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July did its level best to crush me, but here we are in August, and I'm still standing, ready to kick ass and take names. I'll do a month-in-review thingy soon.

For now, August plans.

o Release Girl Nest Door - ready for Sept 1 release
X Release Shifting Sands Box Set 2
X 1 Torn World short story
o 1 shifter coloring page
o Finish NDA art stuff (caribou and 2 translation pages)
o 15000 words on Dandelion Spring (working title)
o 1 print volume of something
X Get Scarlet and the Christmas Kittens in for revisions
X Get #junicorn out

Is that all? I think that's enough.


Feb. 8th, 2018 09:37 pm
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I want to get back in the habit of blogging... so we'll start with a list. Then work up to random musing. Maybe even some interesting stories soon. A photo? New artwork? These things could happen...

*Facebook ad designed for book launch next week.
*Taxes - worked on. With a hammer.
*78Tarot Artwork finished!!! Also scanned, stitched and delivered.
*Some freelance emails.
*122 words on book 6.

And for tomorrow:

*Birthday party planning (DREAD)
*Pay bills
*ENT appointment
*Freelance job thingy
*More hammering on taxes
*Selfies for 78Tarot
*Grocery shopping
*500 words
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I'm feeling rather discouraged about my artwork lately. Partly it's my usual 'don't have tiiiiiime to do everything I waaaaaaant,' and partly it's a few unrelated little ego-pops (not getting into projects I thought I was a good fit for, throwing a 40% off sale at my Etsy store last month and getting NO takers). Nothing entirely critical by itself, but sales have been dismal across the board. October is usually my best month, and this one has been absolutely DIRE for me. I am trying not to take it personally or let it slow me down.

Finished #inktober #12 yesterday, but haven't scanned it yet! Wrote some words this morning and think the not-a-book is going to be at least two scenes longer than I thought. Which means six scenes left to write. May have to start getting up early to write again. That was a good way to get words written. It's just haaaaaard to get up, especially now that it's so depressingly dark in the early morning.

Have to make a list, because I'm not going to get through it if I don't make myself accountable:

~Finish laundry (1 load in dryer, 1 in washer)
~wash dishes (left in a hurry this morning and didn't get them done)
~straw on trees, flowerbed, in doghouse (snow coming!)
~cover firewood (snow coming!)

~make a fire (do this first)
~project art - one new sketch, finish one sketch
~start soup? (Confer with husband on soup plan)
~Halloween wreath and monsters with Guppy.
~Unload car and repark
~Newsletter - Brains sale, new sampler, next Sketch Fest!

Note to self: binge-watch Flash is NOT one of these items. Do not get off track. No matter how tempting. Also, I dangerously noticed that Dark Matter has new episodes. And Arrow. And I haven't seen Luke Cage yet. NO BINGE-WATCHING, ELLEN.

Have another shot of Guppy from our walk a few days ago:

Okay, fire first, because fire makes warm makes happy makes work seem more fun.
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The last week of low sleep is beginning to catch up with me: I tried to make bread yesterday without salt or yeast. Four ingredients! You'd think I could remember four ingredients! I was staring at the flour as I added the water, thinking, 'something's not right...' Fortunately, I caught it in time, and it's one of the best loafs yet, plus a roll of raspberry swirls.

Walked the floors with sad, sad baby until very late last night, and am staggeringly tired today. (I just about cried when she signed 'milk' at me and I knew she was finally ready to go down.)

Sadness is not her base state, fortunately, and we had a remarkably happy day yesterday, with more cuteness than one baby ought to be able to contain. This is just one of the quick snaps I took yesterday - there are a dozen of equal adorability, so it was hard to pick:

Much to do today, but it starts with good food (which can offset bad sleep), a hot shower, and some writing. I have floundered on March Boldness - I think I've missed three days of it now, possibly four. (Though I could argue that I did 17 pieces of artwork this week, that wasn't my goal!)

O.o I hear a baby waking up. So, er... maybe not. Quick, a list!

*Start thinking about art show - just a month now to get everything matted and framed!
*Programming estimate, client #2
*Writing!! - a pittance, but it's something!
*Sketch Fest payments (Paypal wouldn't let me log in last night.) - one left to do.
*Email to M!!!
*Email to other M

*scrub shower
*Artwork to mail
*Post something at TW
*Other emails (very behind, sorry if you're waiting for something!)


Oct. 17th, 2012 09:04 am
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Ridiculously cute baby videos:

Rollin', Rollin', Rollin'... http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10151238666770100
Bathtime: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10151238693770100
Hungry Baby: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10151235900575100

And one ridiculously cute photo:

I gave her some broccoli yesterday, and it was not rejected as not-food! This was after she ate a good serving of cereal, so she didn't eat a lot, but she was very interested in this stuff in her mouth and went through chewing and swallowing and asked for more. Hasn't quite figured out that she could put it in her own mouth yet.

Today, I must: make bread, call Geico, post contest results and new poll and figure out what to do with tricky entries and care for ridiculously cute baby.

The less pleasant side of breast-feeding: My boob is covered in little bored baby pinchy bruises. I think I'm going to put MITTENS on her before we nurse today.

Just had chili for breakfast, now to get some stuff done before the waking up happens...
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It feels like it's been a productive week... but I haven't managed to cross everything off my week's list!

Things I've done that weren't on my list:

  • Spent all the money in the world (new washer, dryer, crib, guardrail AND phone! NONE Of which I get to enjoy yet!)
  • Article for EMG-Zine on DPI
  • New page at EMG-Zine for staff and contributors (mostly done, anyway)
  • Revised Chaos poem and resubmitted
  • Did some licensing stuff that I will announce in the future

    Muse Fusion opens at noon (ish)!

    I'm going through some older work and finding some pieces that are not up in my archives yet (!!) - you might get some new (old) work to giggle at in the next few weeks.

    Baby is stirring but not quiiiiite awake yet; my blogging time is running out swiftly. Have a picture from yesterday:

    With Papa's hardhat!

    And a bonus photo with cat:

    The cat has decided she LOVES the rubber ducky, and will come from across the room to play with it just out of Elsa's reach...
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