for obtaining world sales domination in the art world, and Melissa Acker explains how to use the photos you've been taking for references.

This month's cover art was done by the lovely Janet Chui.


The theme for December was 'Angels,' and it marked a full year of publishing EMG-Zine! Our cover was by Michele-Lee Phelan.

Janet gives plenty of eco-friendly tips for the holiday season, Annie talks about getting action into your drawings, while Ursula tackles a much-fretted artistic element. The history of the lovely green pine is explained by Marina, Ellen helps us dissect just what all those things really mean when it comes to print making, and we've got, among others, a review of the luscious new James Bond flick. And don't forget to check out the angel-themed fiction and artwork!


Whew! Does it seem like we're zooming through these? We really ARE - I have to cover about 2 years a week to get through them all this month!
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February 2006 had a theme of Romance (being February, with that most despised holiday...). We had another gorgeous gallery, and the cover of our first anthology came from this month (it was also the cover of the issue, by Amy Edwards).

Janet talks about light in Healthy Green Artists, Ursula waxes eloquent about smut in Wombat Droppings, Annie tells us about composition in Behind the Art, Amy discusses costuming choices in Cosplay 101, and Marina brings light into our life with stories about sun mythology in Myths and Symbols. Ryan Decker and Roy Griffin spill all the dirt on living with artists, Liiga continues into talking about your site design in Online marketing, part 2, and I give you all the dirty secrets for keeping your art director happy in Romancing an Art Director. A poem and two stories round out this issue.

In March, the theme was Celtic Fey, in which Ursula rants about fairy tropes, Janet talks about plastic in Healthy Green Artists, Annie preps a painting, Amy helps us pick budget costuming materials, and Marina continues sun mythology. Christy Nicholas shares tax tips for artists, Amy Edwards show us how to draw Celtic knots, Liiga continues Online Marketing, and I show you how to write an article. We've also got a beautiful gallery and Chella Reaves wrote a story (with copious footnotes). The cover was by Deborah Grieves.

In April, under the theme of 'Seeds,' I announced I was closing my business - and successfully 'got' several people with my little April Fool's prank.

I will be selling off all the equipment and in-stock blank product at auction, with all of the proceeds going to charities for people who are gullible and toward shelters for folks who have tragically been born without a sense of humor.

Ursula talks about the process of art, Janet talks about globalization, Annie writes about watercolor brushes, and Marina continues the saga of the sun. We find out what an art card is from Eliza Leahy, and Liiga gives us online marketing, part 4! There was one poem, and a lovely gallery. The cover was by Madeleine Gusdal.

May had the theme of Space, trying to work in a little more science fiction rather than sticking strictly to fantasy. Our cover was by Ken Meyer, and the gallery was wonderful.

Ursula talked about studio space, Janet talked about paper, Annie brings up color theory, Marina starts with Heraldry, and Amy assembles a costume. Brandie B. Minchew waxes eloquent on the Quest for Space, Liiga begins a series on digital art, and I break down the process of scanning art. Some reviews, but no fiction, this month!

June's theme was 'Halves,' alluding to the fact that this issue got us halfway through our first year - an awesome milestone that many, many publications never meet! Mandy Roberts did our cover.

This month, because we don't do things by halves, Joleen Flasher talks about balancing an art career and a dayjob, I give you some problem-solving for print files, Liiga takes us further into digital art, Ursula tells us how to get a sketch to a final working surface, Janet gives us more dirt on papers that are good for us, Annie takes us through part two of color theory, Marina goes into colors, metals and furs of heraldry, we've got a gallery of art, some wallpapers, reviews, and more than half a poem!

Remember to nominate your favorite articles, fiction and artwork by emailing your selections to editor AT emg-zine DOT com - you many nominate as many as you like, so don't worry about saving up your choices!
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Our very last issue of EMG-Zine went live this weekend! To celebrate seven years and a whole lot of amazing work, I will be featuring a look back through the project throughout this month. I'd like to remind you that we're looking for nominations for your favorite articles - you may nominate as many as you like, so if you happen to run across one you feel is worthy, go ahead and shoot an email to editor AT emg-zine DOT com at any point. We'll be handing out some awards in January, and the best of the articles will be given some extra love in the final incarnation of the site. (I don't want to leave a boring static page just pointing at the last issue!)

SO, Issue 1.

Cover by Kiriko Moth

Our theme was Phoenix; I wanted something that symbolized beginnings - or restarts - and something that would be catchy for artists and writers. Our art gallery this month was one of the largest that we collected, though we had no fiction.

We did have a feature by CE Murphy on Rejection, Liiga Smilshkalne wrote about Online Marketing (part 1), and we introduced five columns: Ursula Vernon's Wombat Droppings (talking about starting a piece), Janet Chui's Healthy Green Artists (Artmakers as Friends of the Earth), Annie Rodrigue's Behind the Art (Brainstorming and Thumbnailing), Amy Waller's Cosplay 101 (An introduction) and Marina Bonomi's Myths and Symbols (The Two-headed Phoenix). We also had a collection of movie reviews, and two regular highlights that didn't end up being regular - a Portrait Adoption spotlight, and an artwork critique.

As is often the case with projects coming out of the starting gate - it wasn't quite what I thought it would be. I had planned to have .php-driven administrative tools by the time we started, and there had been additional talk about a comic, and some other columns that didn't pan out. We also had a Bootcamp column, with artistic exercises for readers to do - this didn't make it into the archives when the site was transferred over to the current platform, as it was rather short-lived. For the first several issues, I ended up hand-coding the site in html, page-at-a-time, which was laborious, but it got the job done.

In all, this issue was a strong start. I had no idea then that we would keep it going for a rather amazing seven year run, but I was full of hope and energy for the project. It was a very organic 'zine, and you can see that it changed a lot as the years passed.

Selected quotes:

Occasionally people ask me, "How do you start a painting?" and I find myself making vague hand gestures and going, "Ah...I...uh..." until I've run through most of the basic vowels and they're looking at me like I'm an idiot. ~Ursula Vernon, Poking the Gravid Chicken

In my filing cabinet is a folder labeled "Rejection Letters--the fools, the fools!" ~CE Murphy, Rising From the Ashes

Hopefully [EMG-Zine] will be entertaining, educational, and more fun than a bucket of monkeys. Ellen Million, the Introduction

And it was!

In future retrospectives, I will be looking at several issues per post - doing one every day would take me into FEBRUARY, and I plan to wrap this up this month.
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It's November! Are you Nano-ing?

I'm doing a personal, modified NaNo and attempting to finish the Rails storyline. It's not a wordcount rush, for me, just a Get to the End Darnit sort of thing. Because after that, I have Big Things to work on and I want to start rolling those out in January. Today I hope to break it down into the parts I still have to write, and then I'll be able to use a counter to check off the bits. It gets dark, in the next few sections. I... hope I'm up for it. The latest segment, Railfashions Part 1, is up now: http://www.tornworld.net/storypageview.php?id=437

Working on more artwork, too - and LOVING a piece I'm working on. It's fun and frivolous and cute. There isn't enough of that in the world.

There is a new issue of EMG-Zine up: http://emg-zine.com (We shall not speak of how tedious it was to make this gallery because the submission acceptance script borked up thumbnail generation and I had to do it all by hand. YOU'D BETTER ENJOY IT.)

Today is the LAST day to submit. Ever! Our last theme is Stars, and I'd like to make it an awesome one.

As you glance through this issue (and maybe browse the archives!) - bookmark some of your favorite EMG-Zine features, fiction, artwork and columns! We are going to be accepting nominations and highlighting some of our favorites in January. Details to be ironed out, but there will be some rewards for those creators, and they will get a special place in the final zine configuration. (Yes, you MAY nominate your own work, however, you must also nominate something else for every piece of your own that you nominate.)

Debating between three arty projects I REALLY want to tackle now, and doing some invoicing for webwork. *sighs*
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Weekend report

Swim class was a little less agonizing this week - we had about 20 minutes of 'this is okay, I guess.' She splashed and kicked, and looked around, and was not exactly happy, but was also not miserable. Then things started to go downhill, and there was a crumpled face and protests, which quickly degenerated into gasping sobs of outrage. We left - but only a few minutes early this time, and not quite as upset.

We smoked many meats and cheeses this weekend, yum!

We cleared a bunch of old building supplies we had stashed in the basement, in preparation to get the washer and dryer delivered, and took a load of semi-useful leftovers to the transfer station. We also dismantled the old post that was still in by the stairs, in preparation to get the guardrail installed. (It had supported a desk, years ago, and we left it in place thinking we might build our own guardrail around it.) I am thrilled to see it go - it was... really ugly. It also leaves the stair opening more gaping and scary than before. I am REALLY looking forward to the guardrail. There will be photos.

I went to gaming on Sunday, and Guppy slept for 3 and a half hours while I was gone. (!!) I got much needed social (arguably) grown-up time and it was AWESOME.

Other announcements:

New contest up at Torn World: http://www.tornworld.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=1104

Progress on this:

I'm still fiddling with text, but have refined the artwork significantly. It will receive some old-timey photo-style colorization once I'm happy with the graphite base. ($5 to receive this on a postcard and help sponsor the work!)

Great new issue of EMG-Zine up: http://emg-zine.com

And I'd like to point out, particularly, Melissa Acker's article on magic that artists do: http://emg-zine.com/item.php?id=876 and my own article on DPI: http://emg-zine.com/item.php?id=875 This addresses a bit of a pet peeve of mine. GO READ IT. Don't make me game-show blat you. The rest of the issue is equally awesome, and there's some amazing art. Today is the last day to submit stuff in the theme of wolves. GO DO SO.

Upgrading the lilypad for security reasons has caused the large file uploading to fail. *facepalm* I will try to fix that.

I have silly new artwork up at River Twine: http://www.rivertwine.com/artpageview.php?id=1735

I have prints and coloring books to mail today, plus a few other things.

And, baby photos:

7 months (and 3 days...)!
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  • EMG-Zine is collecting for its LAST two months! Our remaining themes are 'Wolves' and 'Stars.' Submit artwork, fiction or poetry, and we're always looking for awesome non-fiction on the topic of art, writing, and the business of. We pay in credits, which can be spent at Sketch Fest, and we accept previously published work! http://emg-zine.com/guidelines.php

  • The deadline for the latest Torn World contest is the end of the month - illustrate a character from our database who has no art yet, write a story or poem highlighting one of Torn World's unique features, or invent a book that might be found in one of their libraries! New members are welcome to submit - start here to get acclimated to our world: http://www.tornworld.net/settingpageview.php?id=54

  • Sketch Fest - this Friday!! http://www.ellenmilliongraphics.com/sketchfest/
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